Giveaway: 3 Readers Each Win The Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food

The gardener's guide

One of the questions I get asked all the time is Mavis, what is your favorite gardening book? So today I thought I offer a giveaway for 3 copies of my all time favorite gardening book: The Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Foodby Tanya L.K. Denckla. I was given this book a few years ago at Christmas time and have been using it every year since.

The Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food is packed with 6 big chapters covering everything from vegetables, fruits and nuts, herbs, organic remedies, and allies and companions. The book is easy to read, and there are tons and tons of organic remedies included to prevent or help control plant diseases and garden pests

In a nut shell, this book rules, and I love it.

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment below and let us know: What’s your favorite day of the week and why?


1 entry per person/ip address. If you cheat, you will totally be disqualified.

This giveaway ends Sunday, February 10th, 2013 @9 pm PST and the winners will be announced in the February 11th, 2013 edition of Mornings with Mavis.  You will be notified via email and have 48 hours to claim your prize. If you do not claim your prize within 48 hours the books will be donated to my local library.

Good Luck!  I hope you win!


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  1. saralie says

    my favourite day of the week….SUNDAY….my husband is home and we get to spend the entire day together.

  2. Tracey says

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday. I put something in the crock pot and we all wear our jammies all day.

  3. Jessica Grell says

    My favorite day is Friday well Friday evening. It is the start of the weekend with the family!

  4. Kelsey says

    Favorite day of the week… oh man. I think Fridays. Because that’s the day I’m most likely to have big family dinners, and I love those.

  5. says

    Favorite day of the week? I have to think about that. Until I find a job they all sort of run together! I have to take a loved one to doctor’s appointments on Mondays and Thursdays, so not those days.
    I guess I will say Saturday, only because my son is off school for the weekend, and since he is home schooled, it means I have the weekend off too!

  6. says

    my favorite day of the week is Saturday morning. why? cause i can sit on my back porch with my husband and have a cup of coffee before my precious grandchildren wake up.

  7. Sarah M. says

    I’m a stay at home mom to 2 kids under the age of 3, so honestly, most days I don’t know what day of the week it is! My favorite day is whichever one didn’t include a giant tantrum (from any of us).

  8. says

    My favorite day is Friday – my husband works from home that day, and even though he works hard, I love knowing that he is home and safe and that we have two days together ahead of us.

  9. Jessie says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday! It’s my only day off and my day to sleep in an extra hour and cuddle, cup of coffee in hand, with the husband (and kids! lol) WE get a lot of projects done that day, or spend the day gardening or fishing.

  10. teri s. says

    It’s a close tie between Saturday and Sunday. Saturday because everyone is off work and school which means we can all be together. Tinker in the garden or go to events. Sunday (as cheezy at it may be) because it’s clean sheet day! Yes, I have a clean sheet day. Plus, we can lounge in our PJs and watch movies.

  11. Angele Trudeau says

    Monday: Beginning of a new week, well rested and motivated to learn more, try new things and better the world!

  12. Lisa says

    My favorite day of the week is our Family Day – sometimes it’s Saturdays, sometimes Sundays and sometimes Mondays. We commit to spend the day as a family outside doing things together. Last Sunday we went to the zoo. Next Monday we are taking a day trip to Seattle. Love my family days!

  13. Ashley says

    My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. My mom comes over for a couple hours to play with the kids so that I can get some extra stuff accomplished.

  14. says

    I think I like Monday’s the best. First, Monday is the day of our local ag. auction, I can find all sorts of interesting and cheap things there. Plus our school district seems to schedule inservice days on Monday’s, so my girls and I get to sleep in a bit and then they head out to the auction with me, they love it too! After the auction, we go a place across the road from the auction called, The Springhouse. It’s a dairy/really good home baked goodies/country restaurant kind of place, then we go to our family farm out there (Eighty-Four, PA) where I grew up and spend a few hours, I garden, they explore and garden some! Then off to The Country Store, a nearby mom and pop store/lunch shop, which is also home to the most amazing pepperoni rolls ever, that we bring home for my hubby for when he gets home from work. Or to The Mingo Twist, an awesome DQ type of country ice cream shop. Wonderful day, that Monday is! This isn’t every week, maybe once a month, more in summer, but enough for me to like Monday’s best! : )

  15. Connie says

    I’d love to say any day I can get outside and work in the garden or flower beds, gather eggs, watch the baby lambs playing tag or king of the mountain, watch and teach my little grandchild something new about the animals, or dirt, which is her favorite thing to play with/in.

  16. says

    My favorite day for the week is Friday. I get to go home to my wonderful 18 month old son and play in the yard all evening, then spend the night up talking with my husband when he gets home, because we don’t have to get up early the next day. And Fridays are always more fun at work for some reason.

  17. Jamie says

    Thursday. More than halfway through the week and Friday is a fun day! It is the first day your brain starts to relax and go Into weekend mode!

  18. Heather says

    Sunday. I go to church and then come home and try to cook enough dinners to get us through part of the week. It is peaceful.

  19. Janet says

    Any day that my husband gets to come home early and help out in the garden! We’ve just put raised beds in and we’re building a bean house out of logs we cut down from our property.

  20. Heather says

    Saturday is my favorite day of the week. After working all week and not being able to do much (especially in the winter), it’s my free day to clean, cook, run errands, take a nap, visit family/friends or tackle a new project!

  21. Erin says

    Wednesday’s are my favorite for two great reasons. First, I spend those evenings with my Stitch & Bitch group. This ain’t your Grandma’s knitting circle! Secondly, Thursdays are my Fridays. So I get to experience that “Friday feeling” a day early!

  22. Lea says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday. It’s the start of the weekend, and the day I can usually spend with my family.

  23. Carolyn Krause says

    My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. I was born on Wednesday and contrary to the old saying “Wednesday’s Child is full of Woe” I try to stay positive–even when my garden is not up to snuff and my chickens are tearing up my strawberry bed. Also, Wednesday is officially “Anti-Procrastination Day” and that gets me going and keeps me on those boring tasks like weeding.

    Love your site!! /Carolyn

  24. jess h says

    Wednesday is my favorite day. Middle of the work week. I have my second job finished by this time too. I get to take a Yoga class and then get to do dinner and my favorite shows. aslo on of the local stores do Double coupons up to $1.00 on Wednesdays!!

  25. Jenni says

    My favorite day is Wednesday. I don’t have to work on Wednesdays so I get to be home when the kiddos get home from school, and actually have a family dinner together. Love late start Wednesdays too! They make for a more relaxed morning for all of us. :)

    P.S. February 11th is my birthday so it would be totally cool for me to win this book!!

  26. Martha says

    Sundays are by far my favorite! I love my church and we spend pretty much all day going from one activity to the next with our church family. … except for a few hours in the afternoon when we get to take a nap! :)

  27. Emily R says

    Hmmmm…I would say Saturdays because I can sleep in but triathlon training has started and those days are gone now until the Fall!

  28. Emma Benefiel says

    Friday has to be my favorite day of the week, no homework for the kids, i don’t have to pack lunches for two days, just my kind of relaxing night.

  29. Jen says

    I like Thursdays because I can look back on the week and decide if I’ve accomplished something by then and if not, I still have Friday to get my butt in gear and get things done before the weekend.

  30. Hillari Herrador says

    Meal planning & shopping day for our family of 5! I get to be creative and frugal, visit my fav local produce market, enjoy a little “mom time,” and hunt for deals. The best!

  31. Melissa P. says

    My favorite day of the week is usually Wednesday. Thats the day I don’t have a lot going on and I can do the stuff I want to do like….garden!!!!!

  32. Culley says

    I LOVE Mondays because it is my regular day off from my banking job! That is the day I give my kids off from feeding our animals.. I feed the cows the chickens and the hogs :)

  33. Danielle O says

    I like very late Sunday/very early Monday…. Because my Full Circle CSA delivery comes! I may not be able to have a huge garden due to apartment living, but I will surely support local WA farms & eat organic :]

    Tuesdays are cool because the new grocery ads come in the mail ;D

  34. John says

    Sunday is definitely my favorite. Getting to spend time with my church family helps me prepare for the week ahead.

  35. Sarah says

    Thursday is my favorite day of the week because it is the day my husband and I plan to do things together. But really any sunny day in the garden is a good one!

  36. Becky says

    My favorite day of the week is Monday. I like my organized, home-school/house-keeping routine, and weekends are very fun but disorganized.

  37. Julia says

    My favorite day is Sunday. Sundays usually go by slowly. On Sundays like taking naps and watching t.v. It’s a very relaxed type of day.

  38. says

    I like Mondays cause Hubby goes back to work and I feel like I can manage my day the way I want it to go. For some reason, kids cooperate better too!

  39. Tammy S says

    I would have to say Saturdays. I find I get the most things done, get up early (because I WANT to, not HAVE to), try to do yardwork, errands, cook some meals for the week, maybe even bake something delish!

  40. Lea says

    I love Friday afternoon because you can look ahead to the weekend and all the possibilities of what you can do in your garden that weekend.

  41. PonyRyd says

    Favorite day would have to be Saturday, spending time on the projects I want to get done instead of what the boss wants during the week.

  42. says

    I like Mondays. Usually our weekends are busy, so Mondays are a time to get back on our schedule. I often wash clothes and plan menus for the upcoming week. I try to do heavier cooking and baking on Monday because I try to stay home most or all of the day.

  43. Heather says

    Wednesday. It’s library day and Missional Community day, so it passes by quickly with lots to do.

  44. Bonnie Hawkins says

    Saturday is my favorite day. There’s no hurry to get up and get going anywhere. There’s time to drink a cup of coffee while checking the yard to see what needs to be done. And there still another day left to get to anything you don’t get to on Saturday.

  45. says

    I would have to say that my favorite day of the week is sunday;
    1) i have no school;)
    2)we get to get up early and go to our meeting!!
    3)I usually get to ride my horses afterwards with my cousin or i get to work in my garden the rest of the day(SO MUCH FUN!!)

    Thanks Mavis for the chance of getting a new book, i personally love getting any type of gardening book or horse book lol so this is an awesome giveaway!!

  46. Ashlee says

    I like Saturdays because my husband is home to help out with the kids and I get to see what came in my Bountiful Basket!!

  47. says

    Well this one’s easy. Saturday. Every other is our local knitting group meet up. Also, I get a chance to sleep in & on the kids can run around in their jammies & eat cereal for dinner, if they want to. Sometimes after a long week, that is just what we need!

  48. Anne F. says

    My favorite day is Friday because it’s date night. My husband and I take turns planning something free (or close-to-free) to do together. This is our 28th year of keeping this tradition.

  49. JennyA says

    Weekends! It used to be Fridays when I worked but now that I’m disabled the weekends I can get extra help from hubby and family…jejeje…

  50. Kris says

    Sunday. It’s the one day we all have together and the possibilities are endless! This book is on my wishlist. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  51. Annette says

    I love Fridays because that is “homemade pizza and a movie” night. Even though I have to make 2 pizzas for our family of 7, I love the flavor and experimenting, so it is worth it. Its a low key day from the moment the kids come home from school until the moment we all go to bed after our pizza dinner and movie.

  52. Chris says

    My favorite day is Thursday because it’s when I create my list of all the gardening tasks I’m going to complete over the weekend (which starts at noon on Fri for me !)

  53. Stefanie says

    Saturday!! It’s the weekend, time to hang out with the kids and do all the fun stuff we can’t do during the week!

  54. barbara n says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday…the weekend has arrived, I get to sleep in and do anything I want for the whole day!

  55. Karen says

    Saturday – it can be an “anything I want” day and I usually don’t have to decide until I wake up.

  56. Marcy says

    Saturday morning. I get to relax until the ravenous teenagers awaken. Then the girl and I go to COSTCO and she grazes through all the samples. Funny thing is she and I have the best mom & daughter conversations during COSTCO time. Guess it’s because we’re both relaxed and in a neutral atmosphere.

  57. Cherri says

    My favorite day of the week is any day that allows me to spend time with family and/or friends.

  58. Ginelle Showalter says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday because my hubby is home from work and can help with the kids.

  59. Monica F. says

    My favorite day is FRIDAY- it’s the end of the work week and good start to the weekend with my family!

  60. Laura says

    My favorite is Saturday – we’re all home together and can choose anything we want to do that day, whether it’s being lazy, working around the house, going hiking, or finding some other local event to attend.

  61. Rachel says

    My favorite day is Thursday because it is my day off from work and I get to stay home with my daughter and play in the garden.

  62. Kelsey says

    Friday since its quiet and I get a lot of stuff done at work and its right before I get to spend two full days at home.

  63. Rebecca H says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday because it is a family day starting with a huge breakfast, and GARDENING day!

  64. Dawn says

    I would have to say Saturdays! (except every 5th Saturday when I work the night shift) We are huge college sports fans and spend the winter and early spring watching football and basketball as a family, and in the late spring and summer I get to garden!!

  65. Bea says

    Everyday is a great day to be alive. I enjoy Saturdays because that’s when friends gather together.

  66. Joyce says

    My favorite day is Friday – I know that my weekend will start at 2:30, and I get the next two days with my two men doing family stuff!

  67. says

    Our schedules are all over the map, so honestly, I love just about every day. I love our routines during the week and then our non-routines on the weekend. Just enough balance of both to not get frustrated and be able to enjoy them. Would LOVE to win!

  68. Katlyn M says

    Friday is my favorite because its the start of the weekend. Weedends are when we get to do all the fun stuff.

  69. Melinda D says

    Friday…… long as my honey doesn’t have drill weekend Friday night starts some well deserved time with him.

  70. says

    My favorite day of the week is Friday. Not only am I happy that it is the last day of work but I’m excited for the first night of the weekend. I’m double happy! Saturday is great, but I’m usually exhausted from having so much to do on my two days off a week. Sunday is great also BUT I’m usually dreading the feeling that my weekend is almost over and I have to head back to work. Friday is great because the weekend is ahead of me and the work week is behind me. It’s one of the greatest feeling in the world!! =)

  71. Sabrina Ormsby says

    If this is open to Canadians then Tuesday is my favourite day because I’m usually not working on Tuesdays!

  72. Kelli says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday! A whole, no early risin’, no early bed time havin’ day! I can get so much stuff done!

  73. Alicia says

    Saturday is my favorite. Nice weather=outside playing in the dirt while the kids run around. Yucky weather=inside, lazy day in pjs. :) Perfect.

  74. Ekaterina says

    My favorite day is Monday because I get to teach my students English and receive a ton of hugs and kisses on my way out of the classroom. I am an English teaching assistant in Spain.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. I always look forward to your next post. 😀

    Hasta luego,


  75. Gloria says

    My favorite day of the week is Wednesday!! It is a day that I spend relaxing, gardening, and typically isnt too busy if I need to get out and about :)

  76. says

    my favorite day is thursday, not just it’s our day off but(we work midnights) we get up way
    early to sit out on the porch and watch the sunrise and have coffee with our girls.(the hens)

  77. Carla Moschetti says

    Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because on that day I don’t have any ongoing obligation, no work, no gym workout, just whatever I feel like. Like read a good book called, The Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food!

  78. LindaSue says

    I like Sundays. Relaxing with family, time for reflection and usually the day I cook for the week ahead. It relaxes me.

  79. Rebecca Cafouros says

    It’s a toss-up between Mondays and Fridays. On Mondays, I pick up my 7 year old grandson from school. We do something fun and, then, have dinner together. Lately, video arcades have been his thing. So, I play skeeball, drive race cars and play “Glow Golf” until I can barely walk! Fridays, I keep his little 16 month old brother all day. I get to laugh, sing and act foolish all day long. His favorite song of late is “Doo, Doo. Doo” by The Police (from the 80s). So, I sing that a LOT! Oh what fun it is to be Meemaw! 😉

  80. Gwenn says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday because it is the only day of the week that my HH and I have the SAME day off. I work a traditional M-F shift however my husband works a weird sift and has Wed & Sat off. Thus Saturday is the BEST day of the week because we get to spend the entire day and evening together. Hang out at the dog park with Ella, the fabulous pup, then putter around the house/garden depending on the time of the year.

  81. Robin says

    Friday is my favorite day of the week. It’s payday and its the beginning to hopefully a great weekend!

  82. jaime says

    I love Saturdays–we’re up early to pick up fruits and veggies from Bountiful Baskets so we have the whole day for errands or reading or video games or anything else.

  83. Mary Van Keuren says

    FRIDAY … because my bosses all take that day off and I can get some real work done!

  84. Jenny says

    I love Mondays because my husband has that day off, but all his friends have to work so my kids and I have him to ourselves the whole day!

  85. Celia Volk says

    Sunday is my favorite day! I am a cellist, and I play at my church and have orchestra rehearsal on Sundays. The music refreshes my spirit so that I am ready for another week! Plus, it is the one day that none of the kids has any activities, so it is a great day to spend time as a family!

  86. says

    WOW – how will you EVER choose?!??!? My favorite day of the week is Sunday because usually I can find a huge bank of time after church to do something BIG – like working in the yard, wine tasting, visiting family, hiking, training (I haven’t done Tacoma but I have done Seattle 3 times, Portland and Olympia!) – AND, since I have Monday off, it can be a Long, Long Day!!!

  87. Jaime McLaughlin says

    As a stay at home mom, any day that doesn’t end in me wanting to pull my hair out and pour myself into a bottle of wine is my favorite day. Otherwise, I would have to say Sunday. It’s the day of rest.. mostly.

  88. Denise says

    Sunday is my favorite day of the week because that is the only day my entire family can be together; so Sundays are our family fun days.

  89. Renee Johnson says

    Sundays are great because you start off with church and then families usually get together for a yummy breakfast!

  90. Leanna says

    This week my favorite day is Monday. Home alone time and getting caught up on all the laundry. It changes sometimes, I like Fridays or Sundays.

  91. Jennifer says

    I like Sunday, I plan the weeks meals and grocery shopping…but then closely followed by weigh-in Wednesday….I love watching your progress!!!!!

  92. Maureen says

    Saturday–I usually get to spend it with my best friend/hubby of 39 years and look forward to doing it again the next day.

  93. says

    Thursday is my favorite! We don’t plan any appointments on Friday, so Thursday is my day of looking forward to the long weekend.

  94. mary says

    I would have to say Saturdays.I resently stopped working a weekend job,although it is toughter to make ends meet it means that i can spend more time with my family…… priceless.

  95. Heather says

    I actually like Monday, I like getting back into the swing of things, planning for the week. Would love this book!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  96. Tori says

    Whoa! I think I just scrolled though about 100 comments! My odds aren’t good, but I would love that book, so here goes: My favorite day of the week is Sunday because I get to rest with my family. We usually go to church and out to eat for lunch, then chillax the rest of the day. It’s a very different day than the other 6! h

  97. Deborah says

    Mavis, My favorite day of the week is Monday! Believe it or not! Mondays I get to have my 6 yr old Granddaughter Sofia when she gets off school. Sofia has grown up in our backyard garden. She helps me eat raspberries and strawberries and plays under and in our cherry tree.

  98. Christy Allard says

    i love sundays! i start the morning off early by brewing a pot of coffee and waking my girlfriend up to admire over fifty butterflies that flock to our beautiful garden. see we have three passion vines that the butterflies just love. we spend the morning pulling weeds and picking vegetables. then it’s off to my favorite crack house, home depot for some plants and tools.

  99. Paula says

    Thursday afternoon is my favorite – I’m done teaching piano for the week and I can look forward to the weekend with my family!

  100. Jacqueline says

    Tuesday. My husband takes our 12 week old puppy to work, so I am only responsible for potty training our 2 year old :) We also get to spend the day not worrying about going outside for potty breaks in the cold Northeast.

  101. Nicola Labrecque says

    Friday is the best day of the week with the weekend approaching and endless possibilities.

  102. Colleen Strongren says

    Wednesday’s are my favorite days of the week. It’s my day for cleaning my landlords house and he’s got a greenhouse he lets me play in..I love to play in the dirt.

  103. Heather says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday because I work Monday through Friday and it is the day that I can do what I want, It is the day I can be the “me” that I really want to be the other days of the week, the rested, spending time with the family, visit my friends, clean my house, cook supper, get in the yard, be a better person cause I have time day.

  104. Kath Mason says

    I like every day, but Thursdays are special because it’s the day of the meditation class with an amazing teacher. She is an inspiration and an energy souce that lasts all week.

  105. Bethie says

    Friday. I have always loved Friday…the whole weekend is ahead of us and there is this feeling of possibility around me starting Friday morning. Love it. Yes, I would surely enjoy that gardening book. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  106. Jill Bruss says

    Any day I awake to one more day of life is the best day of the week. To enjoy the bounty of our Earth and sustain it’s existence is a privilege. Each day is a blessed experience.

  107. Pat G. says

    I love Fridays ~ I get to take 3 of my grandsons to school & remind them that it’s Friday and that they have 2 days off. I also get to see them play basketball in the evening (an 8 year old and twin 6 year olds ~ it is a hoot!!!!!).

  108. Gretchen A. Callahan says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday, it’s when I get to be with my husband & kids and I get some help in the house and gardens.

  109. becky says

    Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week, and my little guy is off from school so we can go explore and play together.

  110. Laura P says

    I would have to say Friday since it is the begining of the weekend – spend time with the kids and grandkids

  111. Becky says

    Opps I thin I put my post in the wrong part I put it with the ebooks, I really am not trying to cheat LOL I love Sundays I don’t do anything I don’t want to do just chill.

  112. Onilee says

    My favorite day of the week is Friday. In the morning I can shut my alarm off and not have to get up as early for the next two days, at noon the weekend is almost here and at 5:00 p.m. it’s the weekend. Love it, week after week!

  113. Chris says

    Sunday! I made walnut wheat pancakes with turkey bacon for breakfast, along with the biggest cup of hot chocolate. My husband and I will usually relax, read the paper and putter around the house which equal gardening time for me, yay!

  114. Shari says

    As a workin’ gal in the most appropriate sense of the word, I would say that Friday is my favorite. It is a day to reflect on the past, focus on the future and live in the moment! I think the world would be a better place altogether if we could focus on these three aspects of time!

  115. Jodie says

    Saturday, it’s usually a day off for my hubby and we get to do fun things, like go places, rest or get things done around the yard and garden. It’s usually movie night during the darker months!!

  116. Brenda says

    Mondays, are my favorite day off the week!!! Because all 7 of our children are off to school. O,no I mean 6 ,still have on at home. It’s a day of regrouping and a peace of mind ,only for a short time!!!!!!!

  117. Michelle says

    Wednesdays – My three year old has ballet and tap dance then and it is the most heart warming thing for me to see her have fun in her class. :)

  118. Jessica says

    Love Fridays… Kids come home from school excited. Funny how I’ll still get excited and I’ve been out of school for quite some time. :)

  119. April says

    Saturday aka “we are all back together day” as my daughter calls it. Hubby works nights so it is the always the first time in 5 days we have seen each other, well awake anyway:)

  120. Debbie B says

    Saturday is my FAVORITE day of the week! Its the end of the work week and my husband and I pick up the grandkids for a fun day and sleep-over!

    The grandkids like to go the the local bakery to pick out a treat, go to the “dollar” store, play at the park, and rent a movie for the evening. HEAVEN!

  121. Katie-K says

    To quote the Bangles: “Sunday/ ‘Cause that’s my fun-day/ my I-don’t-have-to-run-day.”

  122. Aubre says

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday. I get up early and get breakfast ready for the family, then I grab my coupon binder and head out to do my shopping while my husband sleeps in and watches the kids (ages 6 and 1). I hit CVS and/or Walgreens, then Target, and sometimes Winn Dixie. Shopping so early affords me good access to the new deals for the week, as well as the peace and quiet that comes from having no kids and nearly empty stores. :)

  123. says

    My favorite day is Saturday. Enjoy having the time to catch up on things that slacked during the workweek. If house chores are needed, this is the day for them. Running errands, cooking for the week ahead, or just not doing a dang thing!

  124. Gisele says

    I love mondays as I volenteer with my girl guide group . and i love saturdays , as I get to garden with my husband.:)

  125. Lyndsey Resnick says

    Thursday is my favorite day of the week. When I was little, it was library day, and I’ve never lost the feeling that I might discover something really exciting that day. Also it’s ALMOST Friday. The anticipation is just as fun as the real thing.

    Blessings, all!

  126. Barbara H says

    My favorite day of the week is Monday as my husband goes back to work for the week and I can finally get something done around the house. :)

  127. Birgit says

    Sunday. The one day I can sleep a little longer (though I am always up several times a night to help our old doggie get up- once he’s up, he’s fine), and maybe go down to the farmer’s market briefly to look at cool stuff (too expensive for us for regular shopping). Maybe I even get to read a few pages in a gardening book or seed catalog- my eye candy! Everything is quiet on Sunday. Lovely! Time to think, finally.

  128. says

    Well who knew becoming a follower last week could possibly be so fruitful!? Thanks for a shot at the title! :)
    My favorite day of the week is Saturday. I’m a SAHM to three, so it’s always nice to have The Dad home!!!

  129. Antoinette Cabantan says

    I love Saturdays because we are living here in Guantanamo Naval Station, CUBA and our plant nursery, which is only run by us volunteers, is only open on Saturdays from 8am-12pm. Our volunteers consist of stay at home moms, military spouses and soldiers that like to get together and get our hands dirty. Most of the soldiers are here for a year and like to pass the time planting, raking, weeding, propagating, and whatever else will make this plant nursery look good. We all came from different places in the States but this nursery makes us feel like ONE BIG FAMILY. It’s a place to laugh and learn. We are always looking to find someone who can tell us more about different plants that grow here and how to keep them thriving. So, without a doubt, I definately look forward to Saturdays!

  130. Lissa says

    Saturday! It’s Farmer’s Market day. My sister and I go every week (in season) with our young daughters. We all love it!

  131. sharon says

    Tuesday is my fav day. Uasally date night at the movies with the hubby. It is also cheap at the movie on tuesday added bonus!

  132. says

    My favorite day of the week would have to be ….Monday. Anything can happen on a Monday and around here it usually does!

  133. Nancy says

    I love most days, but especially Saturdays in the spring and summer. Those days usually mean yard sales in the morning, gardening in the afternoon and ballroom dancing at night!

  134. Tina says

    Usually Saturdays or Sundays expecially this time of year, because my boys are participating in their sport activities! I am a wrestling/hockey mom. Hockey moms think their tough – until they run into me!!! LOL!!!

    BUT my favoriate day of the week would be winning The Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food!! I desperately need it!! If bugs are about in the garden…my husband wants to spend money on CHEMICALS!! AHHHH

  135. Susan says

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday. We usually don’t have any plans and I get to spend the day with my boys.

  136. Teckla Buller says

    Monday. It’s always nice to start a new week after the weekend. I’ve usually thought of a project I want to start or am thinking anout continuing on one after the weekend, which can be busy, busy at times. Now that I’m retired am looking forward to trying a little gardening and canning. Thanks, Mavis, for this opportunity!

  137. Kaia says

    Sunday! I’m so glad God set aside a day to worship and rest. It’s nice to take a break from “busy” and relax and regroup for the rest of the week!

  138. Robin says

    Sunday for sure! The whole family is home for coffee and breakfast on the deck while we watch Chicken TV! (Our happy hens in the backyard!)

  139. AllisonH says

    I would have to say it is a tie between Friday afternoon/evening and Sunday. I love that feeling on Friday when the kids get off the bus and we don’t have any activities to run off to, but I also love Sunday sleeping in, family time, and coupons;)

  140. heather says

    Saturday. I can get some shopping done, sleep in pick up my basket from Bountiful Baskets and hang with the family! Also that tends to be our big gardening day

  141. Julie says

    I like every day for a different reason. But this week, Wednesday (today) would have to be my favourite, not just because it’s a public holiday in New Zealand, but because today my hubby, daughter and I went out to a nearby blueberry farm for a delicious lunch and then went blueberry picking. So now we have about 1.6 kg of freshly picked organic blueberries in the kitchen just waiting to be turned into muffins, school lunches, desserts, etc. Yum!

  142. Nancy Ewert says

    I guess I would have to say Friday because it means I have an entire delicious weekend to look forward to.

  143. J says

    Thursday! It is near the end of the week, and I don’t have to work. All day with the kiddos (and well rested enough to enjoy it).

  144. jolanta says

    My favorite day has to be Saturday. I love the fact that I have one more day of rest ahead of me and I love the fact that I have time to make a nice meal for the family.

  145. Lindsay says

    Thursdays! Only have 2 out of 3 kids, new flyers come out that day for shopping that week, and all my favorite shows are on that night :) lol I just look forward to Thursdays

  146. Jenn says

    Friday, because the kids have no homework and because of the potential of all the things that we could do over the weekend.

  147. Megan says

    Definitely Sunday. French toast, hollandaise and other ridiculously unhealthy but deeply satisfying breakfasts followed by time in the garden while the Fella watches the baby. I try to get all my actual errands, cleaning and chores done on Saturday so that on Sunday I can do the fun ones like plant shopping, chopping root balls in half (I mean dividing hostas) and throwing the odd compost-grown potato (I mean semi-urban vegetable bomb) in my neighbours yard (I mean overgrown and neglected raccoon habitat).

  148. Laura Arnett says

    Hi Mavis! My favorite day of the week is Monday. This is the day that starts my week with running kids to school and getting hubby off to work, then I can clean my house and set the tone for the days ahead.

  149. Erin Kerbs says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday. It’s the main day I get to spend with my husband. He’s been deployed a lot in the past few years, but Saturdays help us reconnect. This next Sat. we’ll be gardening! Thank you for the chance to win, Mavis. :)

  150. Elizabeth says

    It may sound strange, but I like Mondays. My hubby goes back to work, and my toddler and I can settle back into our routine. I am able to get caught up on the housework, everything seems fresh. Oh, and I get to see what Mavis bought in groceries :-)

  151. Trina says

    I think Thursday is my favorite. I don’t have to be anywhere, and the weekend is just on the horizon.

  152. Tasha says

    Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. I get to REALLY get outside and play in the dirt (garden).

  153. Kathryn says

    Wednesday is my favorite day. It is the day of my monthly Master Gardener meeting. It is also the middle of the week between tutoring days for my granddaughter. I can assess how far I have come on things I want to accomplish for the week. thanks for the opportunity to enter for a copy of the A to Z gardening book.

  154. Kathy says

    EVERY day is my favorite day of the week… there’s always something wonderful, amazing and new to see. I Love the World we have been given whatever day it is… and it sure beats the alternative… ;-))

  155. Teri says

    I’m a teacher so during the school year it’s Saturday because it’s a day FULL of potential. During my time off or summer, my favorite day is Monday because I get the house back to myself and can attend to my agenda at my leisure without having to worry about anyone else!

  156. Erin M says

    I love Sunday. I take Sunday & Monday off and Sunday is generally my day to either garden, work in the greenhouse, stroll the yard just looking at stuff, foraging for greens for Sunday salad and baking. On Monday my daughter in law comes over to do laundry. While the laundry is in, we call her gardeners assistant. She roams with me, chatting and helping. It is AWESOME!!! So on Sunday, I’m looking forward to that! Life is pretty darn good any day.

  157. Kimberly McCurdy says

    Saturday. I was baptized into the Seventh Day Adventist church at the age of 25. Saturday is the Sabbath, the day the Lord gave us to rest from all of our work of the rest of the week.

  158. mandy says

    My favorite day is Saturday. In the summer I usually spend that afternoon with my friend who is a bird photographer we hang out on her porch and just relax and chat about just everything (she’s a very cool person) she has a huge garden so I always buy a $5 dollar box loaded with tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, a few cukes, onions and zucchini, basil and my fave eggplant and whatever else she has that week.
    Then in the evening my son and his girlfriend usually come for dinner. I love to do this on Saturday because he’s had an easy day off work so he’s relaxed and we can stay up as late as we want as he has no work on Sunday. Quite often they end up staying the night. It’s alot of fun

  159. Diane says

    Saturday is my choice. Part of the day I use as a “universal catch up” time and then the rest of the day is FREE time which is mostly spent in my garden. Whatever it ends up being, the goal is for the day to be tranquil and full of happy people and happy plants.

  160. Marsha says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I love Saturdays the best. We get up, make a big breakfast, and talk about what we could do in the yard for the weekend. The day seems to stretch out like taffy. I love it!

  161. Julia cook says

    I am thankful for every day with my family but Sunday is definitely my favorite! After a long hard week of work and school Saturday is rest up day and Sunday is all about families day! My Grandmother always cooked a huge meal on Saturday for Sunday after church gatherings of family and friends I have never had food anywhere else that tastes anywhere as Good as grandmas so.Sunday is now family dinner night at my house everyone loves it! I love having all the people I love most gathered in one room at the same time ::) thank you so much for your inspiration mavis you are amazing!

  162. Susan says

    I LOVE Saturday mornings… I get up and have a nice big cup of coffee, read the newspaper, make the kids a good breakfast, and then go for a jog with a good friend. It’s always a relaxing, yet productive time.

  163. Tonya O says

    Favorite day of the week is Sunday. I love this day because the entire family is home together!

  164. Trish says

    Saturday is my favorite. I always get up early, and Saturday is no exception. I love having my coffee, dreaming of gardening, and especially in the springtime, taking my coffee out to the garden and weeding, or planting, or just talking to my lovelies growing there. In the winter I go talk to my lovelies growing under the growlight. It is a gentle joy.

  165. Anita says

    Love those Friday nights-I can stay up late (or not) and pretty much give myself permission to relax into the weekend.

  166. Kimberly Hunt says

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday. My family is home on Sunday and we have family time.

  167. Jennifer says

    I like Sundays best. Saturday is nice, but I always feel pressure to get stuff done on Saturdays. Sunday I can take my time and lounge around a bit!

  168. Monica says

    I would have to say it depends on the season. Fall/Winter Sunday is my favorite day. I love football!!!!! So it is my day to watch/do/enjoy something I love! Spring/Summer would be Saturday because I get to sleep in!!!

  169. Laura says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday. Because I can sleep in, and get caught up on everything I get behind on during the week!

  170. Kathryn A says

    My favorite day is Saturday because it’s a great combination of relaxing, family activity and fun. Thanks!

  171. Janet says

    I love Saturday……..just the routines of groceries, cleaning, gardening, sipping coffee and having time to cook!

  172. Jessica Schlatzer says

    My favorite day is Friday. Once I get home from work, I have the best feeling knowing i have the next two days off! I stay up late planning my whole weekend! Will I sleep in on saturday, play in my garden, go shopping using my coupons, have a date night? The possibilities are endless and that is an awesome feeling!

  173. Dawn B. says

    I would have to say Sunday. Get to sleep in a bit longer then during the week and then to church to see all my friends and family and get a good sermon! Then back home to visit more with family and a relaxing evening. Sundays are always good days!

  174. Jess A says

    I love Sundays, I often have to work on the weekends so when I have a Sunday off it is really special. We make a big breakfast and spend some family time together talking about our week.

  175. Sarah says

    Everyday is my favorite! I live in the best country in the world, my family is healthy, and I get to wake up and look out my window and see miles of land and farms! Who could ask for more?

  176. Barb Poposky says

    I have different reasons for each day of the week to be a favorite for me, the 1 big reason for each day to always be a favorite is our 11- month old (almost) grandson who lives with us (as well as his Mommy). For an individual specific day, right now it would be Mondays, that is little Momma’s day off work right now & thus our chance to catch up & have girl talk or mother/daughter time in our testosterone-laden house. Except for one cat (Missie), we are outnumbered by PawPaw, grandson, & 3 20-something uncles, as well as 3 more cats — those are male ::: le sigh :::
    But we love ’em all <3

  177. says

    Saturday is my favorite because we are able to let go of all of the hurrying from the rest of the week & have a delicious brunch together. The joy of not being rushed, along with eating delicious homemade food, is one that we savor.

  178. Deborah says

    My favorite day of the week is Friday. Especially Friday night when we all can relax after a busy week of school and work!!

  179. Leigh says

    My favorite day is Saturday… my husband has the day off, my kids don’t have to go to school & we all get to sleep in!!! Usually that means between 6:00-7:00 am… my kids just can’t stand the peace & quiet any longer than that! :)

  180. Becka says

    Right now I would probably say it is Thursdays because my husband’s work schedule is lighter and we can often go on little jaunts or tackle household projects together.

  181. Jennifer Schumacher says

    Saturday is my favorite day for sure unless I am on vacation and then it’s every day!

  182. Molly says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday. It’s the beginning of the weekend and I’m hopeful that we’ll get all of our projects done…

  183. Sarah says

    My favorite day is Tuesday because I get to spend the day with my daughter and we usually are in the kitchen cooking and baking for the week. Yesterday we made your pasta fagioli and quinoa fried rice recipes and a loaf of home made bread. The quinoa fried rice was a huge hit, can’t wait for the soup tonight for dinner. :)

  184. Blair T says

    Sunday is my favorite, though we usually dont rest! Saturdays are for resting, Sundays are for fun (working out in our yard)!

  185. Chelsea says

    I work graveyards Wed to Sat night varying shifts 10-16 hours. So when I get off work Sunday I nap about 7 hours, wake up and spend time with my boyfriend. Then I sleep again all night. I love sleeping so therefore Sunday is my favorite day!

  186. Diane E says

    My favorite day is Thursday – starting to wind down for the weekend and thinking about all the projects I’m going to work on!

  187. Lisa D says

    My favorite day of the week is Thursday. My husband starts his work week, my oldest are off to school and it’s just me and the toddler out in the garden all day.

  188. Janet Parks says

    Sunday, Coffee and Sunday paper, Church, seeing all our friends at church, Downton Abby!!
    Love your quick wit and good ideas. I also live on Puget Sound so your gardening ideas all work for me.
    Thanks for a job well done!!

  189. Paula R Listle says

    I love Monday mornings after I get my daughter off to school. A cup of tea and then dive in to the dirt and see what I can do this year. 😀

  190. Kim says

    My favorite day of the week is Friday. It’s nice knowing that my family has 2 entire days to spend together. Also, we usually try to spend Friday night at home having a pizza/movie night or playing games. Friday’s such a great day!

  191. Krystal says

    Everyday is my favorite day. Everday you get a fresh start to be who you want to be and do what you have been meaning to do!

  192. Leslie says

    Sunday! It’s a day of church and leisure, having fun and catching up, and getting ready for the week ahead.

  193. Kelly says

    Wednesday’s for me. Not only do I get to see how much you’ve harvested, but two of my three kids are in preschool, which gives me time to grocery shop or (more likely) wander around a nursery for a couple of hours.

  194. Marla Cosner says

    I know that it’s totally cliche, but I love Fridays! Its so nice to have 2.5 days stretching before you with nothing but family to keep you occupied!! :)

  195. Amanda says

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday because that’s usually the day I have the most time to cook or bake or putter with my plants

  196. says

    My favorite day is Saturday. It’s our lazy day. No one has to get up early, we don’t have to mess with school (we homeschool), it’s our chocolate chip pancake and cartoon day!

  197. Katie says

    Saturday morning! Because then I have the whole weekend to do whatever I want! Usually it is cooking something good and doing projects around the house.

  198. says

    Wow, Mavis, thank you so much. You gave me one really BIG smile when I learned the honor you’ve bestowed upon my book. I really love it when someone actually uses my book. Thanks so much – it’s a privilege to have written your favorite gardening book. :) You’ve got a great story, and are inspiring to many. Tanya

  199. Kat says

    my favorite day of the week is Wednesday because my work schedule is strange so it is like my Saturday 😉

  200. Jennifer says

    Fridays! Every other week we host game nights with our friends so even if I have to work I have something to look forward to, I cook a big meal we play games and just have an all around good time. I love it!

  201. Carly says

    Wednesday….I am not sure why?? Middle of the week….closer to gardening projects all weekend with the hubs! Just love me a Wednesday!

  202. Cyndi says

    Saturdays are my favorite. My choice to get a lot accomplished…or not. If I don’t, it’s like I get a do over on Sunday before heading back to work on Mondays, or a “get out of jail free card”. I can use it or veg – guilt free!

  203. Renee S. says

    Fridays! Husband is off and we get to spend some time together. And the evening we spend as a family with the kids!

  204. Julia says

    My favorite day is Saturday because that’s my day to do what I want to do (except sleep in).

  205. Samantha M. says

    My favourite day of the week is Saturday, as that’s the day I get to wake up with my whole family in one bed, fighting for leg room while trying to decide what we are going to do for the weekend. In that moment all is right with the world and the weekend is rich with possibilities.

  206. Susan Reid says

    FRIDAY. No work that day, and the kids are at school now that my littlest has started kindergarten. I can work uninteruped in the garden ALL DAY! Brilliant end to the week, and a fabulous start to the weekend, the perfect day.

  207. Lupe says

    My favorite day is Wednesday. There’s an almost year round farmer’s market here so I get to load up on all my fave farm fresh treats plus the best kettle popcorn… it’s my treat for being good the whole week!

  208. Jimmy says

    Sundays are a great day. A true day of rest, recovery, and preparation for the week ahead. I seem to get lots accomplished on Sundays while still getting plenty of family and friend time!

  209. Denise S says

    Right now I love Sundays its the only day of the week that everyone is home now! I am a happy mama when everyone is home :)

  210. Kim says

    Saturday is my favorite day of the week. It is family day. It doesn’t matter what we choose to do, we can all do it together on that day.

  211. Diana says

    I love Saturdays! I travel 60 miles to spend a little time with my kids and grandkids on a good week!

  212. Carol says

    Every day of the week is my favorite day. Now if you were to ask what is my favorite time of the day I would say 3:30pm because that is the time I get off work and get to head out to my yard and play in the dirt!!!!

  213. Jen says

    My favorite day of the week is Thursday. I have a fun day at work, the dog goes to daycare, and I meet friends after work. :)

  214. Britton says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday because I keep that day wide open for anything that I want to do. It’s nice to have one day a week where I can plan to do as much or as little as I choose. The glimmer of endless possibilities keeps me energized throughout the week.

  215. Glenda says

    My fav day is Monday as it is the day of the week I always make cheese. Something I honestly love to do! Also it is the start to a new week full of possibilities!

  216. Heidi Rosello says

    I love every day of the week…I am a very lucky girl and my husband works two jobs and this allows me to be a house wife…I am able to go out and work in my garden every day and prepare real food for us…Once again I am a very lucky girl…I hope to win the garden book so I can expand my skills in the garden..

  217. Leslie says

    My favoured day of the week is Sunday . . . after a long week of work, daily volunteering in anti-trafficking (with many events being on Saturdays during the day or evening) and daily workouts – it makes my Sundays a precious and well-deserved day of cozy bedtime and book reading/music listening or time with friends. It’s my day to rejuvenate for another exciting week ahead :)

  218. Jared Campbell says

    Friday is my favorite day of the week. I watch my 1 year old son during the week, and also work 6 days a week, including weekends. Friday is my day off (from work), it is also the day that I plan my container garden, do research, and get to do maintenance during the growing season. Friday is also wheat-grass juice and bread making day!

  219. Pam says

    Mondays to me mean new beginnings, so it is my favorite day of the week. Saturdays and Sundays are used to recover from the work week and Monday is the day it begins all over again for me.

  220. Erin says

    I think Thursdays are my favorite, because it’s full of the anticipation (and sometimes relief) of knowing that the week is almost over and we’re almost to the weekend, the time where we can spend time with “Daddy,” too! :-)

  221. Ann Haywood says

    Saturdays are my favorite day. I use that day as my reviving day. The day I spend yardsaleing or working out in the garden.

  222. Susan Jarrard says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday…….it’s the day I spend with my children and their families!!!

  223. cindy tessier says

    i have two favorite days of the week – saturday and sunday, because i don’t have to go to work! love your site.

  224. says

    My favorite day is Wednesday and Sunday because even though we are busy that is our day to go to church and focus on what is important. It also allows us to spend time together as a family.

  225. Kari says

    Saturday for sure. It’s the only day I get to hang out in my robe until afternoon and drink tea. Every other day is early to rise and go through the hassle of getting ready :)

  226. Terry says

    I am retired, so I usually don’t even know what day of the week it is. But I have to say, I still have a special feeling for Sunday. It still feels like family day.

  227. Jill says

    Sundays – church, time with family, time with friends. It is the one day of the week with no meetings, school, sports, etc.

  228. Danetta Cates says

    Monday is catch up day from last week.It helps me mentally deal better with a clean concience that,”Yes i did leave a few things undone but Monday will pick up the slack”. This helps to cope with not accomplishing entirely & completely never ending goals for our urban farm.MONDAY will save the day!

    Monday is also wash day.All our clothes get hung outside & for some reason this is such an enjoyable chore.While hanging up the clothes,positive thoughts are coming to mind like being frugal/saving money by using less electricity leaving the electric clothes dryer out of the equation.I love the thought of the white clothes getting bleached by the sunshine versus a harsh chemical like bleach.It’s such a beautiful sight looking out to see the clothes blowing in the wind & when taking them off the line feeling their crispness,smelling their natural,clean,fresh smell.

    Monday,my fav because it’s catch-up day & laundry day.

  229. Amanda says

    I <3 EVERYDAY it's a new year and it's great and it's all thankful to one lucky guy that enjoys everything I do!

  230. Ali Regier says

    I love Sundays. It’s the day of the week rhat we don’t have much going on and we get to relax.

  231. Debbie says

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday. We try to rest and take the day off from any work other than feeding our animals.

  232. Laura says

    I love Sundays. They are a chance to step back and look at everything accomplished the week before and lay out all that awaits in the new week ahead. It is like having a mini New Year every week. Going to church has always helped me feel at ease and rejuvenated for the start of the week. And, the smell of baking bread just tops it all off.

  233. Marjorie Knorr says

    My favorite day is Friday. And in our house Friday is any day that is the end of the work week for my husband. Sometimes it’s after an 8 day shift or sometimes a 5 day shift. He’s happy when he knows he has at least 2 days off. And if he’s happy, I’m happy.

  234. Melissa Moore says

    Right now my favorite day is Tuesday. I work for the Forest Service as a wildland firefighter and have the luxury of being laid off in the winter. Tuesday is when I grab my bags and pick up my CSA share from Greenway Organics. It’s always fun to see what delicious produce we scored. Yay yay for winter CSA!!!

  235. Sherle says

    Sunday, our entire family works and plays together. We garden, do laundry, prepare food for the week, bake bread, dig up soil, preserve what needs preserving. We’re making candied lemon and orange peels tomorrow, planting some more seeds, digging another garden space and going out to pull up some ivy to clear a little more space for our raised beds. It’s a day that no matter what we do, we do it together, laugh love and enjoy the only day in the week we are all working towards a common goal.

  236. jennifer mistretta says

    Saturday! Its the one day that the hubby and I never work and get to hang out with our little man Tuck. I also started taking organic gardening classes early sat mornings. As my “me time”. So the day starts off great every week!

  237. Stacy says

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday because I’ve already gotten most of my weekend chores done and I have time for enjoying my hobbies.

  238. Denise Houston says

    Anyday that I wake up!
    I would have to say it is a toss up between Monday and Saturday. Mondays are my chance to start fresh. Saturdays I can do whatever I want (mostly).

  239. Christina D. Davis says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday because I am home with my kids and my husband will be home in the evening. I work week nights and he doesn’t have traditional weekends with his job.

  240. Tanya Sanchez says

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday! That’s our family day. Wake up with both kids in the bed (to try to sleep in a little bit more), make breakfast as a family, and hang out (inside if it is cold). It is all about family today!

  241. Shannon says

    My favorite day of the week would have to be Sunday because my boyfriend is home, and when I also have the day off it’s great to be with him. It’s also when I usually call home and talk to my parents, which I look forward to!

  242. Nancy says

    My favorite day of the week is definitely Saturday. We can almost always sleep a little later, and I don’t spend the whole day worrying about work the next day. Saturday is a fun day!

  243. Paula says

    Sunday is my favorite day of the week .My reasons are just like many others… Sleeping in, big breakfast,family,time to garden or cook, no schedule to keep.

  244. Kellie says

    My favorite day of the week is any day that ends in a “y”! There is nothing better than the sun on my back, a light breeze and a yard full of vegetables and flowers to tend to.

  245. Jamie says

    My favorite day is Saturday. My family does lazy mornings (reading, playing games, etc) with a later breakfast before we start our day. And we don’t have to work or go to school the next day!

  246. Bethany Smith says

    Thursday- I have a nickname for my Thursday cleaning spree. I get off of work early. come home and put the first load of laundry in and then stay up almost all night cleaning and organizing Before I go to bed I take a package of chicken out to pop in the crockpot the next morning for Friday dinner and the house is clean for the weekend

  247. Michele says

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday because I can spend most of the day gardening and improving my yard. This is true year round as we are able to grow some sort of veggie throughout the year.

  248. Victoria says

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday. Sunday mornings just smell fresh. It’s like a new beginning. Sunday’s are the day for relaxing and being thankful. It’s a day to reflect on the previous week as well as focus on the new week.