Giveaway – Enter to Win One of {2} Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Sunflower Gift Sets!

Mrs. Meyer's Sunflower Cleaning Products

It’s really awesome when something comes along that actually makes me excited to clean the house {who doesn’t need a little motivation there, right?}. When the nice folks at Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day sent me some products from their new “Sunflower” line, I was actually eager to clean my house {please let’s just keep this between us and never tell the HH. I don’t want him thinking this is the norm or anything}.

Their products totally didn’t disappoint. Sometimes when I hear things are “all natural,” which all Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are, I get a little nervous that they won’t clean as well or that they’ll smell weird. Not the case at all. My whole house is squeaky clean {okay so no one come do a white glove test and let’s just let that statement slide. It’s possible I might have ignored the kids’ bathroom for good reason} and the smell is awesome. Who knew sunflowers smell so great?!

meyers cleaner

So not only are their products really effective, but the company itself it pretty cool too. They try to choose only raw material and whenever possible, obtain materials from renewable plant resources such as coconut, palm, corn, soy or olive. Their products provide an effective alternative for people who are concerned about the environmental effects of conventional cleaning products.

And now you have your chance to get your hands on some of their products for FREE because they’re giving away {2} Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Sunflower Gift Sets to {2} lucky readers.

The Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Sunflower Gift Set contains their full line of favorite 98% natural household cleaners and laundry supplies in the new Sunflower scent! Each set includes Liquid Hand Soap, Laundry Detergent, Liquid Dish Soap, All Purpose Cleaner, Countertop Spray, Fabric Softener and a free gift box. Yeehaw! If that’s not motivation to get your “clean” on, I’m not sure what is.


All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite smell/scent/fragrance in the whole wide world is?

Lavender? Bacon? Newborn babies?

That’s it. Just answer that one question and you’re entered to win. Life’s pretty complicated sometimes, so I like to keep things simple around here.


1 entry per person/ip address. If you cheat, you will totally be disqualified.

This giveaway ends Sunday, August 25th, 2013 @9 pm PST and the winners will be announced in the Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 edition of Mornings with Mavis.  You will be notified via email and have 48 hours to claim your prize. If you do not claim your prize within 48 hours, the prize will be forfeited.

Good Luck!  I hope you win!

♥ Mavis

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  1. Sandy says

    I’ll totally go with your answers of lavendar, bacon and babies…although, fresh rain on the prairie is precious to me.

  2. says

    For cleaning products, I do love some lavendar, or a nice citrus… and I do love to light an evergreen-scented candle or two in December.

  3. says

    This is hard for me because I already love Mrs. Meyer’s products and scents! Basil and Lavender are my 14 yr. old’s favorite, Blueberry and Geranium my youngest’s, and I love the Basil and Parsley myself…funny they both smell very fresh and mild! :) Love, love, love to Mrs. Meyer’s products from our house!!

  4. Diana Lowery says

    I love a couple of smells depending on my mood..
    Puppy breath
    Babies skin
    And lemons

  5. Evi says

    I love the smell of Laundry that dried outside on my clothesline! and everything citrus! esp. oranges!

  6. Ann says

    I’d have to say my favorite is an ocean breeze. It takes me back to my childhood. Travelling over the last bridge to the shore points we’d roll our windows down and breathe in the fresh salt air…vacation had begun!

  7. Missy French says

    Lemon for cleaning (actually any fresh citrus!). Candles I am all about the seasons… (cinnamon in the winter, hyacinth in the spring, lavendar in the summer, and apple in the fall). But have to say, Fresh Cut Grass, Cucumbers and Watermelon will stop me in my tracks!!

  8. Ashley House says

    I love the smell you get on your hands after you touch a tomato plant. It smells like summer and gardens and I just love it.

  9. says

    I have this amazing candle “Hot Maple Toddy”. I’d have to say that this is my fav scent right now. Although I do love to sniff on some babies heads too=).

  10. Rozella Wilson says

    I don’t think it is possible to pick just one, but I am gonna go with one of my favorite scents that I like to use to make the house smell sooooo good! Baked Lemon Pie with a hint of coconut! Mmmmm!! Thanks for offering up this giveaway to us! Blessings!

  11. Pat Giaquinta says

    There are so many wonderful smells in the country ~ it’s hard to choose just one but I would say clothes when you take them off the clothesline. Fresh & sweet…….. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great contest. I want to start using cleaning liquids with less chemicals & this would be a great start. Enjoy your day…….

  12. Shannon schmidt says

    I love the smell of fall and winter scents, as in cinnamon, bay leafs, vanilla, orange, etc…

  13. Rena says

    My fav smell is waking up to the smell of pancakes! Because it means that my very capable and loving husband has woken up early to cook our three small children breakfast. And it also means that he has let me sleep in.

  14. Jesse says

    I ran over an old cilantro plant with the lawnmower recently and it was the most amazing scent! The lawnmower still smells like fresh salsa!

  15. Karen Gattuso says

    Tough call…I love the smells of lemon, basil and mint. Then again, chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven make the house smell yummy too!

  16. Stephanie says

    Lilacs. There’s nothing quite like the scent of a lilac bush in full bloom. There’s a lilac bush on the route that I walk and whenever it’s blooming, I’d really love to stand there all day and breathe in the gorgeous scent, but that would probably freak out the people that live there. 😉

  17. Christina Briggs says

    Ok favorite scents: Lilac, Lemon, Lily of the Valley and sweaty horses… I know the last one is weird but it’s true!

  18. Jamie says

    Leaves when they start to fall, Halloween is my favorite holiday and fall my favorite season. Warm, crisp, earthy scent.

  19. Jen says

    Homemade apple pie baking in the oven. Cinnamon and apples, you can’t get any better than that!

  20. Ali Regier says

    Tomato leaves! I love coming into the house after working in the garden and smelling like tomato leaves.

  21. Krista S. says

    My favorite scent is sun-ripened blackberries. Second fave is fresh cut Christmas trees.

  22. says

    I like apple, lemon, and coconut. I really love the smell of campfires, gasoline, and dried tobacco, but I don’t think I’d like my cleaning products to smell like any of those. :-)

  23. Betty AD says

    Wisteria…..I love the smell of these and reminds me of the old home place. Mom/Dad had two of them on the side of the house and kept them trimmed in to bushes. We never had the white ones only the purple and those flower can really make a room look good and oh, smell so good. Be nice to have softener and air freshner with that smell….be nice to lay in a bed of that wonderful smell.

  24. Amanda Britain says

    I would LOVE some extra help in the cleaning department! I am a stay at home mom with 3 little boys (ages 6, 4, and 2) and the messes just keep coming! My favorite smell is probably vanilla with lavender as a close second! :) Pick me, pick me! 😛

  25. Liz says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE lavender! I tried to grow it this year, but sadly it didn’t work. I’ll have to try again next year….

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Lauren says

    I have yet to find a scent that beats blackberry with turkish rose. Its beautiful smelling. But I think that turkish rose and tea tree, or blackberry and tea tree would be lovely as well!

  27. Jessica A says

    I have so many favorites but I would say Summer is my favorite smell, the fresh cut grass, fresh flowers , tomato plants, the beach, BBQ, sunscreen, and smores. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere that had summer weather all the time, but then I would miss the smell of fresh snow and pine trees.

  28. Lisa R says

    Love anything citrus, lemon, orange, grapefruit. And weirdly enough lighter fluid. I think it is because any time you smell lighter fluid it means something yummy and grilled is next…

  29. Adrienne Redelings says

    I love the smell of a campfire. Always brings back happy family memories:) And pine!

  30. Mary says

    Its hard to pick one smell, so I won’t.
    Puppy breath
    Fresh cut grass
    New babies
    Fresh baked bread

  31. Andrea Hinds says

    I’d have to say my favorite scent is the smell of fresh, clean laundry! soooooo……yummy fabric softener

  32. Paula says

    I’m going with lavender, petrichor and, in honor of the house we’re buying in Eastern Washington, sagebrush.

  33. Ann Ornie says

    Don’t judge! I love nag champa and patchouli or Mrs Meyers Basil all purpose cleaner!!
    :) Love Mrs Meyers products!!

  34. Rachel says

    I am truly, madly, deeply in love with the smell of lemon thyme! It smells oh so good… I often joke with my husband that I want to plant a field of it to roll around in; possibly naked. I can not walk past the areas that I have it planted without rubbing it and smelling of it on my hand. It is my catnip! In fact, I am off to smell the FABULOUS scent now. Mmmmmm…

  35. Lane Hettich says

    Currently, I adore the basil scent and use lavender on my laundry. However, a favorite scent that is not in the Mrs. Meyer’s lineup would have to be Rose or Grapefruit. Simply delish!

  36. Katie Burmaster says

    My (two) favorite smells in the whole world are peppermint and babies. Love them both.

  37. Angela says

    Daphne, Juniper, Fresh air, the smell of rain when it’s been dry for awhile, lemon, basil, tomato plants, I could keep going and going.

  38. Debi A says

    LOVE lavender and LOVE Mrs Meyers —- the only cleaner I use at home or office! Love the entire product line and suggest it to everyone

  39. Sara says

    I haven’t tried using that brand of cleaning product for the house, but I’ve used the dish soap and it does work nicely. My favorite sent is sandalwood and or amber. But there’s also something about the smell of really healthy soil!

  40. Barb says

    Lilac, bacon, vanilla, Calyx. I’ve tried a Mrs. Meyer’s product with basil scent and it was lovely and fresh.

  41. Diana R. Smith says

    Lilacs hands down…Happiness was finding varieties that even rebloom in late summer…..

  42. says

    I love lemon, but I think I’d like to try this Sunflower scent….makes me think of a field somewhere in Kansas with all those sunflowers waving in the breeze!

  43. Christina Zaragoza says

    Pumpkin spice
    New born babies
    Cows breath on a crisp morning
    Horse manure when they’ve been eating alfalfa hay
    I digress -the last two do cause euphoric recall = )

  44. Cathy says

    I’ll go with jasmine but several are close. :) Clean laundry, rain, gardenias, hyacinths, apple pie baking. Mmm.

  45. says

    Lavender!!! I love it so much, we had people throw dried lavender at our wedding in lieu of bubbles or birdseed. It was delightful!!

  46. Paula Black says

    Cilantro and Christmas trees!

    I cannot pass the cilantro in the store without having to pick it up and smell it. That and I love the smell of Christmas trees.

  47. Amanda says

    May sound weird, but Absorbine Jr. My grandmother used this for a multitude of things and it’s her smell in my memory bank.

  48. Stacie says

    Leather…legit leather like a new saddle or leather handbag…not the “leather” car wash air fragrance (yuck) lol

  49. lindsay says

    high tide on a summer night (particularily on vashon island) and cottonwood trees in bloom.

  50. Kateiline says

    Cinnamon! Nothing beats pumpkin pie… or cinnamon rolls… or cinnamon coffee cake… or anything else in the oven with cinnamon in it!

  51. Kim Kneip says

    I have never used this products but my favorite smells are like gardenia, flowers, or other than that anything that makes it smell clean! I would love to try them tho!!


  52. Katlyn M says

    Fresh baked goods… breads cookies all the good stuff. If I could my house would smell like bread and cookies all the time.

  53. says

    Sitting here with my seven week old girlie snoozing on me, so have to go with the smell of my newborns right now. Also love, lilac and lemon and the smell of warm baking things. :)

  54. ml says

    sometimes i love basil the most
    sometimes i really love lavender
    then there are times when lemon or lime or grapefruit seem to smell better than anything else
    then there is the smell of fresh cut pine trees – mmmm
    or the smell of warm spicy cinnamon

    guess what i am saying is it depends on the day

  55. Ellen in Clackamas says

    Soooo hard to pick just one …but “best” favorite has to be bacon (real bacon..not turkey or Canadian!)

  56. Bekah Thompson says

    My all time fave is definitely lavender! I love it for anything and everything. Random fact though, I smelled the Mrs. Meyers products one day at the store since I have heard all about them but never bought them since they are pricier and found that their scent “Basil” was absolutely divine as dish soap! Would have never thought of an herb being the perfect clean scent. It was amazing. :)

  57. Kristi says

    Mint, lemon verbena and fresh clean laundry are my most favorite smells. I can’t pick just one!

  58. Noel Griffith says

    I love the combination of mint and lavender. But my favorite scent is clothesline fresh, you cant beat that.

  59. Mary B. says

    Earl Grey Tea and really good coffee and Double Delight Roses. It’s really hard to choose just one.

  60. Anne House says

    I think my favorite smell is sandalwood and patchouli. When they get around to making that scent line, I’ll be in heaven

    Having said that, their holiday line (from a few years ago) that smells like gingerbread comes in a close second

  61. Barbara Gannon says

    After just having been camping with my son out west, I would have to say morning mountain air. Although lavender for sleeping and the smell of fresh basil for cooking are two of my favorite scents. Love your basil products. Can’t wait up smell the sunflower.

  62. Sue says

    The first things that pops into my mind is Lilacs. But… I have a candle called Mountain Lodge that I think smells like a sexy guy…imagine if cleaning products smelled like that!! I’d clean all day long!!

  63. Paula Reed says

    There is a certain smell that Saturdays have in the Fall; cold and crisp, with that hint of fireplace. It is the smell of my childhood that reminds me that all things are possible and that an adventure could be just right around the corner.

  64. Rita Kerr says

    I have so enjoyed reading through your favorite smells. Lovely; every one! My number one favorite would be the sweet, precious scent of my grandbabies. I also love lilac, because it reminds me of my mom and lavender to help me relax before bed,

  65. Lori Hagen says

    New mown grass, fresh bed sheets, babies necks and puppies. Oh, don’t forget lavender, citrus and roses.

  66. Helen in Meridian says

    I love the smell of hot caramel being poured over popcorn making fresh caramel corn. Also there is bacon and ripe nectarines to smell.

  67. andrea d says

    hmmm…right now my kitchen is filled with the aromas of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and peaches i just picked off the trees- and it smells pretty awesome. but my favorites are fresh herbs-rosemary, thyme, oregano… and i probably shouldn’t admit this but i love the way the house smells with a roast in the oven :-)

  68. Becky says

    Oh ,Mavis, I am so stoked! I make my own laundry soap,cleaner etc, but when I can find Meyers lemon verbena on sale with a coupon I spoil myself. That is my favorite smell ever… Oh yes and my newborn granddaughters!!!!!!

  69. Brandi says

    Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! Why can’t cleaner smell like that? I like lemon and peaches too.

  70. Heather Z says

    I’m sure looking forward to pumpkin scents in the next couple months, although lavender is an all-time favorite.

  71. says

    I have two favorite smells: wet soil and my dogs fur. I love the wet soil because it brings me back to the carefree days of gardening with my grandmother when I was a small child. I would stay in her garden for hours, which is probably why I absolutely needed my own garden when I had enough space. I also really love the smell of my dog. I cuddle him up at night and often fall asleep with my nose amongst his fur. I find it very soothing, very comforting, just like home.

  72. Lisa says

    My favorite scent ever is milk chocolate, right from a foil wrapper, before it goes into my mouth. :-)

  73. Leah says

    I love Meyers lemon verbena, but there are so many great scents in the world. I particularly like the more earthy scents. Vetier is my new favorite, I love to rub my hands on my fresh mint, lavender, rosemary etc when I am outside.

  74. Rebecca Kyznar says

    It may sound strange but I absolutely love the smell of eucalyptus. I was thrilled to find an fabric refresher with eucalyptus scent.

  75. Oregon mom says

    I love the smell of our clothes fresh off the clothesline , because our honeysuckle bush is next to our line. It makes the clothes smell clean & sweet.

  76. Annie says

    Rosemary is one of my most favs; lemons, babies (that smell makes my overies bacon cooking, bacon breath (mine) and I love the smell of good irish cheddar… Now I feel the need to hold a baby and eat a rosemary, bacon, cheddar sandwhich with a big glass of lemonade. :)

  77. Laura says

    Coconut…it reminds me of the smell of suntan lotion which always brings back the memories of my college days when I lived near the beach in FL.

  78. Gretchen Walker says

    The ability to transport you in time is the best thing about scents and mine are Sandalwood and Geranium.

  79. Pam H says

    Honeysuckle. There is this patch by my place that I walk by every spring and wish someone could bottle the fragrance and get it right. It is heaven.

  80. Leanne says

    My favorite scent (and I have a lot of them!!) is carnation. I will bury my head in a bouquet of carnations.
    So many scents are pleasant.
    Would love to win this so my place can be squeaky clean too!

  81. Michelle says

    I really miss the smell of my grandparents apartment. They have been gone a long time but I still miss them.

  82. Denise says

    It’s hard to pick one fragrance. Tea roses and lilacs are probably at the top of the list!

  83. Leigh M says

    Ok… you can’t SERIOUSLY expect us to pick just ONE scent!!! Come ooooooon….. Some of these may seem weird but hey, they are my favorites – no judging! :) I love the smell of my hands right after I have picked a bunch of tomatoes. I love the smell of an impending rain storm. I love the smell of baby feet. I love the smell of my husband’s shirt after he’s played a round of golf… yes, he does bathe & wears deoderant!! I love the smell of gardenias, wild roses and honeysuckle…. don’t get me started on food smells! Hahaha!

  84. L. OCOnnor says

    I’m not saying I would like it as a cleaning product scent but, the smell of my father-in-law’s (retired cabinet and furniture maker) workshop. It always has fresh cedar or pine, plus his tea (gone cold) and a tiny bit of his old fashioned grandpa after shave. Sometimes I go out there even when he isn’t working, just to smell it, and sort of ‘breathe’ in that memory of him.

  85. Jade says

    My favorite smell is a Paris bakery with all the fresh breads! That was my favorite smell when I was there

  86. Kendra Puzzo says

    Sandalwood………I would love to add so many more BUT you asked for one, so I will comply. :)

  87. Becka says

    I love the smell of hyacinths. I think they should make a product line with that fragrance. Their Iowa pine is wonderful too.

  88. carol says

    I love the scents of both roses and lavender. But in late spring, summer and early fall, my favorite scent is the smell of clean sheets that have been dried outside on the clothesline. They smell so good, and they remind me of sleeping at my grandmother’s house when I was a kid.

  89. Martha L. says

    Cucumber! That smell always perks me up and makes me smile.

    I think my tastes also shift depending on the season. For summer, all of the bright, happy and fresh flavors call to me (cucumber, lemon, spearmint, watermelon, dill, etc).

  90. Margaret says

    I love the smell of lemon, but also love the smell of freshly cut grass. So…maybe lemongrass? :)

  91. katherine says

    my 10 month old smells pretty good, but my two favorite scents are rose and satsuma. so delicious.

  92. Theresa Forster says

    I loved the smell of lily of the valley. It brings back such great childhood memories.

  93. Paula says

    I love so many fragrances, mostly fresh/ natural scents: lavender, orange blossom, fresh apples, fresh lemons, fresh baked bread, fresh straw, horses, just picked strawberries. My list could go on and on and on ………………………….

  94. Candice M. says

    this time of the year I love the smell of pumpkin, vanilla, and sugar cookie. I also love the smell of melted chocolate while dipping strawberries. Clean linen is a nice smell. I like to toss orange peels in the garbage disposal when I want to freshen the kitchen with a citrus smell. During the winter holidays I like to smell pines cones scented with cinnamon and anything in the Cracker Barrel store…this may sound silly but I love the smell of my hubby when he stepped off the plane returning from a 13 month
    army deployment, ….love :)

  95. Tricia says

    It’s a good thing he doesn’t read this blog or I would be in huge trouble, but my absolute favorite scent in the world is the smell of my husband when he gets out of the shower. Do they make a candle for that?

  96. Penny Aquila says

    I absolutely love the smell of fresh basil. The aromatic oil is so refreshing. I have a condition , called complex migraine. So many fragrances that have an artificial ” smell” , leave me with a headache…or worse. Fresh basil is so clean and refreshing…I love the way the house just smells CLEAN !! Sometimes just having a sprig of basil in water , refreshes the kitchen. I even use the stems to refresher up the garbage disposal. I was thrilled to find their Basil cleaner !!!! Thank you so much !!! Thanks for being …..natural !

  97. Linda says

    Bath and Body Works makes an Orange and Ginger aromatherapy flavor that smells absolutely delicious. Reminds me of Cancun every time I use it!

  98. Lisa V. says

    Call me crazy, but I love barn smells: fresh hay, sweaty horses, well oiled saddles. I’m sure no one will ever try to replicate that for Mrs. Meyers!

  99. Don says

    Nothing like a pot of coffee brewing. The only thing better is bacon frying at the same time.

  100. Carolyn Rust says

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me win. I would love to have an incentive to clean or get my HHH (Handsome House Husband) to do the cleaning for me.

  101. Shellie says

    I love the smell of a campfire! Brings back memories of camping with my two oldest children and really good friends when I lived in Indiana. It takes me back to a happier time in my life that I dearly miss

  102. Lori C says

    When I was a kid, my Mom always had an ounce of ‘White Shoulders’ stashed away in her room. I always knew when she was going out with Dad, because I could smell her perfume. Its an intoxicating scent!

  103. Amy B says

    I love the smell of fall in Maine. The crispness, the leaves, pumpkins, apples!!! Love it!!

  104. sheila says

    Pick just one? Lavender, roses, jasmine, lilac, honeysuckle…anything flowery. …and please tell me a housekeeper is included in the giveaway!!!

  105. LindaW says

    I love pure clear floral scents, like lilac, rose or lily-of-the-valley with a backdrop of warm fresh soil. Close your eyes, breathe it in, feel the sun on your skin and listen to the hum of insects. Mmmmm…

  106. jeanette says

    My favorite scent is honeysuckle! There is nothing as refreshing as smelling honeysuckle on a southern country path! Cleaning with a honeysuckle scent makes the whole house smell like a garden!

  107. Kelly Allen says

    I think it is a toss up between ocean and clean line dried laundry. As long as it is a clean, fresh smell I love it!

  108. Melanie says

    My favorite scent in the whole world is garlic sounds weird. I know but in Kentucky we have wild garlic shoots in our yards so after the long winter when everyone starts mowing you can smell them it smells wonderful . We normally don’t mow from November to April because the grass doesn’t grow but the smell when everyone starts mowing means spring is here!

  109. Megan C says

    The scent of Lily of the Valley is my all time favorite! That is why my daughter is named Lily! Of course this time of year, I don’t mind the aroma of anything fall such as a wood-burning fire, pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.

  110. Janet Brown says

    My favorite smell in the whole world is either of my daughters or either grandchild when I am hugging them.

  111. Brooke says

    Puppy breath! That is my favorite scent in the whole world! Next would be the scent on my hands after harvesting basil!

  112. Bea says

    Love the smell of anything baking, bacon, coffee, bouquets of flowers, the earth after a fresh rain, ocean breezes, orange or lemon zest – I could go on for hours.

  113. Kath Mason says

    I love the smell of the earth when it rains after a dry spell. Got to agree about the babies too, they have a very special fragrance.

  114. Catherine Mustoe says

    I love the smell of bread baking in the oven!! We lived near a bakery growing up, so this smell always brings back nice childhood memories : )

  115. janet parks says

    Hi Mavis
    I love the smell of lilacs but sunflowers make me smile!
    I hope you feel better soon. Thanks!

  116. Sheila Palmer says

    I love the lavender hand soap1.. that is my total fav….sunflower sounds very interesting

  117. Eileen G says

    I love the smell of lavender because my grandma (nanny) has it growing in her front yard and she keeps satchels of it everywhere and my mom keeps one in her car too, so the smell of it reminds me of them!

  118. Catherine Robinson says

    I would love to win this!!! My favorite scents tend to be citrus-y ones. Oh, and I love, love, love the smell of fresh basil!

  119. monica says

    i love their products! my most favorite smells are (can’t just pick one): lilac, freshly mown grass and charcoal grill. hope i win!

  120. Michele says

    I don’t have a favorite smell. The smell of tonight’s roasted chicken is still in the air and it still smells good even though I am stuffed!

  121. Carol Rhodes says

    Fresh flowers,fresh sundried laundry, lavender, cinnamon, garlic, cannot pick just one!

  122. Melissa says

    The clean salty freshness of the ocean. It brings back the smells of a long hot summers as a child.

  123. Mary Olson says

    I’m sure Mrs. Meyers will never make this scent but my favorite is a horse barn – yep, and all that goes along with that. Brings back so many happy memories of growing up with horses.

  124. says

    I love the smell of freshly ground coffee and the air just before a rain storm arrives. Although we have been getting lots of rain recently so that one is sliding down the list.

  125. Kaia says

    ONE favorite smell?? Don’t think I can do it… fresh cut grass, rain, coffee, vanilla, a summer peach, babies, roses, mint….

  126. Dena says

    Have to be weird & say horse manure. Reminds me of mornings in the barn, cleaning stalls, pitching clean hay & the company of wonderful animals to start the day. After that would be a cup of coffee, but only after cleaning the barn.

  127. Erin M says

    I have different fragrance faves for different seasons. In the winter I LOVE dark Patchouli (the same stuff we used in the 70’s) with Ylang Ylang. It is warm and exotic and a perfect bedroom scent. In the summer I love citrus. I use orange, lemon and grapefruit. It is fresher and cooling. Essential oils are such a gift.

  128. says

    the top of a baby’s sweet head
    fresh peaches
    old books
    Mr. Lincoln red roses
    my sweet man
    grass after a rain
    chocolate cookies just out of the oven
    a sun warmed wooden porch

  129. Jess says

    The rain on cement when it hasn’t rained in a while, especially if it’s warm outside. Or salty ocean air.

  130. Emily says

    Tough choice! But for the wonderful memories it evokes, I have to choose the smell of a driftwood fire. There is a special saltiness that comes, totally different than a regular fire.

  131. Amanda says

    I like different scents on different occasions. But my favorite go-to scents are lavender and vanilla.

  132. shelby adele says

    For me… there is nothing better then pulling down laundry dried outside on the line. The fresh smell is simple and comforting. Oh … and cilantro is pretty awesome too!

  133. Jerry f says

    My favorite scent a cinnamon spice combo for cooler months, and a vanilla lemon for warmer months. It’s makes a world of a difference when you love the way your house smells. : )

  134. Mellie says

    My favourite smell is new puppy! Our poodle is 2 now and I miss the smell of when we first brought her home. Kind of like that newborn smell.

  135. Lil says

    sandalwood, vanilla, fresh baked banana bread, Christmas trees, any herbals, spices: curry, basils, tarragon

  136. Polli Moryl says

    I love the smell of lemon best and tomato next! Please pick me. Thanks for hosting this give away.

    Cheers, Polli

  137. Anna M. Lavender says

    I would say Lavender but really love the smell of Lemongrass. It is so yummy.. Mixed with bergamot devine.

  138. Kim O 'Donoghue says

    This is a tough one. Honeysuckle, lavender, and lilacs all make me so happy, but if I had to pick one…it would be lavender!

  139. Jocelyn says

    I love the basil! It’s the one I’ve always used, but I’d be willing to try the sunflower!

  140. Pam says

    Love anything that smells “clean” – citrus and a citrus/vanilla blend are my favorites though.

  141. Pam Harman says

    I like any scent that is light and fresh. Nothing too heavily scented with florals. Fruity or light florals are for me. :)

  142. Monica Brown says

    My favorite smell is vanilla! Although I do love many other smells, vanilla has been my favorite since I was a little girl.

  143. Maria B. says

    I know that it’s totally weird…but I love the smell of amoxicillin. The pink oral suspension. It makes me feel reminiscent about being a kid again and my mom taking care of me. But roses smell pretty darn good, too!

  144. AMY KOLB says

    I love the smell of chocolate. We have the nestle chocolate factory near us and it just smells heavenly!

  145. Megan W says

    Flowering crab-apple tree – more specifically the one on my Dads farm….in the spring. Amazing.

  146. Brenda Yost says

    my favorite scent in the whole world is my mock orange tree when it blooms every spring!! absolutely gorgeous

  147. says

    I have so many favorite smells, but one you could bottle and make a cleaner out of is probably lemongrass for the spring and apple cinnamon in the fall!

  148. Regina says

    The smell of rain falling on the dry desert dirt where I live. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough.

  149. mary m says

    Oooh such a hard question. Even tho it’s “bad” I LOVE the smell of J&J baby shampoo. The yellow bottle.

  150. Riley Howard says

    Grapefruit essential oil is my absolute favorite scent. Besides the smell of my daughter :)

  151. Amanda Bryant says

    Lemon for cleaning and lavender for laundry! I love the citrus to make everything smells fresh but lavender is great for linens to make me feel sleepy!

  152. Sara says

    This new scent sounds awesome! My favorite scents are basil and lemon. Preferably I use everything unscented but would love to try the sunflower scent.

  153. Renee A. says

    I love the smell of homemade baked goods wafting through my house when the windows are opened and there is a nice breeze blowing….ahh,it’s almost like heaven! :)

  154. Ulrike says

    Hard choice. I love the smell of freshly cut mountain grass, yes there is a difference…its sweeter smelling, and it reminds me of my childhood going to see my grandparents in the N.C. mountains. Second would be lined dried sheets or anything lined dried!

  155. Lisa says

    There are so many, but I’m going to say coconut because the smell takes me to a tropical island!

  156. Joanna says

    Hard to pick just one scent, but I would say lemon. Would love to try this new Mrs Meyers set – I love all their products!

  157. Johanne says

    You asked for a favorite scent…. this would not be good for a cleaning product, but I love the smell of curry. Smelling a pot of anything cooked with curry makes me woozy with delight! 😉

  158. Leah Thompson says

    I absolutely love the fragrance in the air after a nice rainstorm. All of the natural scents of the earth (grass, leaves, flowers, dirt) just fill my nose with a pleasant aroma. The smell is alive and rejuvenating!

  159. Carol says

    You know that nose cringing smell of boys after they have played outside all day?! Oooh! Used to nearly gag me. After they grew up and left home, well, I kinda missed that and the cuddling that would come after their showers. Well, now have a grandson, after 4 granddaughters. He plays hard outside too. And he smells like they did. But oh that smell of a clean little boy, especially one that loves to cuddle.

  160. says

    Citrus always makes it smell fresh to me. Now that I am making some of my own cleaning products, I really appreciate what Mrs. Meyers is doing.

  161. Kris says

    Who can narrow it down to one! Roses because they remind me of mt grandma, citrus because it is so frsh, and mint of course… So many more and so little time!

  162. Kelsey says

    Roses. REAL roses. Not the kind you get in the store, but the wonderful one’s you grow at home. My great-grandma got me hooked on that smell when I was just a tiny baby with her sweet and fragrant roses.
    Either that or lilac. I love it how one bush can make such a huge area smell so sweet. :)

  163. Susan.G says

    Wow, picking one is hard! Lavender, bacon and cookies are good. But the smell of the fresh ocean air makes very happy.

  164. Harmony says

    I like the smell of my husband. You know, every person has their own person-smell… I love his. He is my friend <3

  165. Renee says

    I have 2 favorite scents. Outside is fresh mulch as I put it in the garden. Inside is laundry straight out of the dryer….sorta opposites,huh?.

  166. Caroline B says

    I love the smell of almonds! I also like the smell of a hot verbena infusion…it always reminds me of my Dad. :)

  167. says

    I love many of the previously mentioned scents. But I have a weird favorite, I love the smell of the city on a crisp morning, most often spring or fall, maybe summer, meh winter. I can’t explain why exactly and I don’t want to go lighting a ‘city scented’ candle, but I love city morning smell.

  168. Lindsey says

    I love the way my husband smells. And my dog, he smells pretty good, too—not like a dog but like a nice wool sweater.

  169. Teri says

    I love the smell of fresh clean laundry – technically I suppose what I love is dryer sheets! Yum!

  170. says

    Freshly washed linens. Oh…I die! A pillowcase just out of the dryer is THE BEST.

    As far as things that grow… gardenia (I totally took they for granted growing up in FL), lavender, and rosemary. I could shove my face in those three plants all day and not tire of the scents.


  171. Jodi says

    Love me some vanilla..but I recently bought the Honeysuckle Mrs. Meyer’s and find myself cleaning the counters more often..even when they’re not dirty!!

  172. Jessica Schlatzer says

    My favorite smell — Sitting outside on a fall day in front of a fire pit. Nothing beats it.

  173. Wendy says

    What a difficult question! I originally thought lilac, then added peppermint, chai, and vanilla to my favorites. Then, I mistakenly read a couple of the comments left by others and now have to add coffee as one of my all-time favorites too! I absolutely love your blog Mavis…I’m so happy I found you through Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity!

  174. Kirsten says

    I’m totally into smells and would have a hard time pinning down a favorite. When my kids were babies and they’d just had a bath I loved to hold them and smell their heads. Is that weird? :) I’ve always really loved the smell of coffee which is funny because I’m mormon and can’t drink it. I also really really love all the spicy smells associated with fall even though I don’t like the taste of all the cinammon, clove, nutmeg, and ginger foods.

  175. Loretta says

    Well, my favorite smell ever is fresh baked pretzel, but that’s not necessarily how I want my clean house to smell. For that, I like Lavender.

  176. Jessica says

    To only pick one is hard! Lemon, verbena, vanilla, fresh ground coffee, and fresh cut grass are all amazing!

  177. Krissy Miller says

    My favorite smell is pumpkin spice / chai spice… it may seem like a seasonal fragrance, but I love the smell of it all year long!!

  178. julie kaylor says

    I have to say every time I smell pine-sol I think of cleaning because that’s what my mom always used ,but if I could pick anything…I guess a kinda soapy …smell tide / coast soap / and softsoap smell good

  179. Rachel says

    Hard to beat the smell of outside after a good rain – especially if it’s the first rain in awhile…for cleaning products I like crisp non fruity/floral scents…eucalyptus, etc.

  180. Missy Flickinger says

    Lemongrass…too bad my HH dosen’t like it…oh well I still use it when I leave to go to work and by the time I get home it has worn off!! LOL

  181. Emily says

    How can I name ONE favorite smell? I love lemon scented cleaning products and soaps. I love the smell of freshly baked bread. I love the smell of lavender in my bedroom. I love babies that smell like that pink baby lotion. And so on…I could never identify just one!

  182. Trina says

    Nothing beats fresh lilacs. Best smell in the world. Well… besides babies! They smell pretty good too.

  183. Heather DeVoe says

    Sweet lemon, like a lemon/vanilla combination. Something about that just smells clean and happy.

  184. Nicole Justus says

    My homemade tomato sauce cooking down on the stove, with tomatoes picked fresh from my garden! The scent makes me imagine all the wonderful things I can do with my big pot of sauce!

  185. Rochelle says

    Heliotrope! Beautiful tiny flowers that smell like a combination of vanilla and baby powder.

  186. Samantha says

    I love the smell of my garden in the late afternoon when the petunias, stargazers, and lavender are warmed up from the sun.

  187. Charla Echlin says

    There are so many fragrances that I love- the ocean, rain, sweet peas, tomato plants, mint, fresh baked brownies- gosh it’s really hard to choose just one..

    but if I had to choose, I would choose the scent of flowers- I plant as many as I can around my deck and yard so that as I walk past or work in the yard, I get a scent of sweet peas, lemon verbena, or lavender in the wind- it brings me to a very calm and special place and always gets me to smile. I don’t think I could live a happy life with them :)

  188. Robbie Denny says

    I don’t know if you have been down in the Grand Canyon, but the smell the cactus flowers is fantastic. I love the smell there and the smell of the desert after it rains.

  189. says

    Fresh, clean laundry (perhaps with a hint of lavender) is my favorite scent. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. Hope you are enjoying these last few weeks of summer.

  190. Roxanne says

    has to be hands down Lemon .. lemon makes my happy and smells fresh.. even my dogs (yorkies named Lord Zeus Thunderbolt & Lord Thor Hammerstein) love the smell of lemon when I clean. =)

  191. Deborah P says

    I have a favorite scent for each season!! Since it’s summer, I’ll go with fresh cut grass.

  192. framing fowl says

    My favorite smell is a mountain stream with the sunshiny pine smell and some mint growing along the bank.

  193. Patti M. says

    The smell of the Phlox attracting the butterflies is high on my list right now. A clean house would smell great too!

  194. April says

    Freesia, Lavender, Vanilla, Roses, Lemon, Mint, Fresh Coffee, Newborn Baby…… and Meyers products smell so yummy! I love the Lemon most!

  195. Tina says

    Wow….there are alot of great scents out there. I would have to say a favorite is orchid, plumeria and the smell of coffee

  196. Sandy Scofield says

    Apricots. My grandma had a apricot tree in her backyard-and when I smell apricots, I am back there with her.

  197. Gail Kent says

    My first pick would be the smell of a baby especially after bath.Thanks for the giveaway.

  198. Chris Clark says

    Vanilla Oatmeal cookies. After a hard day at work, love to walk in the house and smell that inviting fragrance instantly relaxes the stress away.

  199. Angie Napolitano says

    Lavender because it reminds me of living on the San Juan Islands in Washington State, home to lavender production.

  200. Rachel S says

    my favorite smell is early in the morning in the PNW right after it rains. Fresh, and alive

  201. Janet says

    This is a tough decision but I have to go with peppermint–good to eat, drink, clean, heal. Love your blog!

  202. Alison says

    Fresh turned soil, ready to plant and the smell of freshly watered tomato vines on a cool summer morning. And no, I’m not trying to butter up Mavis so she’ll pick me! I am country girl whose loves living next door to hundreds of acres of row crop!

  203. Linda says

    I love lemon and eucalyptus. Just found out about These wonderful products! I love them! Trying to Go all natural in our home due to Finding out my son is allergic to everything. I hope I win. Thank you

  204. Susan says

    My favorite smell in the whole world is my dwarf lilac bushes in the Spring. You can smell them from pretty far away! I look forward to it every Spring!! 😀

  205. Debra Giuffrida says

    There are so many smells that hit the memory buttons…baking apple pie, fresh clean laundry right off the clothesline, a stem of lavender. But my all time favorite is the scent of Iceberg roses. Beautiful white blossoms on dark green leafy stems.

  206. Kathleen Riley-Daniels says

    Really loving exploring your site! I had no idea there was a Sunflower cleaning scent, but would like to try it. I would clean all the time if the scent were horses!

  207. Melinda D says

    My favorite smell may be a little weird but I love the smell of my husband’s neck…… reminds me that he’s home (he serves in the military) and that life is short.

  208. Ruthie says

    My first thought was grapefruit, but then I started reading other comments! Coffee is up there! And mint! But grapefruit – so good!

  209. Stephanie Young says

    Hmmm….favorite scent? Home Sweet Home at Christmastime! So I suppose that’s fresh pine, cinnamon, anything baking, and the smell of family!

  210. Jessica M says

    My absolute favorite smell are my three children! All unique and completely delicious! When I’m cleaning I like to use products that are not your typical lemon or pine tree scent. Things like lavender, thyme, or vanilla really make my home smell yummy!

  211. Heidi W says

    I love the smell of fresh ground coffee and a close second is lavender freshly cut from my garden. How can such a simple question be so hard?!?

  212. Pam says

    Vanilla, cinnamon, honeysuckle, almond, the seashore……………..did you seriously expect anyone to pick only one???

  213. Indio says

    it’s so hard to pick one smell thats my favorite. Newborn baby is a smell full of love and hope for the future rolled into one little package.

  214. Sandy Frankel says

    Lavender lemon & oranges!! I love Mrs Meyers products-all I use
    Great to hear of a sunflower line, my kitchen is yellow!!

  215. Erin says

    I find that I have favorite scents that change based on the time of year. For summer, I’d have to go with lemon and lavender.

  216. Sara Pimentel says

    I live in southern California near orange groves and I absolutely love the smell of orange blossoms, I also love the smell of jasmine.

  217. Joyce Tucker says

    My favorite scent is line dried laundry. Nothing takes me back to the secure, warm feelings of childhood quite like crawling into bed on fresh,line dried linen!

  218. Beth Elliott says

    Hey Mavis!

    This is a really cool giveaway and I like that you’re switching it up by throwing this smell game out there. I’m surprised nobody threw out there skunks or ripe compost! =]

    I would have to say that my absolute favorite smell is the smell of home. You know that smell that you don’t get to smell unless you have been gone on a really long trip, or you come home after a stressful day at work or something and open the door and smell, just, you? That’s my favorite smell because it means that I am in my favorite place where I can just be me with the people who will always love me and I’m sure there are others out there who feel the same way. Do you like that smell?

    Hope you’ve been healing well since that awesome road trip with Gnomeo and Juliet!

    Beth Elliott

  219. Beth Curtiss says

    I love the scent of honeysuckle and my beautiful lilac bush in the Spring, freshly-laundered sheets hanging on the line, and delicious vanilla cappuccino on a quiet evening!

  220. Lin says

    Baby talc is the best smell in the world. Brings back memories of my childhood and of my kids when they were little and cute. Not cute any more. Nothing cute about a teen boy. Well, unless your a teen girl. :)

  221. tory says

    My favorite smell is lavender – I live in Sequim, we’re surrounded by it – but I love BASIL MINT! Look for it, you won’t be sorry!

  222. Melissa H. says

    My favorite scent is Lilac! There is nothing better than my lilac bush in full bloom~

  223. Annie says

    Today when I’m shopping for things for my home, I choose fresh cotton/linen scents or citrus. But my favorite scent in the whole world…

    I know it’s strange, but when I was much younger I was obsessed with music and I loooved the smell of opening a brand new cassette case. I don’t know if it was the ink on the booklets or something in the plastic, but that scent made me so happy. Opening new CDs never have that same smell.

  224. Catherine says

    Gardenias anytime. On a warm sunny afternoon in the garden or in a vase in the bedroom at night. Mmmmmm….. the very best smell for me in the world.

  225. molly says

    Citrus blossom is my favorite smell! The smell of lemon flowers and orange flowers!!! It’s so beautiful!

  226. Vicki says

    It’s hard to pick one. I love the smell of almond and coconut. I also love the smell of fall!

  227. Nikki says

    My favorite scents are rose, jasmine, and honeysuckle. Brings back memories of my grandmother.

  228. Erin Reetz says

    Spice, as in Cinnamon/Clove/Nutmeg/Allspice, etc. Sometimes I sprinkle them into a pan of water, turn the burner on simmer, and just let the house smell like something delicious is baking in the oven. Happiness.

  229. Tabitha May says

    The smell of waking up at my grandma’s house when i was little. The combined scent of eggs, bacon and sausage, scratch buttermilk biscuits, scratch sausage gravy, and coffee accompanied by the sound of my extended family.

  230. Kellie says

    Funny I should run across this opportunity today… thank you btw! I had been hearing so many good things about Mrs. Meyer’s product line and I was intrigued. But living on a strict budget, I was waiting for it to go on sale to give it a try. A local retailer had it on sale so I picked up the lemon verbena scrub today and I couldn’t wait to test it out on my bathroom sink when I got home. It works great and two hours later my bathroom still smells heavenly! Not trying to endorse, true story! As far as favorite scent, it is hard to choose but my top three would have to be lemon verbena, sandlewood, fresh herbs, and Stargazer lilies. OK, I added a fourth but I couldn’t forget the flowers used in my wedding!

  231. Rita Chiricuzio says

    Gardenia is a close second, but creosote and sage are so a fresh with the smell of dessert rain

  232. Peggy Sorensen says

    I love when Citrus Blossoms fill the air, when my Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon Trees are in Bloom! They have a very unique aroma; very different from the smell of the fruit. I wish everyone could experience this smell, but they grow in only a few states and they’re in bloom for only 2-3 weeks in the month of March. I look forward to it every year!

  233. Jarnae says

    I ♥ Mrs Meyers! The smell of Old Fashion Pink Roses with a back draft of Lilac takes me back to childhood days.

  234. Michele B says

    Thanks Mavis!! My favorite scents: My 5 month old daughter fresh from a bath, vanilla, and fresh baked bread. :)

  235. Lise says

    Favorite scent? In the WHOLE WIDE WORLD?! Mah Hubz is a fan of basil….myself tho…I swoon at rosemary or magnolia scents!

  236. Delores says

    Favorite scent: lavender!
    *I kept meaning to enter, but don’t think I did. I did a search for my name and didn’t find it, so hopefully this isn’t my second, and ergo disqualifying, entry!

  237. Dawna M says

    My favorite would have to be plumeria blossom. We have a plumeria tree on our deck and the scent is just amazing.

  238. says

    I can’t pick a favorite scent in the whole wide world. I love french vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin spice, lavender, tomato plants (yes, tomato plants), and the wackiest one is Gain laundry detergent (original scent).

  239. says

    Lavender! I wear it & I put it in my homemade cleaning products, I haven’t planted it in my garden yet but I will in the spring.

  240. Melissa says

    I love citrus smells, particularly tangerine. They’re so cheerful! But newborn babies get an honorable mention, too.

  241. Lowann says

    I love the smell of a fresh rain i also live a good spice smell like cinnamon and cloves! I love mrs meters basil scent!!!! Its hard to find in our small community but i finally found a store that carries some of it!!!

  242. Chris Clampitt says

    I love the smell of “clean”! Lemon, basil, the air after a rain, vanilla, lavendar, even baby powder all smell good to me! This would be a fantastic gift to win!

  243. Lisa-Marie Haugmoen says

    I love lemon,gardenia and lily-of-the-valley! Devine aromas!! I also love the sheepy smell of wool! :.))

  244. Ingrid Kunze says

    Today is would be lemons since it is over 90 degrees outside and lemons are refreshing! :-)

  245. Pamela says

    Wet dog! Just kidding but if you have any products to neutralize a wet dog smell that’d be great! I do like the smell of a freshly mown lawn and the smell of the air after a summer rain.

  246. Stephanie says

    I love lavender, especially fresh lavender. I like to take the dried lavender and sprinkle it on the carpet before I vacuum, it makes the house smell lovely.