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mavis butterfield one hundred dollars a month

I love hearing from you.

Your suggestions, photos, tips, and ideas are always welcome, but I can’t always guarantee I’ll be able to respond to every email I receive {although I try my best, I occasionally get lost in my garden {food doesn’t grow itself after all!}. Sadly, I can’t promise your submissions, ideas or photos will ever make it onto the blog. But I also can’t promise they won’t, so keep ‘em coming!

If you have a pressing question, the best way to get it answered is by commenting on a post or on Facebook. Not only will that grab my attention, but your question just might be shared by other readers. That way when I answer you, I’ll be killing two birds with one stone without even knowing it {seriously though, I’m totally not into killing birds. That’s just mean. And messy. But mostly mean}. Even better, there might be are readers out there that are way more knowledgeable than I am and {fingers crossed} will give smarty pants answers to your questions. Sweet.

You can also check Mavis’ Frequently Asked Questions as well.

Mavis Butterfield
P.O Box 2083
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335

If you need to contact me about sponsorships, advertising, media opportunities, or for any other reason under the sun, just fill out the form below. Easy peasy.

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