Mavis Meets Ciscoe Morris at the Highline Sea Tac Botanical Garden

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Sorry Ryan, but I have a new boyfriend. I hate to be the one to break the news, but he does have a wee bit more gardening experience than you.

I meet my new boyfriend Cisco Morris at the Ice Cream w/Cisco social that was held at the Highline Seatac Botanical Gardens today.  Cisco was there giving a talk and boy oh boy is he hilarious.

The Girl Who Thinks She’s a Bird came along with me to help take a few pictures because I told her there would be free ice cream from Full Tilt.  Their Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream rocked!

You want to know what else rocked?  The Botanical Gardens.

If it weren’t for the runway noise, you’d never know this garden was next to an international airport. The gardens were lovely.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the gardens today.

Dear Handsome Husband, you’ll be happy to know that although we did bid on a container planted by Cisco, we did not win. Maybe next time.

So how was YOUR Sunday?  Did you spend it doing something you love? I did.

Peace Out Girl Scouts,

Have a great evening.


Ask Ciscoe: Oh, la, la ! Your Gardening Questions Answered $18.95 ~ Amazon

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  1. I have absolutely NO interest in gardening, but you keep me reading day after day, girl. I am mostly captivated by your relationship with your daughter. It makes me excited and hopeful for my girls and the fun stuff we’ll still be doing when they are teenagers.

    • I love that you have no interest in gardening yet you are still here. :) Makes me feel loved. :)

      • Well, in that case… Ditto for me too!
        In spite of growing up with Gardening Grandma(much to her disappointment), I just don’t have the interest in it. I do have an interest in your blog and plan on reading it daily for ever and ever.
        Mavis, you are the funniest person I have never met!

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