Giveaway – THREE Botanical Interests Seed Collections

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This is Ryan, my online Horticulturist boyfriend, and his new bride, Devra. Me, my online boyfriend & his WIFE all in one pic? Talk about Awkward Family Photo! Actually, the more I look at it the more I think we could be models for the next Old Navy mannequin family. We even have the dog!

But let’s forget about photos for a minute & get down to business. We have some seeds to giveaway. Wahooo!

We stopped by Botanical Interests Seed Company on our Epic Road Trip to St. Jude to pick up some seeds they were kind enough to donate to the hospital. Of course they weren’t going to leave my readers empty handed. They are giving away not one, not two, but THREE Root Renaissance Seed Collections! Check out everything that’s included:

  • Beet Gourmet Blend Organic (2.5 Grams)
  • Carrot Carnival Blend Organic (700 Mg)
  • Carrot Cosmic Purple (800 Mg)
  • Parsnip All American (1 Gram)
  • Radish Watermelon Mantanghong (500 Mg)
  • Rutabaga American Purple Top (2 Grams)
  • Turnip Purple Top White Globe Organic (4 Grams)

Of course the seed packets themselves are gorgeous, and they package it all in an adorable gift box. Such a perfect giveaway for your fall garden!

botanical interests seeds

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite root vegetable is?

My favorite? Cosmic purple carrots of course!

Just answer that one question and you’re entered to win. Life’s pretty complicated sometimes, so I like to keep things simple around here.


1 entry per person/ip address. If you cheat, you will totally be disqualified.

This giveaway ends Sunday, September 1st, 2013 @9 pm PST and the winners will be announced in the Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 edition of Mornings with Mavis. You will be notified via email and have 48 hours to claim your prize. If you do not claim your prize within 48 hours, the prize will be forfeited.

Good Luck! I hope you win!


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  1. Margaret says

    I love turnips – any kind, any place! I just planted our first round of seeds, so hopefully we’ll have seedlings soon.

  2. Tara says

    BEETS!! Any and all beets are my hands down favorite. The glorious jewel tones, the delectable leaf tops, pickled, steamed, roasted…oh the possibilities!

  3. Danielle O says

    I totally grabbed some cosmic purple carrots at Mother Earth News Fair from them 😀 — But “I have too many carrots” said no one ever… So sign me up to win, baby!

    • Karin says

      Carrots all the way! Mavis, thanks for your wonderful website…I wouldn’t have been able to start my first garden without it!

  4. katherine slate says

    i used to eat turnips and radishes when i was a kid straight out of our garden. one son loves beets and the other loves broccoli. So, we would be happy with anything we get. I have my own compost pile and do worm composting, so we would have plenty of good dirt! hope we win!

  5. says

    Beets – yes, please – my all-time fave! Love them raw, roasted, boiled and buttered, sweet and sour, juiced. Yum, yum, yum!

  6. Erin says

    I have always loved carrots. But not until the last few years did I know how many colors and kinds there are. Carrots are so yummy.

  7. Emily says

    I’d have to say that sweet potatoes are my fav. I am certainly open to trying new root veggies, though, and naming a new favorite root vegetable!

  8. Lana says

    Yikes! Creepy Old Navy mannequin family—say it ain’t so! I LOVE potatoes! I was allergic to them for over 20years and now that I can eat them again they never get old!

    My daughter worked for Old Navy back at the beginning of the mannequins. She said they were REALLY creepy after the store was closed at night!

  9. Amanda Britain says

    Sign me up, need the variety to see which ones my kids like the best! I love parsnips though. Parsnip puree is my fav! :) Pick me, pick me! 😛

  10. Alberta says

    My favorite root veggie…. that’s a tough one. I love them all! But I think I am most excited about my purple carrots I’m growing for the first time this year. Mmmm.

  11. Becky says

    After despising radishes all my life, I have found that I really like them. I love some red potatoes too!

  12. Carla says

    My son loves garden fresh carrots or bunny carrots as he calls them. Love these giveaways and it would really jump start our school garden this year!

  13. sheila says

    Either red or butter potatoes. But I’ve never tried growing any root veggies. Want to give it a try next year though!

  14. Andrea says

    We love love love carrots. My kids especially love purple carrots. They love to pull them up and get excited every time. I also really enjoy potatoes and parsnips. Thanks for the chance to win some great seeds.

  15. Missy says

    Beets! All the way. My family doesn’t like them, so it just means more for me when I roast them! Yessssss!

  16. says

    Hi Mavis! I recently discovered your site, and I’m in love!! You are such an inspiration to me. My husband and I builty our first palley garden this weekend, now it’s just time to plant some delicious food! Anyways, my favorite root vegetable is sweet potatoes! I like to make them savory, with garlic and butter and some Mrs. Dash! Thanks again for all of your tips and hard work on the site, you’re my new hero.

  17. says

    My favorite root veggie is turnips. Shhhh….don’t tell my dad! We would get into epic staring contests over my refusal to eat them as a child and now I can’t stay away from them.

  18. Kathy in Chicago says

    Beets, I’m just afraid to cook them, and to grow them.

    BTW – doesn’t how can Ryan be cheating on you? You are awesome! Then again, Justin Timberlake also cheated on me by marrying someone else…. sigh… I guess I’m stuck with my husband…

  19. Stephanie says

    German butterball potatoes, hands down. But my favorite to GROW are daikon radishes – for pickling and bahn mi sandwiches.

  20. Glenda Sessions says

    Love me some Rutabagas with Radishes being a close second! Thanks for all you do Mavis!! <3

  21. Alison says

    Parsnips!!! Doubly delicious when BBQd with a touch of olive oil (insert lip smacking here!)

  22. Nadia says

    I’ve finally grown up enough to appreciate beets! Though carrots are a fave around our house all the time.

  23. Katie Burmaster says

    My favorite root vegetable is a turnip. I love turnip greens and love to add a bunch of turnips to my mashed potatoes. I just love how one vegetable can be so versatile and make so many yummy dishes.

  24. Heidi W says

    So far our favorite root vegetable is carrots. Your website has inspired me to make our garden do more for us instead of point it’s weedy fingers and laugh. I want to expand our root vegetable pallet.

  25. Cam says

    The beets we’ve grown from Botanical Interests’ Early Wonder seeds are absolutely amazing. They are definitely my favorite root veggie.

  26. Monique S says

    Carrots, hands down. I love the sweetness that only comes from home grown organic carrots!!!

  27. Alison Cooper says

    Any kind of potato – but mainly sweet ones! Wish I wasn’t afraid to grow them – seems like a lot of work!

  28. Ricki says

    I never had a rutabaga until last year and now I LOVE them! Also, I think they have the coolest name.

  29. Teresa cline says

    Summer squash
    Summer squash baked
    Summer squash broiled
    Summer squash in casserole
    Summer squash dried
    Summer squash roasted
    Summer squash pickled
    Yummmm yum

  30. Hank McNatt says

    Red Taters boiled with salt, pepper, a little papika and lots of butter! Hard to beat, great to eat!

  31. Kendra Puzzo says

    My favorite is beets, I love the smell, the earthiness. I will eat the any way you can make them, sliced on salads, juiced, and canned. Yummers!

  32. Jamie says

    My favorite root vegetable is carrots. They’re easy to grow and my kids will actually eat them.

  33. Wendi says

    My favorite is beets. I love, love, love them! I pickle them and then eat the entire batch before my family can get to them. (In order to accomplish this, I must hide them really well in the back of the frig. Anyway, I’m looting forward to learning about winter gardening and these seeds would get me on my way. BTW, I’m enjoying your site!

  34. Kristina says

    I’m terrible at choosing favorites, but my favorite root veggie is probably carrots. But man, your beets have looked beautiful and scrumptious, so I’m tempted to say those are my favorites :) Anyway, thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  35. Jennifer says

    For this season, I would have to say carrots, bright orange carrots, because my sweet little two-year-old son planted some himself this spring, and will eat them straight out of the garden everyday now. Love that he got excited about planting, gardening, and eating veggies!!

  36. LaVerne says

    Carrots. I love ’em fresh. I love ’em boiled in chicken broth. I love ’em glazed. I love ’em grilled. I love ’em roasted. I love ’em in soups. I love ’em in beef stew. I love ’em, love ’em, love ’em.

  37. Genee Bull-Germo says

    I love any kind of potato, especially the ones we have grown in our own garden the last few years. Every thing is better from your own garden and the kids are more likely to try it if we grow it!

  38. Lisa says

    I love all root vegetables depending on how they are cooked. Parsnips au gratin are my favorite!

  39. Ellen in Clackamas says

    love beets any way they are fixed. I tried some purple carrots from our Farmers Market..first day they were fine but next day after a night in the frig they were hard and chewy. Any suggestions for storing? Happen to anyone else?

  40. Christine johnson says

    Radishes!!! I’ve planted 3 packets of the watermelon radishes.. But my dogs like them as much as I do so no harvest yet :( botanical interests has the best seeds!

  41. Gwenn says

    It’s gotta be the Beet Gourmet Blend Organic. I love how they cook up and how pretty they look sitting in a canning jar.

  42. Pat Giaquinta says

    I love parsnips & I’m hoping that I can get my grandsons interested in them too. They already love carrots so I’m sure that I could get them interested in “sweet white carrots” if we planted parsnips & harvested them together.

  43. Ellen says

    I love potatoes. There’s so much you can do with them, but my favorite is classic potato salad.

  44. Louise Baker says

    I love ’em all. Sweet potatoes, turnips, yams, carrots, beets — they’re just all so satisfying! And I love ’em because they’re good value, you know? The seeds don’t break the bank, the growing season isn’t long, they’re simple to grow (other than sweet potatoes which can be a little finicky about temperature) — AND they last for ages in a cool dark place. What’s not to love?? But if I had to pick just one, it would be parsnips.

  45. Joy says

    Parsnips! (If only I can remember to get them planted early enough so that they have decent size by the end of the growing season…)

  46. Lisa-Marie Haugmoen says

    I love beets!! I have to have my beets!!! I love all vegetables really! I’d love to get either beets or purple cosmic carrots.
    Thanks!! :.))

  47. Kathy Raymond says

    Baby tri-color carrots in white, orange, and purple. You never know what color you get until you pull them up out of the ground. Of course, they never make it into the house as I consume them on the spot.

  48. Junker Dic says

    Beets are neat! My mom makes the best pickled beets in the world and if I win, I’m sharing these seeds with her.

  49. Rhonda Willis says

    I would love to try growing my own beets. Since I started growing my own veggies I can’t believe how much better they taste. Beets I am told are sweet and the color is gorgeous.

  50. Jennifer says

    My favorite is probably beets! They are just so delicious, but I have yet to find a root vegetable we don’t all love!

  51. Sheila M. says

    Carrots. We grew rainbow carrots this year and it made harvesting them so much fun….purple? orange? yellow? white?….you just never knew.

  52. Katrina says

    Love home grown carrots. They taste so much better than store bought. Then it would have to be potatoes and then beets.

  53. Denise says

    Mmmm….. Beets, No wait! Carrots I think. Or maybe potatoes. My grandchildren (2 & 4) especially love helping dig them. That’s all they could talk about and wanted to come back for more. Okay, potatoes it is.

  54. Debbie says

    potatoes – fun to grow and discover in the dig and make so many dishes out of. where would we be without horseradish too though…

  55. Trina Bernice says

    Purple carrots for sure– I can never grow enough. My two year old carrot-obsessed girl pulls a few up everyday to eat. Makes me happy that she is getting her veggies; locally grown and organic to boot :)

  56. Rebecca H says

    I LOVE purple carrots! They are so fun to grow. Such a surprise to pull them up out of the ground.

  57. Michelle says

    Being from the South, I grew up on turnip greens. It wasn’t until I became an adult on my own that I learned to cook and love the turnip roots. Can’t get enough of them.

  58. says

    It would be a shorter list if I could just list the couple of vegetables that I could live without. My garden is very small but seeds don’t go to waste, I can’t use up go to the WSU Master Gardeners’ demo garden at Jennings Park in Marysville. They do grow a much better garden than I do and the bounty goes to the Marysville Food Bank.

  59. Cherri says

    Beets would be my favorite root vegetable. I accomplished a goal this summer with my first garden ever. I wanted to grow enough beets to can pickled beets. Weekend before last I did just that, 19 pints of pickled beets and I had a big smile on my face the whole time. I am proud of my accomplishment!

  60. Teacher Stacy says

    Carrots – any kind of carrots. My husband is the cook and I am the baker. He always puts extra carrots in everything with carrots because he knows I’ll eat them all :)

  61. Becky says

    carrots Carbival blend I even wintered over some and am trying to get the seeds to save… looking good so far.

  62. karen says

    I have always loved carrots, any kind, any variety. This is the first year that I have planted beets and now I am loving them, as well. Yumm!

  63. Nicole Gagnon says

    LOVE Carrots! This would be so awesome for our school garden! Thanks for the chance!

  64. Jessica says

    Cosmic Purple Carrots! They can’t be beat and makes those I share my veggies with smile even bigger when they so those tucked in there! Plus, they started my 3 year old’s carrot planting kick! She goes straight to the carrot section in all my catalogs.

  65. Sunny says

    I don’t know that I can pick a favorite but sweet potatoes rock! Not sure they’re truly a root veggie though.

  66. Loree says

    I like beets! No one else in my family likes them, so more for me! :) I love the look of the chioggia beets!

  67. says

    Oh Mavis! Funny pic! My fav are beets! We eat them all kinds of ways! I’d love to try the beet that has white running through it like a cinnamon roll! Thanks for the chance! Love your emails! Never dull! :)

  68. Jane says

    Oh dear……for me???? Tatties all the way! Purple, blue, white, Yukon gold……mmmmmmmm po-ta-toes! For munching during the day??? Carrots. No question. Mixed up. White. Purple. Yellow. Shorty/roundy/longy/fatty/Nantes right from the garden….feed the greens to the chickens, and for canning…beets. pickled. Don’t eat them, just JUICE EM!

  69. Diane says

    Beets, beets, beets – red and golden! Roasted beet salad, borscht, pickled beets – I even have a recipe for beet ice cream that’s pretty darn good. I love me some potatoes too, but I think beets win the contest by a nose (do beets have noses?) just because they’re such beautiful colors.

  70. Amanda says

    Parsnips, I just dared to try them last year and I’m kicking myself for not eating these lovlies before!

  71. Jess says

    My favorite would be potatoes. I don’t know enough to prefer a certain variety. I love that you can use them several different ways.

  72. Sandy says

    Parsnips…didn’t appreciate them until early 20’s when my dear dad made some sort of fried parsnip…wow!

  73. Lori C says

    It’s a toss up between poatoes and carrots. Love the starch, but the carrots are better for me!

  74. Sharona Thompson says

    Chopped up, candy cane stripped, concentric circled, chioggia beets give my salad a psychedelic, cosmic, kaleidoscope, center!

  75. Diana Smith says

    Love root veggies….’specially since I started roasting them. Best are potatoes,carrots and rutabagas in a Michigan pastie. Winter heaven

  76. says

    Parsnips are my favorite root veg. Often ignored, they should be celebrated. Roasted in the oven with rosemary and oil, or puréed with butter and milk, these babies are sweeter and tastier than carrots. And they grow themselves. Plant in the fall and harvest in late winter- early spring.

  77. LindaW says

    Carrots are one of the few veggies the whole family can agree on, even if the kids like them better cooked and their dad only wants them raw… I also just love the way carrots look growing, those delicate fern tops.

  78. Jen L A says

    Parsnips. I need to try growing them next year. My mom always sliced and cooked in some butter. I am still amazed today at friends who have never had them! Such a shame.

  79. Cyntha says

    My favorite would probably be the Carrot Carnival Blend Organic, however, I really need to test that theory.

  80. Alicia says

    I love me some beets! The stupid voles ate every single one of my beautiful beets this spring. I have more growing now and am hoping to get at least one out of the batch. Love Botanical Interests! They are so awesome for supplying such a super cool prize!!

  81. Patricia B says

    my favorite is the Carnival Blend Carrots, but we also like radishes, beets, turnips, potatoes, ANYTHING… and we are moving into an old farmhouse so I can’t wait to start a new garden next year….

  82. says

    Current favorite are beets, a new learned love. Parsnips are pretty awesome in some stews though. Love me some roots. So do our pigs.

  83. Kelly says

    I never liked beets. My whole 28 years of life, I have never enjoyed eating beets.

    This year, I grew them in the garden and learned that I don’t like canned beets. FRESH beets, on the other hand, are amazing.

    This is an awesome giveaway.

  84. Jen Hen says

    Well, So far it has been radishes b/c they are so fast and easy to grow. Still waiting on my carrots and my beets died. Next year I will work with the soil more and add parsnips.

  85. Nicole Chalawich says

    FAMILY fave cosmic blend!!! My nearly 2 year old just cant get enough, PERIOD!!!
    Must Dmit…personally i LOVE the parsnips!!! Getting ready for my fall winter planting ASAP, this would be perfect score!!

  86. Wendy Walker says

    Sweet potatoes, of course! Although, I do like
    Carrots, beets, radishes, gosh, I like them all!!

  87. Kathy says

    Does garlic qualify as a root veggie?? If not I’d have to say potatoes, for their versatility and the joy of digging them up like treasure.

  88. Renee says

    Parsnips! One of those veggies that just screams Autumn. Cut them into finger size strips, toss with a little oil, thyme, black pepper and Lawery’s season salt and roast them in the oven. I will do carrots that way too and mix them for a dinner of roast chicken or roasted pork. Yum.

  89. Linda says

    Love me some sweet potatoes!!! My kids thought it was just a hoot when my husband bought me a case of sweet potatoes and a basket of everything made from sweet potatoes, for an anniversary gift….and I loved it!! Even signed it saying how “Sweet it is to be loved by you!!” Too cute and definitely the most memorable gift I’ve ever received!!

  90. Peggy Stenglein says

    From this collection, I would have to say beets! (I actually only like the golden beets so far…I’m teaching myself different ways to prepare beets because they are so pretty, I really want to learn to like to eat them too! I made some pickled beets earlier this summer and the two people I gave them to so far have said they tasted wonderful! But, I’m an Irish girl, so I really LOVE potatoes…any kind, prepared any way!!

  91. Kaia says

    Carrots! I’m learning to like beets since I couldn’t resist the rainbow variety at the MEN Fair.. though I am disappointed I have yet to find a golden one!

  92. Carla says

    Ok, if I HAVE to pick just one I think it’s chioggia beets – LOVE them!

    And I love your blog…:-)


  93. Mildred Belardo says

    CARROTS – I loved because change my life as soon I know to eat them. I’m now more healthy.

  94. Kelsey says

    Hmmm….. I love beets. But parsnips are also amazing. I guess it’s a toss up between those two. :)

  95. says

    I adore potatoes, but I bought a packet of rainbow carrots that I’m very excited to grow. Shhh! I’m not telling my children!! They’re 3 and 5 and it will be magical for them when they pull them up. What a beautiful pack of seeds!

  96. Michelle Wright says

    The carnival carrots! I grew them this year and am having so much fun with t
    he different colors.

  97. says

    I would have to say my favorite is turnips. Partially because of the flavor, part because of the memories I have of my Dad and I taking a salt shaker to the garden with us and eating the turnips fresh right out of the ground.

  98. Amber B says

    Kohlrabi because it reminds me of my dad who tried planting just about everything after he retired.

  99. Kath Mason says

    Difficult to decide, but it has to be beets. For me they’re easier to grow than carrots, which I also love.

  100. Susan says

    Carrots!! And they do not have to be perfect looking like in the grocery store. In fact, I love to figure out what the shape looks like.

  101. Kelly E. says

    Potatoes! I grew them in a potato tower this year and I had so much fun uncovering yummy new potatoes.

  102. Angela says

    Golden beets! They are the yummiest ever! It’s wonderful to steam them with a little sea salt sprinkled on top. Heaven!

  103. Amanda O says

    I LOVE carrots. I know it’s a common root veggie, but carrots are the best. They are crunchy and sweet! And there are so many varieties of carrots. I have my first EVER veggie garden going this year, and I’m excited to see if my carrots mature into full-grown yummy-ness.

  104. Christine says

    Carrot and turnip mashed together. No Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is complete without this dish!

  105. Kate says

    We are in love with carrots in our house! One of my daughters would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let her!

  106. Chelsea Haga says

    I don’t have just one favorite! Here I’ll give ya two; carrots and sweet potatoes! Oh my word. Yum. Thanks!

  107. Elizabeth says

    My kids love carrots the most, though I’ve never had much luck growing them. My favorite by far are beets. Nothing sweeter than a garden fresh beet!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  108. FeliciaB says

    OH! so many I love and I have to pick one. Well, I will go with the hardy root vegetable the TURNIP!

  109. Judy says

    This is very hard for me beets and carrots. I have learned a lot from you and ready to expand my garden to include specialty carrots, beets and even radishes. Thank you so much!

  110. Dena Wessels says

    Love radishes! Fresh, cooked, roasted, anyway. One root vegi that you can eat the tops too. Double duty!

  111. Serina Chea says

    I’m planning on starting up my first garden next year and the multi-colored carrotts sound mighty interesting!

  112. lilton says

    My son and I are having great fun experimenting with carrots–we just harvested our first successful crop of carnivals and planted another round for fall harvest. This spring, though, my favorite root vegetable was the white icicle radish because my dear husband didn’t listen when I told him which types of radishes I had planted (an assortment of reds and whites, and all different shapes) and totally freaked out when he discovered something very un-red-radish looking where the radishes were supposed to be! They also had a rather unexpected hefty kick to them! :-)

    Mavis, thanks so much for your blog and your continual encouragement! I am a frequent reader after finding your blog last spring, and we are in the midst of our first pallet garden experiment as well. My dear husband already has plans for several more pallet gardens, though, since our local greenhouse says they’re free for the taking! Wahoo!

  113. Anna says

    My favorite root vegetable is beets, however I’ve never had them homegrown but hope to be growing my own beets and other vegs soon. Am waiting for donated wine barrel halves to arrive to plant in them. I have bought the purple carrots packet bec the packet was so beautiful. Am going to make a collage and frame them. I look forward to planting lots of new vegs and enjoying them. Thank you for this opportunity.

  114. Carrie says

    Love potatoes in all ways possible! Quick question…you or your “boyfriend” had a VERY COLORFUL Botanical Interests Seed Company T-SHIRT in one of your posts this last year. Can you buy those? I would love one to garden in!! You could sell a ton of them if they would sell through you…or even make it a fund raiser for St. Judes garden! Thanks so much for your blog, it makes my day joyful!

  115. jess h says

    I would have to say Beets!! Nature’s candy!! I love them all! I think Goldens are my favorite beat!

  116. Rachel Brown says

    Hi Mavis. I love reading your blog. A few months ago, I would have said potato. Now I am torn between turnips and potatoes. We just had some turnips out of our front yard garden and they were amazing! And, they are the same ones as the giveaway.

  117. Jen says

    Carrots! I really want to surprise me kids sometime by planting the colorful ones without their knowledge and then send them out to harvest them. That would be a blast!

  118. Helen in Meridian says

    Beets. How dare he dump you for a brunette with braids. Wait, you have gorgeous thick blonde braids with your gnomie look. You will just have a contact your other Ryan. The one who likes to lay around all night reading seed catalogs with you is going to have to be it. But wait, didn’t he dump you too for some Hollywood chick?

  119. Taylor says

    I am with you on purple cosmic carrots! Those are so fun and delicious! The frivolous side of me also loves radishes–because you can use the tops as well.

  120. Betty AD says

    Potatoes. Brings back memories growing up as we had to weed the garden after school….and potatoes/sweet potato’s among otheres were our eaten life support.. Nothing like eaten them right out of the sail….cleaned off the dirt….ummmm even raw they were good..

  121. Judy says

    Beets!! love them! they’re so many varieties and colors.. they’re like jewels of the dirt! beautiful colors. just throw them in the dirt.. different varieties and colors all mixed together! And come harvest it’s a colorful surprise with every one you pull!!

  122. carol says

    Beets and parsnips are tied in first place, but cooked, mashed turnips or rutabagas with butter and salt are also pretty yummy.

  123. Jimmie says

    Sweet potatoes, just sweet potatoes. If you add marshmallows, brown sugar, corn syrup, etc. they are no longer vegetables.

  124. Cliff Hawley says

    My favorite root vegetable would have to be Scarlet Nantes carrots. They always turn out so great. I tried Danvers this year and they just weren’t as good.

  125. Patti says

    Potatoes and carrots. I love growing root vegetables. It’s always so much fun to dig in my garden and see what has grown!

  126. Brittney says

    Parsnips and celery root (I don’t know if the latter counts but hey its a two for one deal and I like that!).

  127. Randi says

    Any kind of carrot!! And beets are good, oh wait – radishes are amazing…and turnips too (oh, but I eat the greens mostly so maybe that doesn’t count) Oh! and garlic! Ohhhhhh, yummy garlic…
    ….No! Randi K. stick to your guns….carrots – definitely carrots :)

  128. Lori says

    Great Picture!! My favorite root vegetable is beets, I’m the only one in my house that will eat them. Love potatoes also but mine didn’t do that well this year, maybe I will have better luck next year. I would love to try all of the vegetables in the root collection.

  129. Brenda says

    Asparagus, drizzled with olive oil and lots of sea salt and ground pepper. Delish. Never tire of it.

  130. Sandy Burd says

    If I were on a deserted island, I’d have to say spuds – so good in so many ways – but right now I’m totally craving some Jerusalem artichokes!

  131. Robin says

    I guess my favorite is red potatoes, but I make a roasted root medley of red potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, and onions, toss them with olive oil, put on a baking pan drizzle with some butter, parsley, onion powder, salt and pepper. Roast in the grill or in the oven at 400 degrees. Yum!-my family loves this!

  132. Diana Mosier says

    Love Rutabagas and rest sound wonderful too! Thank you for all the inspirations and tips.

  133. Pam S says

    Parsnips! My granny taught me how to cook them when I was 12 years old and I’ve always loved them!

  134. Celia Tock says

    I love beets, and the rest of my family prefers carrots. I like carrot mixtures…my girls love pulling and eating them too!

  135. Joan Blurton says

    CARROTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Orange carrots, yellow carrots, purple carrots, small carrots, big carrots, weird shape carrots, sweet carrots, naughty carrots. teehee

  136. Alann says

    I love any root vegetable that is fresh out of the garden. Wipe the dirt off and munch away. Carrots are the best!

  137. Jessica says

    My giant Kuroda carrots are starting to grow on me… Looks like I’ll have a giant harvest to make up for my dismal tomato year.

  138. Ellen Green says

    I love turnips, and turnip greens best. Even when I was a little girl, turnip greens were a favorite!

  139. Chelsey Lynn says

    My favorite is the Carrot Cosmic Purple. I’m learning to use natural dyes in food instead of artificial and these provide a great color!

  140. Karen says

    Potatoes! Planning some towers for my Fall/Winter crop, and roasting some chips to go with my homemade ketsup tonight!

  141. Susan says

    Beets are my all time favorite. Everyone in our family will eat them with out any problems! But also love potatoes, sweet, yukon gold, or red!

  142. says

    Multi colored carrots or beets – so hard to choose! Thrilled with my first order from your online boyfriend’s company. Thank you for sharing him with us : )

  143. Leah Elliott says

    My favorite root vegetable is golden beets. I used to not care for beets at all but I know they are really good for me. So I just kept trying them. Now they are my favorite;)

  144. says

    I have been struggling with weight since my teenage years. I never ate vegetables at all for days, even weeks, at a time. Just about a year ago (now approaching 40 yrs old), I started introducing them back into my life and at first they made me so sick. My body just wasn’t used to it. Now, I crave salads and all kinds of vegetables every day! It’s exciting, and the flavors are amazing. One that I was not at all anxious to try again in adulthood were beets. I hated them as a child. Today, I can’t have a salad without adding my beets!! I LOVE THEM!! Rediscovering radishes, beets, parsnips, has really been a joy! Thank you for doing these give-aways!!! A true blessing!

  145. Michele says

    I love radishes!! I snack on them with a little dab of ranch dressing to dip them in. Sure is a lot healthier than chips!! You don’t need a large space to grow them, either. :)

  146. Elizabeth D says

    Definitely Sweet Potatoes! My toddler learned to LOVE veggies and growing food by eating her sweet potatoes mommy grew!

  147. Tracy P says

    That is a hard question to answer! I love them all! But rutabagas would have to be the winner.

  148. Lea says

    Beets, most definitely, and I didn’t have much luck with this summers crop either. I’d love to try again with some new heirloom seeds!

  149. Colleen B says

    My favorite is parsnips. I wish they had never been superseded by carrots, they are so much tastier!

  150. Vicky C says

    I love carrots! One of my favorite ways to eat them is to roast them in the oven. Cole slaw wouldn’t be the same without them. Wings would be boring. That dash of color from a few shaved slices into a salad are essential. Soup, mm mm mm. :) Well you get it.. There are lots of reasons to like them and I do. I like them alot.

  151. Amanda says

    My favorite root vegetable has to be a potato. I love them all equally, but nothing beats a yummy potato.

  152. Mollie says

    Forgot how much I love beets until I picked some up at the farmers market a few weeks ago, but they are at a tie with carrots.

  153. Kelly says

    I love a roasted beet salad with blue cheese, walnuts, pears, and red onion. Would love to try other varieties of beets.

  154. Kate Gwinn says

    What can I say? I’m a beet and rutabaga girl all the way! My boys? They single handed harvested and ate all the carrots in two sittings! Oh well. There are worse things than preschoolers eating up all the carrots in the garden.

  155. Nicole Justus says

    Carrots! All colors! I grew the Carnival blend in the spring, and it was so fun to pull up all the different colors!

  156. Lisa Rogers says

    As a breast cancer survivor I quickly had to learn to change my diet. NO MORE PROCESSED FOOD!! I was a frozen dinner, fast food drive thru junkie. Now raw food is at least 50% of my diet and what I grow or buy organically comprises that. I am working with my grandfather on a green house to start more plants from seedlings. Hands down, raw carrots are the easiest and tastiest root veggie for me. Food is my number one weapon against keeping the cancer from ever coming back!

  157. Joan Richard says

    Beets! I love them. I like the heirloom and Detroit dark. But I am really going to try to grow the White Albino Beet. I think having all the different colored beets with the white would be stunning to look at and yummy to eat!

  158. Anna M. Lavender says

    Man oh man I had to scroll!!! I love Parsnips. They are so pungent and sweet at the same time.

  159. Norma says

    Beets are my all time favorite. Juiced, baked, pickled and fermented ! This collection reminds me of Gems, another passion of mine ! Mavis, your site is truly inspiring !

  160. Laura says

    Sweet Potatoes, that’s a ‘root’ veggie, right? Though yellow heirloom carrots are darn good too.

  161. Kim B says

    I never liked beets until I had them fresh from my neighbors garden. Now I plant at least 3 different types each year.

  162. Kim says

    Oh yeah my favorite all time root veggie would be carrots. Yep I love carrots in all colors…purple, orange, yellow and white. I love giving them away to people who always remark how they never saw carrots in such a variety of colors. Love Botanical Interests too!

  163. says

    Difficult choice, but I think I’ll go with turnips. Love to smother-fry (oil or bacon drippings only — no water) them down with onions, and sometimes add bacon or sausage or ham!

  164. Cris Wentz says

    Parsnips are my most favorite. Roasted until soft and nearly carmelized….or cooked up with roast or in beef stew. They make my tummy happy.

  165. Nancy says

    Since I’m of Irish descent, of course my favorite root veggie is: potatoes!!!! Baked, mashed, au gratin . . . haven’t met a way of preparing a potato that I haven’t loved. :) My favorite is a baked potato covered with salsa, cheese and sour cream. Yum!!!