Mavis’ 24 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 5

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mavis-butterfield-one-hundred-dollars-a-monthI spend a lot of time testing out new recipes in my kitchen, but I’m kind of OCD when it comes to cleaning up after myself. Enter my favorite kitchen towels EVER. These bad boys wipe up spills and dry dishes like a champ. No annoying fuzz left behind and no crazy streaks left on all my dishes. They’re tough as nails and bleach up crisp and clean. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them as much as I do!


One lucky reader will win  1 dozen Professional Grade Kitchen Towels.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite kitchen item is? It could be as something as simple as your kitchen curtains, or as awesome as your KitchenAid mixer.

Just answer that one question and you’re entered to win. Life’s pretty complicated sometimes, so I like to keep things simple around here.


1 entry per person/ip address. If you cheat, you will totally be disqualified.

This giveaway ends Thursday, December 5th, 2013 @6 pm PST and the winners will be announced in the Wednesday, December 6th, 2013 edition of Mornings with Mavis. You will be notified via email and have 24 hours to claim your prize. If you do not claim your prize within 24 hours, the prize will be forfeited.

Good Luck! I hope you win!


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  1. Hello, I would love the towels. clean up would be in style!

  2. Donna Smith says:

    My chef’s knife.

  3. Slow Cooker!!

  4. My favorite kitchen item is my red stovetop espresso maker. Best six bucks I ever spent!

  5. my mortar and pestle :)

  6. My kettle! I’m sick and hot tea has been a lifesaver the past few days.

  7. Crockpot
    Corkscrew…. LOL too many to list!!!! :)

  8. My crock pot!

  9. I love my spray bottle of vinegar and water with some essential oils for cleaning.

  10. Love my wok and my chef’s knife

  11. My kitchen aid for sure!

  12. karen stalberger says:

    old rake I hang my utensils from it. so handy.

  13. My wine opener! :0)

  14. I love my corner pantry. It’s like the Tardis, bigger on the inside!

  15. Leasa Duncan franks says:

    Crock pot, I have several sizes and cook many meals in them.

  16. Kimberly McAtee says:

    I love my kitchen cabinets–my dad is an amazing woodworker and made my kitchen the warmest, most wonderful place I could imagine!

  17. My kitchen aid stand mixer.

  18. My favorite thing right now is my immersion blender. Made making pumpkin pie a breeze this Thanksgiving!

  19. Starr McAllister says:

    My dishwasher!! I cook a lot and it saves me from doing lots of dishes by hand!! HOLLAH :)

  20. My kitchenaid mixer is my best friend. I use it nearly every day and give it quite a workout!

  21. my favoured kitchen item is my blue dragonfly bowl a dear friend gave me for Mother’s Day on year. I love snacking out of it! <3

  22. Betty Davis says:

    My favorite is this small chopper Id gotten several yrs ago as a Christmas gift. Its doesnt take up much space and great on onions/celery/..etc. A true Blessing.

  23. My favorite kitchen item is my cast iron fry pan. I have Calphalon stainless but I just love my cast iron and can’t give it up for all that fancy stuff!

  24. Jean Hood says:

    My Chicago Cutlery Knives!

  25. My trusty crockpot!

  26. Amy Morales says:

    Lately, my favorite kitchen gadget has been a Calphalon pizza cutter with an easy-grip handle. It makes a great substitute for a steak knife or chef’s knife when the arthritis in my hands is giving me a lot of trouble.

  27. I have so many. But I think right now it’s my microplane.

  28. Michelle Anderson says:

    Hmm… I’d have to say my coffee pot :)

  29. Meleah Printz says:

    My electric pressure cooker!

  30. kimberly r says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my farmhouse pendant light.

  31. Crock pot, hands down!

  32. Teri Stevenson says:

    My French Press =)

  33. The big cast iron frying pan that belonged to my mother, and maybe my grandmother!

  34. My favorite kitchen item would be my coffee maker…it makes me happy and caffeinated.

  35. My favorite item is my cast iron skillet.

  36. Bread machine

  37. My Cutco knives. Use them every single day.

  38. I like my John Boos cutting board. Makes me feel fancy!

  39. I love my juicer!

  40. My favorite kitchen item is my coffee pot!

  41. My grandmother’s red wire egg basket!

  42. I love my shelves that my husband built for me to store all of my canned goods and my spices on! It takes up an entire wall in my kitchen and it makes me so happy to see everything that I have worked so hard on all year!

  43. My kitchen table. Meals, school work, games etc all happen right there.

  44. Hmmm… I’d say either my Vitamix or my Cuisinart 5.5 quart pot. We use them just about every day.

  45. My tangerine kitchen aid mixer

  46. My favorite is my KitchenAid toaster over. Love it so much!

  47. My kitchen scissors. I use them for everything!

  48. Lenell Eason says:

    My French press

  49. My favorite is my little set of bowls that have a rooster motif, they just make me happy!

  50. my favorite item would have to be my immersion blender

  51. My favorite item would be my plate rack! I can’t live without one in my kitchen!! Love, love, love it! :)

  52. My Kitchen Table!!! Where My Wonderful Family Gathers, For Delicious Meals, Conversations & Love!!!!

  53. Pyrex bowls

  54. Mary West says:

    I LOVE kitchen appliances but my new fav is my pressure canner.

  55. My Cutco knives

  56. Food processor for hiding all those veggies from my kids.

  57. My coffee pot!! Need it in the morning : )

  58. Peggy Ann says:

    Too hard to choose just one.
    I love my vegetable peeler and my cast iron fry pan – both from my grandmother’s house.
    They have to be over 50 years old but they work/cook better than anything “modern day”.
    Thanks Oma!

    • We called our grandmother Oma, too! She and my mom were originally from Germany….I never knew of anyone else using Oma…did you call your grandfather Opa?

  59. It’s a toss up between my slow cooker and food mill!

  60. Elizabeth says:

    My sharp global knives. Use them every day.

  61. Debbie Griffith says:

    Can always use new towels

  62. Cast iron cookware

  63. I’d have to say my dishwasher – I HATE doing dishes. If I can’t pick an appliance, I’d have to say my food processor. It makes short work of any shredding or slicing I have to do!

  64. It’s gonna be a hard choice between my Kitchenaid mixer, my cast iron skillet, or my digital kitchen scale!

  65. My favorite kitchen item is a garden hod that my Mom gave us last year for Christmas, we keep it right at the kitchen door, bring in our stuff from the garden and rinse it right in the kitchen sink then rest it right in the kitchen dish drying rack for the veggies or fruits to dry. Best gift for a gardener ever!

  66. Just one favorite?? Well I do love my kitchen aid ice cream attachment!

  67. Tough one… probably our hot and cold water dispenser. We use it constantly.

  68. Charla Echlin says:

    Ach! So many items to choose…. but the one tool that I really hate to be without is my Chef’n silicone spatula. I have 3, so I am never without one if one’s in the dishwasher. They are so darn handy!

  69. My 50 year old Bosch Mixer handed down from my mother-in-law. I’ve used it multiple times every week for the past 20 years and it’s still going strong! ;-) I gave my kids the Christmas hint of kitchen towels (for their present to me) so I REALLY hope I get lucky and win. These are much nicer than they can afford. Thanks, Mavis, for doing this!

  70. Hands down, my favorite is the coffee maker!

  71. My grandmother’s long wooden spoon that I use for stirring tea. It will always be in my kitchen!

  72. Rita Kerr says:

    My new favorite kitchen item is a grater zester. I’m not sure what I did without it. It works so much better and is easier to clean than my old four-sided grater. It works quickly on lemons for zest. Shredded cheese is beautifully delicate and looks amazing on salads and pasta. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, spiced apple cider is a given tradition. Wish you were here to sample our warmed cider made with freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. Mavis Elf, if you want to do a Widget for it, here is the name on Amazon: TulasiLeaf Grater Zester Professional Fine Hand Held Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool. : ) Be blessed!

  73. My cast iron pans. Now that I have gone cast iron I will never go back!

  74. Jeanine J says:

    My son who’s 8 & LOVES to cook!! It makes every day an adventure in the kitchen.

  75. Jessica Guerrero says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite thing in my kitchen, well it’s a tie, my wood crates, built by the hubby, filled with beautiful jars of honemade canned goods and my shelf full of my cake plate collection!

  76. My immersion blender!

  77. My pot filler, it comes in handy all the time. It saves me from carrying heavy pots of water to the stove and lets me add water to my pots as needed when cooking. Very convenient!

  78. My dishwasher, hands down.

  79. MsDropofrain says:

    wow, really hard to choose only one item… I think it is my bread maker. I use it not only for making bread but also to make dough (my hands are too weak now for kneading).

  80. Hi Mavis, My favourite kitchen item is my Tala mixing bowl – simple I know, but I love it. My mum gave it to me for my birthday and every time I use it, it makes me smile. Pauline

  81. Beth Johnson says:

    My kitchen item… is an old fashioned 3 rod towel rack, where the poles telescope out from a hinge that I bought from terry’s Village years and years and years ago. I know weird, and what a coink-i-dink that your giveaway is towels.

  82. My Global 8″ Chef’s Knife! Love that baby!

  83. It’s a toss up between my knives or my dutch oven!

  84. My favorite kitchen tool is my crock pot. Who doesn’t love coming home to dinner already made?!

  85. My knife.

  86. By far it’s my food processor! I love chopping up fresh goodies for the humans and scraps to compost!

  87. My new rangetop!

  88. My favorite item is my veggie peeler. Kids eat the veggies and chickens get the peels.

  89. Desirae Murphy says:

    My copper bottom tea pot. I use it everyday, usually multiple times a day.

  90. Dishwasher for sure

  91. I think my slow cooker is my favorite- but I also love having 2 ovens in my kitchen…

  92. No contest – COFFEE MAKER!!!!!! If mama ain’t got coffee, it ain’t gonna be a good day!! Do I have a witness?!

  93. Oh how do I choose? My cutco knives!

  94. Stephanie B says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my collapsible colander. So easy to store and clean in the dishwasher!

  95. My awesome KitchenAid Mixer!!

  96. My favorite kitchen item is my plastic whisk. Perfect sauces and gravies in my non stick cookware.

  97. Tracy Cornelius says:

    My most FAVORITE thing ever in my kitchen is my Omega Juicer. Love that guy and worth every penny!

  98. I love my collection of handmade pottery casseroles and bakeware. I’ve been able to pick all of it up at thrift stores and it’s fantastic for baking. The results are wonderful and it cleans up like a dream.

  99. Christine says:

    A toss up between my espresso machine and my one piece heat resistant spatula.

  100. My knife and cutting board!

  101. Christina D. Davis says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my stock pot.

  102. my garlic press :)

  103. My antique cast iron Griswald Dutch Oven!

  104. My pastry board. I love it for pizzas, pie crust, breads, and cookies! In my little kitchen it is a pain to store but totally worth it

  105. Jody Graves says:

    Happy Wednesday- countdown to Christmas!
    My favorite item in the kitchen has to be my paring knife- it is sharp, has a wooden handle and a good point- and I am used
    to it so am less likely to have it slip. I wash it after each use and put it in an old (but pretty) mug on the windowsill so
    it is always ready for action!

  106. My teapot from my mom!

  107. My favorite kitchen item is the cuisine art stick blender. I found it on your website and followed the link to amazon and purchased it. I love that thing. It makes tomotoe soup a breeze. I harvested all of my tomatoes this year and simply washed them and froze them. Now I take out a bag and boil them with a little Italian seasoning and beef bullion, then blend. It’s the best!

  108. Dishwasher !!!!!

  109. Ruth Ward says:

    My ceramic knives. I bought myself a ceramic paring knife, that came with a potato peeler on sale at Sam’s Club about 3 years ago. I love that knife. It is super light and retains it sharp edge. I have since bought several more for myself and family members. All my family members who have received those knives also love them. Next would be my bullet coffee grinder. There is nothing better then freshly ground coffee.

  110. My favorite kitchen item is…my kitchen table. It’s an art studio, bakery, homework center…the list goes on and on. It’s where we always end up when company is over.

  111. My awesome Crock-Pot!

  112. Page McCurry says:

    My dishwasher!

  113. Tracy Smith says:

    Believe it or not its my mandolin…love that thing…makes prep a breeze!

  114. We use our deep fryer once a week. Since we don’t eat out its a good treat for the kids

  115. My cast iron skillet!

  116. Sheryle G says:

    My Kitchen Aid mixer.

  117. My kitchenaid mixer, best $10 purchase ever!

  118. My veggie spiral noodle maker!

  119. Christine Wadleigh says:

    My favorite kitchen tool is probably my food processor. Or my microfiber cloths for cleaning. Hmmm… now that I started thinking, so many items come to mind….

  120. Toss up between my panini press and the crock pot. Love them both!

  121. For sure my extra large Kitchen Aid mixer…I used every Kohl dollar, coupon and percentage off that I could find and it was worth it. I am easily able to make a triple batch of bread easily. Love, love, love it!!

  122. The dishwasher! It saves me so much time!

  123. Favorite kitchen item = dishwasher!!

  124. An old melamine mixing bowl. I’ve had it for nearly 40 years.

  125. allison aplet says:

    I absolutely love my tomato knife of all things! Thank you for the chance to win!

  126. My new apron!! <3

  127. Sarah Scott says:

    My ceramic pig from New Mexico that holds my dish sponge : )

  128. I have an antique jar opener that is a must for when no strong husbands are available!

  129. My favorite kitchen item is a mini whisk that my son gave me. Years ago, when he was too young to be embarrassed by such a thing, he went to a Pampered Chef party with me and won it.

    • My vintage extra large Pyrex green daisy patterned casserole dish with lid (knob handle).
      It was in perfect condition when I picked it up at Goodwill for under $10.00.

  130. Christy Running says:

    Loving my Waring Pro blender these days, for mixing up delicious green smoothies for breakfast.

  131. My favorites are my crockpots and my coffee pot!

  132. I love my soda stream machine! It’s fun making homemade sodas! :-)

  133. My favorite kitchen item is my meat thermometer. I am ocd about meat temps so this has given me peace of mind over and over again.

  134. My favorite item in my kitchen is my Mother’s old General Electric hand mixer. Its seriously over 25 years old and it still whips cream like a champ! I have a Kitchen Aid mixer as well, but I always gravitate towards my Mother’s hand-me-down. Maybe it’s the memories that come with the hand mixer? haha. :)

  135. My citrus press – love it!!

  136. My kitchen aide mixer!

  137. Kimberly Johnsen says:

    My favorite kitchen accessory is my pink kitchen aid mixer and my grandmother’s recipes that my mother finally passed down to me. I could not live without those.

  138. My kitchenaid mixer!

  139. My french press!

  140. Diane Cato says:

    My current favorite item is my paddle grater for grating Parmesan.

  141. my favorite item in the kitchen has got to be my espresso machine the Rancillo. I love the whole routine of making espresso with steamed cream every morning. I splurged…. it was definitely worth it.

  142. The first thing that came to mind for a favorite kitchen item was my dishwasher… Truly, though, I think it is a toos-up between my pressure cooker and my microwave. TIMESAVERS!

    PS- Does anywone know how to getg the rubber smell out of new gaskets, pressure plugs, and lift pins. I gave my cooker a makeover and it works great but I’m now limited to foods that sit above the cooking liquid and don’t use it for gravy, etc.

  143. pam jacobs says:

    the best thing in my kitchen is the coffee maker. what a lifesaver!

  144. my microwave

  145. My Kitchen Aid scissors. I use them for so many reasons, cutting pizza and quesadillas, cutting meat when I don’t want to dirty a cutting board, opening food packaging…I wouldn’t want to be without them!

  146. Jeananne Lybbert says:

    An olive oil decanter I use to hold dishwashing soap. SO handy!

  147. My Kitchen Aid, my Dutch Oven, my immersion blender! That’s 3!

  148. My knife.

  149. my toaster oven

  150. Sara Cunningham says:

    I really love my dutch oven.

  151. stainless steel pans :)

  152. Heather S says:

    I love my rice cooker :)

  153. The kitchen sink! :)

  154. I love my immersion blender.

  155. I love my CoffeeMaker… Cant live without my coffee….

  156. Eeeek. I have a thing for kitchen towels and I’m always on the lookout for good ones. I’d be soooo stoked to make these mine. :)
    My most favorite kitchen gadget in all the land is my microplane. Cheese and garlic are the most used ingredients in my house, so it has definitely earned its keep!

  157. april siggal says:

    My KitchenAid mixer!!!!

  158. theresa b says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my pressure canner. It was hard to decide, though.

  159. Melinda D says:

    I love my kitchen scissors!

  160. My hand knit washcloths.

  161. Crockpot. It does everything for me!!

  162. Hands down my 4 inch cast iron skillet.

  163. My chefs knife.

  164. My favorite kitchen item is my French press coffee maker. Without it nothing would get done in the kitchen or anywhere else.

  165. My favorite kitchen item is my late Grandma’s apron…I feel like I’m channeling all of her awesome culinary wisdom while wearing it.

  166. My KitchenAid mixer! And my pizza stone! And the crock pot!

  167. Francisco says:

    My favorite kitchen item isn’t really an item its finding my crazy neighbor in my kitchen looking to barter!!!

  168. Stephanie E says:

    I love my food processor!!

  169. I would have to say my favorite item in the kitchen is my 12 cup cuisinart elite food processor. Super powerful!

  170. Joan Hollins says:

    I just got a vitamix for an early Christmas gift. Currently, it is my favorite thing in the kitchen, though I have a feeling I haven’t even begun to discover what I can do with it.

  171. my Cuisinart food processor

  172. My kitchen aid mixer!

  173. My trusty non-stick fry pan :)

  174. My grandmothers mixing bowls that I inherited! I just wish I inherited her cooking skills too ;)

  175. Paula Dearr says:

    most favorite item in my kitchen is my garlic press, i use it a ton!

  176. My Hubby brought every kitchen gadget imaginable into our marriage 2yrs ago…the garlic tube that peels it by rolling (no clue the name) makes me go giddy when I get to pull it out. Best. Thing. EVER!

  177. My Cutco chief knife. My husband got it for me for our wedding anniversary 5 years ago. I love it for many reasons but my favorite two are he bought it for me when he knew I would never spend that much money on myself for one knife ($125) and it has a life time warranty!

  178. It’s my french press! Definitely. Followed closely by my microplane zester.

  179. My magic bullet and my chopper.

  180. My favorite is my coffee pot….of course :)

  181. My paring knife – I reach for it countless times every day.

  182. my ninja blender!! it’s the bomb..I use it for smoothies, dough, crushed ice to make snow cones and even cookies and cake batter!

  183. Hmmmmm….my espresso machine. Also referred to as my best friend.

  184. I do love my cast iron pans!!

  185. Fav kitchen item: good sharp knives, they make prepping fresh produce so much easier

  186. DJ in Ada, OK says:

    Fav item is my cutting board! Couldn’t make a meal without it!

  187. My favorite item in my kitchen is my cookbook handed down from my Grammie full of family recipes

  188. My crockpot!

  189. My crockpot!

  190. A fork. Use it everyday:)

  191. My faucet! I love it. Its wall mounted!

  192. My coffee pot.

  193. My US Navy tablespoon circa WWII. My paw-paw gave it to my maw-maw who passed it on to me.

  194. Cynthia Platon says:

    My espresso machine.

  195. Tied. Oven versus dishwasher. Thank you.

  196. Definitely the dishwasher.

  197. Pampered Chef Stoneware

  198. I have this one pot that has a spout on one side and then either side of the lid has holes so that you can pour out the liquid. The best pot ever for making macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes.

  199. Cammy devoy says:

    I think my bench scrapper. I love it because I made bread without it for so long

  200. My favorite kitchen item is my knife-sharpening steel. I MUST have sharp knives! :)

  201. My Vitamix! with the slow cooker close behind.

  202. My favourite item is my Apron that my daughter gave me. So pretty and it makes me feel like I at least LOOK like I know what I am doing in the kitchen. ; )

  203. My set of cutco knives that I’ve had for 20+ years.. Back in college my husband worked for them and this was his departing pay from them when he left :-)

  204. My cast iron skillet my husband bought at a yard sale, and my daughter re-conditioned for me.

  205. My all clad pots and pans!

  206. Tiffany Kerns says:

    Gotta be the kitchen aid

  207. Hey Mavis! I’d have to say my favorite kitchen gadget right now is my Keurig! It was FREE!!!! ((Which makes it twice as awesome!)) Love to win your fave handy dandy kitchen towels! Thanks for a month of GREAT giveaways!

  208. Joyce Tucker says:

    My favorite kitchen item has to be my old Braun handblender. You cant buy them anymore…. mine just keeps on purring..I love it.

  209. My favorite kitchen item is a whisk that my husband’s grandmother used to use.

  210. I love my pampered chef 2 quart batter bowl!

  211. Tamara Todd says:

    Many things, but I could NOT cook without my 12″ cast iron skillet and my cast iron Dutch ovens (with lids!)!

  212. My fave and most essential would have to be my coffee pot…

  213. The first thing I use every day – a simple French press for my coffee!

  214. My favorite kitchen gadget is my kitchen aid mixer…I bought a used one off craigslist for $50 and, I honestly don’t know how I lived without it!!! I love that thing!!

  215. My stainless steel kettle. I heat hot water every morning for tea.

  216. It’s this old cast iron enamelware pot that’s super heavy and so old, and I got it at a yard sale for 75 cents. It’s amazing, and I LOVE IT.

    Thanks for offering the giveaways, Mavis!

  217. Last weekend, after 18 years of marriage, we now finally have a dishwasher. It’s going to save me so much time. :)

  218. Funny fun!! My fav kitchen item – the griddle – it’s terribly abused/loved that I would hate to replace it.

  219. My crockpot, love it maybe too much.

  220. Michelle Reinicke says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my coffee pot!

  221. i love my pampered chef bamboo spatulas & stoneware bar pan- use them everyday.

  222. The Mr. Coffee maker. Couldn’t survive a single day around here without it!

  223. Lynn Robertson says:

    Grandmas wooden spoon. Yup, I reached for it nearly everyday, it’s about 100 years old, and does what it is supposed to do.

  224. I have a couple appliances that I love, but definitely use the Keurig the most! Thanks for the giveaway!

  225. my half sheet pan because it usually means cookies!

  226. I love using my iPad in the kitchen. I have an easel made for a picture frame that I use to hold my iPad away from any water that might land on the counter.
    I use the app Paprika to organize my recipes, to search out new recipes, to plan my meals and make my grocery list. I love not having to stop and print a recipe before I head to the kitchen and I can make the text large enough to see it without my glasses. If I have a question about the recipe details, it’s not problem to refer back to the site where I originally found the recipe for more details.
    Plus, I have a cheap set of battery operated speakers that I keep in a drawer so I am ready to watch cooking videos or listen to tunes or audio books while I cook.

  227. Electric tea kettle! We have a cuppa several times a day…

  228. Lightweight cast iron pan

  229. I would have to say my Knives, and then my really nice set of silverware. the thing i do use the most in my kitchen is my towels. but alas i am cheap and bought the sorta crappy costco bundle.

  230. The microwave. I was without one for 2 months and didn’t realize I used it so much.

  231. Knife set

  232. I cannot live without my meat grinder! I use it for everything, including grinding peeled and quartered apples for applesauce. Makes the best consistency :)

  233. End grain cutting board for sure!

  234. I love my santoku knife.

  235. Sarah Stauffer says:

    My favorite kitchen item that is a MUST! So much a must that I take it with me when I travel… a frother. Probably the most random kitchen tool ever, right? But it is amazing! I use apple juice in it, with a tea bag of apple spice… it is the perfect steamed apple cider- which is a must, several times a day, every day, year round!

  236. I <3 my mortar and pestle!

  237. Michelle S says:

    This is totally lame, but I love my manual can opener… sorry, but it’s true – can’t live without it. It cuts like butter and WAY better than the electric one I use to have.

  238. Coffe mugs!

    • I mean, really..can you choose just one? :)
      There are so many options for kitchen appliances :-)

      The answer for today would have to be my newly purchased Excalibur dehyrator. I highly recommend dehyrating food as an option to keep the food we buy longer. The food tastes great too..

      Whahoo! :D

  239. My favorite kitchen item is my Pampered Chef manual food processor/chopper tool.


  240. My favorite kitchen item is the Keurig Coffee Maker. Love My Coffee!!!

  241. My raspberry ice kitchen aide stand mixer. It was the first special edition for breast cancer research. I smile at it everyday.

  242. My knives…I love my kitchen knives! I’m a vegetarian, so a lot of my time in the kitchen is spent chopping. Good knives make that process so much more pleasurable and safer.

  243. My knife set.

  244. I am very attached to my circle cutting board. It’s the perfect size and it grips the counter when I use it. Best gift ever!

  245. I love my cutting board!!! I do everything with it…

  246. Pampered Chef Stoneware baking pan, it’s the Magic roasting pan.

  247. My tongs. I definitely couldn’t function without my tongs.

  248. My Henckels four inch paring knife. I use it for almost everything – it sharpens like a dream. The chef’s knife is great, too, but I love that paring knife.

  249. My favorite kitchen item is my big wooden spoon. I don’t know why, I just love it. From sauteing veggies to stirring my pancake batter, always love using it.

  250. my favorite tools are wooden spatulas :-) , different sizes, different shape they are all perfect to me :-)

  251. Man I really do love my KitchenAid mixer. I use it ALL THE TIME! Although I just got a SodaStream for my birthday and I’m looking forward to enjoying the heck out of it too!

  252. favorite kitcen tool is my microwave..use it everyday

  253. My coffee maker :-)

  254. My rubber jar top opener.

  255. Without a doubt it is my slow cooker!

  256. Pat Giaquinta says:

    My favorite kitchen item is our pedestal table ~ it was given to my husband & I by his late parents for a wedding gift 40 years ago. It holds a lot of family memories ~ it will always be a fixture in our kitchen.

  257. Hello! My favorite kitchen item is my COFFEE MAKER! Make it a happy day!

  258. chefs knife. as my technique slowly improves my food looks better. thanks to food network

  259. My pink counter tops. :)

  260. My rice cooker. I love being able to set it and forget it while prepping the rest of dinner. It even auto switches to keep warm for me!

  261. My bread machine.

  262. My kitchenaid stand mixer!

  263. I love my bread machine.

  264. My food processor, I was just saying I am not sure how I ever lived with out it..

  265. My crockpot is my favorite!

  266. I love my cookie scoops.

  267. Kathleen Welch says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my 6 qt. Lodge dutch oven. It is perfect to make a batch of chili or chicken and noodles !

  268. My big calphalon saute pan! I use it for everything.

  269. Gary Miller says:

    My mothers Wusthof knives. I think of her every time I use them.

  270. French Press Coffee Maker. I am single and a one mug a day coffee person. It makes the best cup of coffee.

  271. My stainless steel pots and pans

  272. Kelly Berg says:

    My Kitchenaid mixer

  273. My food processor, could not live w/out it.

  274. Those towels are lovely! My favorite kitchen item is, most recently, my Kitchenaid mixer. After going gluten-free a month ago, I am using it a lot more as I try to concoct a bread & pizza recipe that doesn’t make me go “blech”, lol.

  275. My crock pot. We use it all the time.

  276. Cobalt blue Kitchen Aid mixer. My husband took my twin boys to pick it out for me when they were 3 years old. We named it “Big Blue” and it has seen its fair share of cookies, cakes, & breads. Love it!

  277. I have this long blade, very thin filet knife that I love. I use it for all sorts of peeling and cutting. I believe it came in some standard knife block and I cannot find another like it. I don’t know what I will do if I lose it.

  278. My favorite kitchen item is my food processor. It is very old and cracked in places. I kind of wish it would die so I could get a pretty new one, but it has been very good and lived a long time!

  279. I really love my garlic press. I dislike mincing garlic by hand. It gets used almost every day.

  280. Ooohhh those look like good towels, better than my crummy ones! I LOVE my garlic press. :)

  281. I love my fridge!! <3

  282. I love my new knife sharpener! It makes my knives seem brand-new!

  283. Ashley Miller says:

    I’d be lost without my vegetable peeler.

  284. Silpat.

  285. Stacie M. says:

    I loooooove my kitchenaid mixer!!! It’s a beauty ;) but i also love my flour sack towels too, which can be used for JUST ABOUT everything!

  286. I couldn’t live without my Bunn coffee maker! Use it every day.

  287. Sandy in NJ says:

    My favorite chef’s knife!

  288. My favorite item is my small sauce pan. I use it multiple times a day to heat syrup for the kids or melt butter. I could not do without it.

  289. Patty Ryan says:

    My kitchen-aid mixer!

  290. Angela Wilkins says:

    I have two favorites. I love my Pampered Chef egg slicer (which I actually use to slice strawberries) and a little plastic scraper thingy from PC that I use to scrape my stoneware, cast iron and teflon. Awesome!

  291. My crockpots, yes more then one but the best things ever.

  292. Andrea Watts says:

    Love my Kitchen aid!

  293. Jordan Watts says:

    My favorite mixing bowl.

  294. Patrice B says:

    I love silicon baking mats. Now the cookies turn out perfect every time!

  295. Love my french press!

  296. My cast iron dutch oven.

  297. Wooden spoons!

  298. Jodi Vallaster says:

    Whirly pop! Popcorn maker

  299. My favorite kitchen item is my coffee maker — can’t start the day without it!

  300. My kitchenaid mixer – for mixing meatballs, meatloaf and cookies. Saves me lots of time with 2 little kids!

  301. Donna Richardson says:

    Totally my coffee maker! I would be lost without it.

  302. My favorite kitchen item is my Crockpot!

  303. Kristen F says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my teapot. I could not start the day efficiently without it!

  304. ChristinaJ says:

    Fav item is definitely the dishwasher. I love cooking but hate cleaning :)

  305. I’m a chef and I must say every item in my kitchen is my favorite! I could never choose just one. My mixer, my knives, silpats, food processor, my ninja goodness I could probably write a book! These towels would be a great addition!

  306. I love my crock pot!

  307. Monica Brown says:


  308. Stovetop griddle

  309. C.K.S.Pathy says:

    My pressure cooker ..

  310. Jessica Schlatzer says:

    My crockpot! I can’t imagine cooking any other way!

  311. My cast iron skillet. So many uses.

  312. Deborah P says:

    My favorite kitchen tool has to be my Toss and Chop scissors! I use them for everything.

  313. While technically not in my kitchen, my fav kitchen item is my deep freezer(s). Freezer meals are a lifesaver! Well that and my brand new latte maker.

  314. I love my mini cuisinart food processer

  315. That would be a toss up between my dishwasher and coffeepot! :)

  316. I love, love, love my dishwasher!

  317. Lets see there’s more then one I love but if I have to pick just one I will have to go with my Kitchen Aid Mixer.

  318. My bread maker is my favorite. I use it often sometimes just to prep the dough and sometimes to make it all the way through, depending on my time allowance.

  319. I would say my red Kitchenaid mixer…ten years & still going!

  320. Joye Foote says:

    Tongs…my tongs are my favorite item!

  321. My dishwasher!!

  322. Most definitely my blender.

  323. Absolutely my KA mixer. It’s awesome.

  324. Kitchen scissors. I use them for everything!

  325. The RoboCoupe food processor I bought 25 years ago at the Goodwill

  326. Why do you give away all the most awesome things? :)

    My two kitchen favorites are my chef’s knife (I don’t know how I lived without it!) and my Zyliss garlic press, which I love because you don’t have to peel the garlic before you put it in.

  327. My Favorite is my Kitchen Aid Mixer and Attachments!

  328. Nancy from Mass says:

    Has to be my coffee maker! use it every day.

  329. Oooh, I’ve been wanting to buy some of these! Hope I win. My favorite kitchen item is my chef’s knife. I am always horrified when I cook at other people’s houses and their knives are SO DULL. My guy keeps mine nice and sharp for me, and it’s a total kitchen workhorse :-)

  330. Karen Kline says:

    Would have to be the coffee pot! Without it nothing else would matter all day.

  331. crockpot. all. the. way. You do have the best giveaways!

  332. My crockpot! It was my Grandma’s every time I use it, I think of eating her spaghetti. She always made her sauce in it. Now I make all kinds of stuff in it for my family.

  333. stacy fredette says:

    My pantry! My hh built us a very large walk in pantry. I love to look at all the goodies we have canned all lined up!

  334. My favorite kitchen item is definitely my Cuisinart food processor. I use it constantly, probably almost every day. Homemade mayo, turnip or cauliflower mashed “faux-tatoes,” pesto… I even chop up stuff like cauliflower and cabbage leaves and cores for my chickens.

  335. My favorite item is my pair of kitchen scissors. Use them every single day.

  336. My crock pot. Its an angel!

  337. My coffee grinder…..everything is going to be okay….

  338. Kitchen Scissors! They are so handy, that is if I put them back in the right spot!

  339. Catherine says:

    Love my coffee machine & spatulas.

  340. coffee maker

  341. Right now, my favorite is my crock pot- its soup season!

  342. Crockpot, couldn’t live with it.

  343. My favorite kitchen idem is my Ninja Blender. I make smoothies almost daily and it has them done in seconds.

  344. Ida Claire says:

    My Grind and Brew coffeepot… I have an unhealthy affection for this appliance.

  345. I love my Chinese Butcher knife!

  346. My crockpot is my fav!

  347. My Bosch mixer

  348. My favorite is my Kitchen Aid stand Mixer!!

  349. My absolute favorite is my large chopping knife. I probably couldn’t prep a meal without it! Though my double oven runs a close second, especially during the holiday baking season!

  350. Sheila M. says:

    My cheese knife (by Pampered Chef). I buy cheese in 2# blocks and it makes the perfect slice. Even my college daughter living in a dorm wants one for Christmas.

  351. My cast iron skillet is my fave kitchen item!

  352. Jessica Robins-Ensminger says:

    I have two…my kitchenaid mixer and my food processor. Love them!

  353. My breadmaker. Nothing better than the smell of baking bread.

  354. My husband washing dishes!

  355. Stacie H. says:

    My Zojirushi bread maker is my favorite kitchen item!

  356. My chef’s knife! I use it every day.

  357. My very sharp Global knife!

  358. My favorite Kitchen item right now is my gas stove – especially since we are looking at an ice storm for the weekend and frigid temps the next few days. If the power goes out, our family will still eat hot, delicious food!

  359. kristie toledo says:

    My crockpot…so i dont have to worry about dinner its already on…:)

  360. My Vitamix!

  361. My coffee pot is used everyday, but with the high expected to be a balmy 8* today I’d have to say its my woodstove for the remainder of the winter.

  362. It’s probably a tie between my Kitchen Aid mixer and my Vitamix. I use both daily :)

  363. Andrea Hinds says:

    My corkscrew!!!!!! lol

  364. I would have to say my grind and brew coffee pot!! It was a christmas gift 2 years ago to myself when it hit a price so low, I had to treat myself.

  365. Can’t decide between my Nespresso machine and my corkscrew – depends on what time of day it is!

  366. It is definitely my Bosch mixer!

  367. My favorite thing in my kitchen is the bread I make.

  368. stand mixer

  369. My favorite kitchen item is silpats. I learned about them from you!!

  370. Definately my nice knives!

  371. My fruit bowl! It’s like a work of art!
    (But I also love my espresso machine!)

  372. French press!

  373. WISH I had a Kitchen Aid mixer…there is just something not right about my daughter and daughter-in-law having one and not me. lol …..anyway, my favorite kitchen item is a set of red mixing bowls my sister gave me. Love them!

  374. My whisk. I use it more often than my hand mixer for cooking (sometimes from scratch). And since cooking — from scratch or otherwise — reminds me of my late mom I get something nice to eat with the bonus of good memories:-)

  375. Heather Miller says:

    I would have to say my chefs knife.

  376. Kara Nalbone says:

    My Vitamix rocks!

  377. Would have to say my KitchenAid mixer

  378. My dishwasher!

  379. My slow cooker.

  380. Patty Prince says:

    I love my Super Automatic Espresso Maker!

  381. wooden cutting boards

  382. Tracy Tidwell says:

    My butter bell is the bomb!!!

  383. LOVE my Lodge cookware!!

  384. Kirk Frazier says:

    My Dutch Oven!

  385. MY DISHWASHER! I’d give up my washer and dryer before my dishwasher. I named her Friend!

  386. Shirley Hull says:

    My wooden spoons-some are >15 yrs old; can’t cook without them.

  387. My old wooden spoons-can’t cook a lick without ‘em.

  388. My kitchenAid is my favorite! Thanks!

  389. My favorite is a large knife that I am constantly washing as it is always in use.

  390. Jennifer S says:

    Coffee Maker. Must have coffee!

  391. My crockpot! Love it!

  392. My garlic press!

  393. My favorite item in my kitchen is my knife. I just have one but it’s a good one!

  394. My dutch oven. I use it all the time.

  395. I love my 1950′s looking light blue KitchenAid mixer!

  396. My favorite kitchen item is my slow cooker. It makes my job so much easier!

  397. My cast iron dutch oven.

  398. My salad shooter for grating cheese.

  399. Pampered Chef stoneware

  400. Our crock pot.

  401. RHONDA WILLIS says:

    Right now it is my KitchenAid mixer as I am baking so many goodies to give to family and friends. Hope it doesn’t give out.

  402. My blender!

  403. My food processor, it is such a huge help. Plus it has been with me for years, I bought it with part of a small inheritance I got from my grandpa 20+ years ago.

  404. Kimber Morrow says:

    OK this is a tough question because I could list a lot of stuff that I LOVE in my kitchen… (french press, tea kettle, knives, juicer, grain grinder…) but IF I had to narrow it down to my favorite it would have to be my crock pot. Not so much because it is the greatest in the whole wide world but because it SAVES me a lot of time in the kitchen.

  405. My collection of vintage Pyrex bowls and bakeware! Thank you for this opportunity – I love your blog!

  406. suzanne hissung says:

    My HH, when he cooks a meal he hand washes everything he’s used.

  407. My kitchenaid mixer is my favorite!

  408. Definitely my KitchenAid Mixer. Waited a long time for it and it was well worth the wait.

  409. My crock pot. Makes my busy life a little easier.

  410. Tough question, probably my cast iron skillet set.

  411. I love my juicer!

  412. Jessica W.S. says:

    My chef knife. A good sharp knife can go miles in my book.

  413. I would have to choose our Kitchen aid stand mixer. I love that thing.

  414. My little ducky teaball. He cheers me up first thing in the morning.

  415. My favorite thing is my Kitchenaid mixer, hands down. Especially now that I have the pasta roller attachment!

  416. My mini cuisinart.

  417. Definitely my blendtec blender. We have a smoothie every morning with produce from our garden.

  418. Microplane or garlic press

  419. As silly as it sounds I have to say it’s my dozen metal sandwich spreaders. I open their drawer and smile. We were always running out and needing to wash them so I bought enough to almost never be out again. I bought them at Sur La Table. The sales lady thought I was on something I’m certain. She questioned me heavily and had a strange look on her face.

  420. Wendy Boehm says:

    My gas stove! I waited years for it and love it!

  421. My “most favorite” item currently is my Ball Jam & Jelly Maker. Makes jam in a “jif” and makes nice stocking stuffers and small gifts for Christmas giving.

  422. The dishwasher all the way! I love being able to hide all the dirty dishes rather than cluttering up my counter (of course I find lots of other things to clutter the counter with!).

    I so could use some new dish towels since my husband seems to think my towels are his rags for the garage. :-) Anyone else have this issue?

  423. Dawn Arnold says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my Pampered Chef jar opener. I have gotten weak I guess and without it couldn’t open my darn jars.

  424. My double oven stove. I use the smaller oven almost daily & the double oven is very handy during holiday time.

  425. Andrea In SLC says:

    Parchment paper! No cleanup after baking dog treats or people treats! LOL. Oh, and my Kichenaid mixer. Love it!

  426. Rice cooker!

  427. My cuisinart pressure cooker! I use it more than anything else!

  428. Hi Mavis! My fav is my Crock pot, it hardly ever gets put away, I use it so much!

  429. Would love to have the kitchen towels. Just recently purchased a new can opener that doesn’t leave a sharp edge on the can. Just love it. The towels would be a welcome addition to my kitchen. No more lint on my glasses!

  430. I love my dishes, they are a glass colbalt blue. My mom got them for me over 10 years ago and my husband has not even managed to break any of them!!

  431. My favorite kitchen item is my toaster oven. I probably use it at least once a day.

  432. I’d have to say my Keurig….we use it everyday. But, after reading everyone else’s comments, I feel like I should write something that makes me look hip and clever, educated, or a better cook. Mortar and pestle? Really?

  433. We remodeled our kitchen and went from total electric to propane.
    So my favorite thing is my gas stove.

  434. Lauren Michelle says:

    My immersion blender

  435. My bread machine. I am well on my way to wearing out a second one.

  436. Crystal Ganey says:

    My pampered chef hamburger chopper!

  437. Definitely my Fiesta knife set.

  438. I love my stick blender, especially for pureeing soup right there in the pot.

  439. My favorite kitchen item is my grandma’s dishes!

  440. My favorite kitchen tool is my crockpot!

  441. My tomato knife…nothing cuts a tomato like it does!

  442. Shannon H Like Happy says:

    I have a red spoon with a smiley face on it. I love that spoon. :)

  443. My favorite kitchen item is my dishwasher:)

  444. My food processor and I are having a mad love affair.

  445. My favorite wooden spoon- I bypass all the others and go for that one every time!

  446. I love my TARDIS teapot!

  447. My Kitchen-Aid. I love it like it’s my child and named it Dragon.

  448. My tea pot!!

  449. My favorite kitchen item is a tie between my crock pot and my kitchen aid, both of which have gotten a lot of mileage since I started reading your blog!

  450. My favorite kitchen item is my iron skillet. It has been in our family for over 51 years!! My mother received it as a wedding gift and passed it down to me 9 years ago when I got married.

  451. Caroline R. says:

    My Keurig!

  452. I love my Nutrimill grain mill. Wheat berries into whole wheat flour, rice into rice flour, popcorn into cornmeal. So much fun!

  453. My two-slice toaster! The toaster oven just doesn’t make toast as good.

  454. Coffee pot for sure! It’s nothing fancy, but it does make my favorite beverage….

  455. My favorite kitchen appliance is my coffee pot.

  456. I love my stainless steel box grater!

  457. My flour sack towels! But I want to try new ones!

  458. My set of knives. Have collected them over the years and even have 2 that my husband’s grandparents used in their coffee shop. The shop is gone but the knives work like new.

  459. My gas stove!

  460. Random person named Melissa says:

    Well an everyday fork of coarse….. I need one for my salads and steaks!!

  461. My favorite kitchen item is a beautiful wood cutting board my son made me one year for Christmas. He was in jr high ( he is now 27!) when he made it for me. I use it nearly daily, and it still looks as good as the day I unwrapped it. It’s my true treasure.

  462. My crockpot. I am on my 5th one!

  463. My favorite kitchen items are my pink gooseberry Pyrex casserole dishes – they belonged to my great grandmother and I think everything tastes better in them!

  464. My spoonulas…you know spoon/spatula combos…I have them in different sizes and they get everyday use :)

  465. My rice cooker.

  466. I take my dishwasher for granted until it gives me problems. Thanks to my handy husband, repair is not usually a problem.

  467. I think my pampered chef apple slicer. It is so quick, easy, and sturdy. Love It!

  468. My crockpot is probably my fav. Followed by my toaster oven. My kitchen aid mixer is a close 3rd.

  469. my “new to me” pressure canner!

  470. On days like today it is the water that comes from the tap. Our pump temporarily froze up and it makes me grateful all over again to have running water!

  471. Sarah Ninneman says:

    My good ol wooden spoon

  472. My cutco knives!

  473. My favorite kitchen item is my cast iron dutch oven.
    OMG I love it, from stove to oven and cooks so evenly.

    I could cook only in cast iron!

  474. It’s a tie between my huge LeCreuset French oven and my 6-quart Kitchen Aid stand mixer–one makes amazing soups and stews; the other can handle every single double-recipe batch of cookie dough I throw its way.

  475. My santoku knife!

  476. My favorite kitchen item is my Keurig! I love, love, love this coffee maker. As I sit, I drink a nice hot c\up of coffee. It’s great because my husband and I both drink different types of coffee. So, we’re both happy!!!! I hope I win these towels. They are on my wish list for my daughter, ever since you recommended them a while back. She is a professional chef in San Francisco and never spends money on herself at home. I know she would love these.

  477. My Advantium.

  478. My favorite kitchen item is my stick blender. Love this thing! I use it and the cup that came with it for smoothies, and I love making blended soups of all sorts. I can grind with it, too, using that little cup/food processor attachment. This one small item has seriously taken the place of several appliances in my kitchen!

  479. My favorite kitchen item is my small food processor, super awesome i pie crust size!

  480. I love my Pampered Chef rubber scraper.

  481. I love my electric tea kettle. I use it to boil water for coffee and tea several times a day.

  482. My Vitamix.

  483. My favorite item IS my Kitchen-Aid!

  484. I love my parchment paper!

  485. Also my KitchenAid. It was my great grandmothers and just makes me smile every time I see it.

  486. :) My grandmother’s biscuit cutter. <3

  487. My tea kettle!

  488. This is a tough one. I have to say my pizza stone. Or my coffee pot.

  489. Lisa Scott says:

    My favorite kitchen item would have to be my hubby! He does all the cooking and he fixes lunches and breakfast for my son and me! He is a real prize, even if I don’t win the towels, I have already won! :)

  490. I love my Kitchenaid and coffee maker.

  491. My favorite kitchen item is my kitchen scissors.

  492. The dishwasher! I hate doing dishes!

  493. My favorite thing in my kitchen is the .99 cent milk frother I got at IKEA years ago. Makes morning coffee extra special
    Thanks Mavis

  494. My favorite kitchen item has to be my whistling tea kettle. :-)

  495. My first cookbook which is now 40 years old! Lots of memories.

  496. Brooke Moulton says:

    My dining room table. Salvaged from a neighbor’s yard it’s an early 20th century harvest table that my handsome hubby and I refinished/repaired (before the babies) just in time for our first hosting of Thanksgiving. Now it’s got fingerpaint, glitter, and wine bottle stains — Love it more every year.

  497. My dutch oven I received as a Christmas gift last year.

  498. Lon McClure says:

    I love these towels! I have some but could always use more!!!

  499. My crock pot.

  500. I would have to say my microwave.

  501. My french press… enough said. :-)

  502. My potato masher. It was my grandmothers and makes me think of days-gone-by when we would cook together. Plus I love me some mashed potatoes with butter and garlic!

  503. My Pampered Chef Ice Cream Scoop! I will not use any other!

  504. Oh, man, this is TOO hard! I love all my kitchen equipment/gadgets, but the one that always makes me smile when I take it out to use it is my Microplane grater – best $12.95 I ever spent! I can have fine lemon zest, fresh parmesan, or freshly-grated nutmeg whenever I want. What a great tool.

  505. I love my silicon roller and mat

  506. Chrisitne Hagen says:

    I love my Kitchen-Aid. We use it just about every day. Sometimes multiple times.

  507. My bottle opener.

  508. Anne Marie says:

    My favorite kitchen tool is my ikea slotted spatula!

  509. My food processor; I use it for so many things and it doesn’t take up much space.

  510. Gotta have my coffee maker!

  511. I love this little, handmade pottery citrus juicer that I picked up at an outdoor craft fair a few years ago. It has so much personality! I leave it out on my counter as a conversation piece.

  512. Paula Black says:

    I love my Keurig Coffee Maker! Hard to wake up without it!

  513. My Cuisinart food processor, hands down!

  514. My trusty vegetable peeler! A must have for our vegetarian house.

  515. Randy Haylett says:

    My favorite thing in my kitchen is a V-shaped plastic thing that has teeth on it. You can wedge any bottle any size into the v-teeth lined shape and it will grasp that container and by holding on to the container with both hands and turning container to the left it opens said container. It’s wonderful since I have trouble gripping things.

  516. My favorite Kitchen item is my kitchenaid. or my Aebilskever pan.

  517. Ellen in Clackamas says:

    I saw someone list the Pampered Chef ice cream scoop…love mine! And have given many away as gifts. But since I really shouldn’t use mine too much (!) the next, most used favorite is my coffee pot

  518. Michelle O. says:

    Love, love, love my Vitamix!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  519. My crockpot, hands-down!

  520. Catherine says:

    It’s hard to choose, but I think my favorite item is my electric tea kettle. Can’t live without my morning tea!

  521. Christy in Kenmore says:

    I love my Cast Iron Skillets (especially my 6 inch one) use them for everything! Love Love Love!

  522. My good knife.

  523. i love my stand mixer!!!

  524. My Favorite Kitchen Item is my Dutch Oven…..

  525. My Ziggy coffee cup! Got to wake up if I’m going to be working in the kitchen. Ziggy in his pj’s and night cap, eyes shut, mouth open, tongue out and coffee cup spilling onto the counter in front of his face. Makes me smile as I enjoy my morning eye opener!

  526. I love my Vitamix. I use it to grind grain.

  527. I L-O-V-E my 12″ non-stick skillet from Pampered Chef. It’s the best!

  528. my new kitchen faucet

  529. Colleen N says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my recycling container which ALWAYS surpasses what is in my trash compactor!

  530. My espresso machine!

  531. Dishwsher, I wouldn’t go in the kitchen if I didn’t have one.

  532. I think I’d have to say be bamboo spoons! They’re great for everything: mixing, flipping, stirring, etc!

  533. My Thermomix – it grinds, chops, stirs, cooks, steams, cooks, kneads, blends, stirs and weighs. Not cheap, but it’s given me a new-found love of cooking and spending time in the kitchen. Yesterday I used it to mill grains and knead a loaf of bread, make vanilla bean paste and yoghurt. Today it has already made the not-husbands porridge and I’ll use it soon to de-seed a pomegranate in a couple of seconds.
    Merry Christmas, Mavis. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog!

  534. My stainless steel mixing bowls.

  535. suzanne lowrie says:

    Definitely my crockpot!

  536. I have a lot of kitchen gadgets so it’s hard to say which is my favorite…it’s a toss-up between my food processor and my bread machine I think. I get the most use out of them, but some have said their crock pot and that’s another goodie! And, thanks to blogs like this, I get a lot of ideas about how to use them on a daily basis! :D
    Thank you for your blog and all the great ideas you share. I was intrigued by the title “One Hundred Dollars A Month”, but I’m hooked thanks to your great posts.
    God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  537. My whisk.

  538. Sylvia Draughn says:

    It’s my silicon baking mats. Especially this time of year with all the cookie baking.

  539. My dishwasher and coffeemaker- the 2 things I can’t live without……

  540. Bridget K says:

    My wooden spoons, from itty bitty to great big always perfect

  541. An automatic soap dispenser. I’m a messy cook and need to wash my hands often.

  542. My herb plants that sit under the window at my kitchen sink. :)

  543. My favorite kitchen item is my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer!!

  544. My $20 yard sale kitchens mixer (it was like New!)

  545. Love my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  546. Toss up between my dutch oven and my coffee maker! :)

  547. Lindsay H. says:

    I love my kitchen aid mixer so much! I use it all the time.

  548. My favorite thing is my Bosch mixer.

  549. My cookbooks. I’m a junkie!

  550. coffee maker!

  551. kitchen aid mixer

  552. My kitchen aid mixer.

  553. Jill Bruss says:

    The one thing I could NOT live without is my coffee pot.

  554. I think my favorite is my potato ricer! I use it to drain tuna and frozen spinach, besides making tons and tons of fluffy potatoes. :)

  555. I’d have to say I love my Presto Griddle the most. It’s not very expensive and my husband and I use it almost daily. Best way to cook bacon and we love bacon :)

  556. My “Ninja” – I can fascinate my little grandkids by making snow and then back it up with delish fresh strawberry ice cream!!

  557. My wooden spoons. They’re beautiful, and they connect me to cooks throughout history.

  558. My gas stove!

  559. My favorite kitchen tool is my grandmother’s canning funnel. It has a cute art deco design and is used all summer and fall, as I put up my harvest.

  560. TOTALLY my Kitchen Aid! Had it for 21 years, never misses a beat, I use it almost every day.

  561. Theresa Vondra says:

    I have a favorite fork and 2 favorite spoons.

  562. Couldn’t live without my kitchen knives – thanks!

  563. My favorite item is my little tea kettle.

  564. does dark chocolate count? because that would be it!

  565. I could never live without my Kitchenaid mixer. It’s 27 years old and still works like a charm!

  566. My hand painted kitchen floor!

  567. My pressure cooker!

  568. My coffee machine. Especially first thing in the morning!

  569. my old wooden bowl..perfect for putting fruit in

  570. My chef’s knife, thanks for all the great giveaways!!

  571. My favorite kitchen item is my dehydrator. I use it at least once a week to dry all kinds of food to use later in recipes.

  572. Brittany Terry says:

    My CROCKPOT is my favorite! I love cooking without actually having to cook :)

  573. Beth Patry says:

    my favorite kitchen item is my immersion blender.

  574. My favorite kitchen item is my 5 quart saute pan. I can cook breakfast sandwiches for the entire family in that thing!

  575. My cast iron pans :)

  576. My Cuisinart stand mixer.

  577. Arbie Goodfellow says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my cookie scoop!
    It is amazing… I can’t believe I didn’t have one all these years :)

  578. My favorite thing in the kitchen is my cuisinart food processor I would love to win the towels my walmart ones don’t work that great!

  579. I like to knit homemade dishcloths, but new towels would rock!

  580. I enjoy the real tin backsplash I installed by my bad self. I have a rope light around the perimeter so it’s shiny day and night.

  581. My coffee scoop. It’s the first thing I use every day to get on track! :)

  582. My extra deep Le Creuset frying pan.

  583. My favorite kitchen item is my cast iron skillet…fry, bake, steam, sauté…it does it all.

  584. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you for all of the kind and generous things you do for people! You put a smile on my face every day! My favorite kitchen item is a little plastic disc for scraping pots that my cousin gave me. She passed away from cancer a few years ago and every time I use that little thing I think of her and I use it often. Funny how something so silly can mean so much.

  585. I love my cast iron pans

  586. Michele C says:

    I love my cookware!

  587. Jean Kennedy says:

    I really love my coffee pot. Lol. I also love good kitchen towels. These look great!

  588. Ashlynne Gerstberger says:

    My slow cooker

  589. Catherine says:

    Oh! I love love love the Boos butcher block my parents were kind enough to give me this year. Also, my bench scraper…

  590. Our fridge whiteboard that my husband and I use to leave notes for each other.

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