Dick and Jane’s Spot

dick and jane's spot walkway

While The Girl and I were making our way to St. Jude last week on our Epic Road Trip Tourone of the stops we make was at Dick and Jane’s Spot in Ellensburg, Washington.

dick and jane's spot

It. Was. Awesome.dick and jane's spot house

Back in 1971 Dick & Jane both received a BA in Art from Central Washington University. They then went on to create an eclectic, one of a kind outdoor gallery outside their home.

dick and jane's spot fence

Most of the art is their own, but 35+ other artists also have their work featured on their property.

dick and jane's spot bear

Theft has never been a problem because Dick and Jane’s spot is located directly across from the Ellensburg Police and Fire Station.

dick and jane's spot sign

Life is but a dream. :)dick and jane's spot gate

Even the garden gate was artsy! See all the rusted bottle caps? How cool is that? There are over 10,000 bottle caps and thousands of reflectors on various pieces throughout the property.

dick and jane's spot statue

Hmm I wonder who placed the reflectors on this cheeky work of art?

dick and jane's spot backyard

Check out Dick and Jane’s garden. Isn’t it lovely? The top of the fence is covered with old glass insulators. How do they even come up with this stuff?

dick and jane's spot mavis

If you are ever in Ellensburg, Washington be sure and stop by. Dick and Jane’s Spot was seriously the most eclectic garden I’ve seen yet.

Dick and Jane’s Spot
101 North Pearl Street 
Ellensburg, Washington 

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St. Jude Garden and Kay Kafe

St. Jude Garden

Well, we did it!

What started off as a crazy idea turned into reality when we met Chef Miles at the St. Jude Garden yesterday in Memphis, Tennessee. We were able to donate enough gnomes so that each one of the 59 garden boxes would be able to have at least one gnome placed in it. How cool is that?

chef miles St. Jude GardenChef Miles, who prepares food for the Kay Kafe gave us a tour of the gardens and talked to us about the types of vegetables they grow at the St. Jude garden {squash, beans, tomatoes, greens, herbs} with the help of volunteers. Thanks to my buddies at Botanical Interests Seed Company we were able to pass along a HUGE seed box of seeds {250+ packets} to Chef Miles for next years garden. Garden gnomes, seeds and money, sounds like the perfect combination if you ask me.

St. Jude Garden Boxes

In case you didn’t know already, at St. Jude the faculty, staff and patients not only get to enjoy the fresh produce from the St. Jude garden, but the cafe tries to make sure all the food served in the Kay Kafe is locally sourced and comes from within 150 miles of the hospital.

St. Jude Garden Boxes

We were not only able to visit the gardens, but we were also to spend time with some of the patients and make a gnome craft, as well as get a private tour and visit the Danny Thomas Pavilion. Because of privacy reasons we did not take any photos but I can tell you we were all very impressed with the facility, the kids and the whole experience. It was a wonderful once in a lifetime experience.

A BIG thank you to everyone who donated a gnome, made a cash donation or wished us well on our journey. It was really a once in a lifetime journey and I am just so glad we were able to help.

I’ll write more later, but I wanted to share the pictures with you asap.

Peace Out Girl Scouts, see you back in a bit.



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Seattle Urban Farm School Tour

seattle urban farm school

I was going through some pictures last night and totally forgot to tell you about The Seattle Urban Farm School garden we stopped at while on the Seattle Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour last month.

cool garden ideas

The Seattle Urban Farm School is a “little farmhouse in the city where folks can see how much food can be grown in a typical 4,000 square foot lot in every part of the yard.”

walkway with creeping thyme

It just goes to show that you don’t need a huge piece of property to have a cool garden, a backyard flock of chickens and still manage to have a little seating area out back to hang out with your friends and neighbors.

strawberries in gutters

Stacy’s got it all at her place, including these strawberry plants growing in gutters! How cool is that?

chicken coop green roof

The path alongside her house leads to a couple of raised garden beds where she focuses on growing vertically to save garden space.

Buff Orpington

Her chicken coop with a “green” roof is just behind a small patio strip where she has deck chairs set out. You can’t really see it in the photo but it’s a great place to read a book or take a work break from the garden.

vertical pallet garden

My favorite part about her backyard garden, was the vertical pallet gardens she had growing along her fence. I made a strawberry vertical pallet garden last year and had a lot of fun with it.  Stacy’s pallets were filled with nasturtium flowers and herbs and looked ultra hip. She even re-purposed an old bbq and turned it into a herb garden.

The Seattle Urban Farm School was pretty awesome if you ask me. If you’re local, you can check out her hipster classes HERE.

You don’t need a lot of space to have a garden, just a creative mind.

Gardens Rule!


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Garden Apartment in Harlem, New York

Harlem Garden Apartment

Wow! Check out this email {and all the juicy photos I received from Holly in Harlem, New York!

Hi Mavis!

I have been reading your blog since late winter/early spring of this year and I just love it. My husband Max (I call him Massimo!) and I bought our apartment in Harlem in NYC last summer. We live in 700 square feet, but the best part of the apartment is the deck out back that’s all ours! This was pretty much the selling point for the unit, and we LOVE it.

small space container garden

We’ve been in NYC 8 and 10 years respectively, and had never had outdoor space before or room for any gardens.  I spent all winter researching gardening and we have had a great first year trying it, with mixed success – I like to call it square inch gardening, as opposed to square foot gardening :)  I blog about it and cooking/DIYing/decorating at southernharlem.com.  I am a fellow couponer so I love your money-saving tips and tricks!

container herb garden

I also started some basil indoors from seed on a window sill using pots and plastic bags with holes punched in them.  This worked ok but the plants were leggy – I think they really didn’t get enough light. I think next year I want to turn our dining area into a seed starting area with grow lights in the spring if I can get Massimo on board. Of course, this is a hard sell when you live in 700 sq ft. since then we’ll just have to eat dinner in the bed (or outside, but in March that’s not so appealing..)

vertical pallet garden

Massimo built the pallet planter himself with a pallet a neighbor found and brought home for us on the subway (great neighbor!).  We used gutters to line it and drilled holes in them for drainage.He also built some of the planters (the one with the herbs in it, for example).  Next year we want to build planters all along the top of the wall surrounding the deck and also hang gutters on the walls for more planting space (at least one of us wants to..).

peach tree

We also have to leave room for actually using the deck, as Massimo likes to remind me.  I grew up on a farm in North Carolina, and I never really knew I had the farming gene in me until we got started here. Now I dream of raising a 4-H pig in my back “yard” and having a few chickens. Sadly, I don’t think our neighbors would go for that.

holly harlem

We signed Max’s parents up for a CSA in the winter and get their leftovers/get their shipments when they’re out of town and LOVE that as a way for urbanites to access fresh local produce.  In addition to our deck, we take great pride in our window boxes since all our neighbors see them.

murphy the dog

We also planted around the trees on our block, which has greatly cut back on the amount of litter. Our dog Murphy likes to help us – she actually eats potting mix with seedlings in it (got a good amount of our chives) – what’s with that?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and providing a great platform for ideas.

Keep on being green,

garden boxes raised garden beds18 Amazing Garden Boxes from New York

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in their photographs and stories. I hope by sharing other peoples pictures and stories here on One Hundred Dollars a Month we can all have a rock star garden this summer. Keep them coming!


If you would like to have your garden, chicken coop or something you’ve made featured on One Hundred Dollars a Month, here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Your Garden Pictures and Tips – I’d especially like to see your garden set ups, growing areas, and know if you are starting seeds indoors this year. If so,  show me some picture of how you are going about it.
  • Your Chicken and Chicken Related Stories – Coops, Chicks, Hen’s, Roosters, Eggs, you name it. If it clucks, send us some pictures to share with the world.
  • Cool Arts & Crafts – Made from your very own hands with detailed {and well photographed} pictures and instructions.
  • Your pictures and stories about your pets. The more pictures and details the better.
  • Garage Sale, Thrift Store and Dumpster Diving pictures and the stories behind the treasures you found including how much you paid for them.

If I feature your pictures and the stories behind them on One Hundred Dollars a Month, I will send you a $20.00 gift card to the greatest store in the world: Amazon.com.

Go  HERE for the official rules.

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Sunset Magazine Headquarters Menlo Park, CA

outdoor pizza oven

A few weeks ago my online boyfriend Ryan and my buddy Harriet and I went to San Francisco to tour a bunch of gardens. One of the many stops we made was to the Sunset Magazine headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

orange garden trellis

I guess I never really though about how garden magazines get their photos. I always assumed they had a team of photographers that toured all over the place snapping pictures in other peoples gardens. It never occurred to me that Sunset Magazine {or any magazine for that matter} would have their own garden.

sugar baby watermelon

Seriously. Not only did they have all sorts of plants, flowers and trees growing at the Sunset Magazine headquarters, but they had fruits and vegetables growing too!. How cool is that?

don't eat the berries sign

But if you think you can pick the fruits and vegetables they’ve got growing while on tour, you’d be wrong.


The need them all ripe and juicy so they can take pictures for the magazine. :(

ryan schmitt botanical interests

Nerd Alert. This is Ryan, pointing out Gammagrass. If you have never gone on a garden tour with a plant geek before, brace yourself. It’s like taking a kid to a candy store.


I mean I like flowers and everything, but I certainly don’t go around calling them by their botanical name. {Okay, so maybe I don’t know their botanical name, but still}.


Hollyhocks! I love these. More brides should use them in their bridal bouquets.

how to support cucumbers

And check out this rusty panel. It’s perfect for cucumbers {or other vining plants} to grow on. Note to self: Find some for next years garden.

garden containers

And look at this picture perfect head of lettuce growing in a planter. Now why didn’t I think of that? Don’t you think it would make a great hostess gift?

Sunset Magazine Headquarters Menlo Park, CA

Yep, Sunset Magazine headquarters in Menlo Park, California was an awesome place to visit.

Even if you don’t get to eat the berries.

How about YOU? Have you been anywhere cool lately?


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