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Hello 2013!

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? I sure did, and here is my first one.

Goal #1 – Drink More Water.  

Ya, I know it’s lame, but I currently drink about 20 cups of CAFFEINATED tea a day. My goal is to cut back to 2 cups of tea in the morning and another 2 cups in the afternoon and replace the other 16 cups with plain water. It would be a HUGE deal for me.  Plus, it would be a money saver too because there would be less tea bags to buy and less milk would be consumed on my part. The only downside is, I’m wondering if I’ll still be able to get everything done because I’ll no longer be pumped full of caffeine? Hmmm.

How about YOU? What is one of YOUR New Year’s resolutions?

How about saving some money in 2013?

Well these deals below are a great way to get started, and as always, I’ll update this list as I find more deals throughout the morning so be sure and check back.

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Free Kindle Books

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Discount Mags is having a HUGE Heath & Fitness Magazine Sale today! Get a 1 year subscription to any 2 of the magazines you see above for only $8.99! I just snagged Vegetarian Times and Running magazines and paid $8.99 total!  There is NO coupon code to use, but this deal will expire tonight 1/1/13 at midnight EST so be sure and grab your subscription before then.

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6pm has as kinds of goodness on sale for $20.13 today. I plan on taking a peek in just a bit, but I must say, I LOVE their site and the FREE SHIPPING with any purchase!


Snapfish- Order 99 4×6 prints from Snapfish for only $.99 when you use discount code NEWYEAR13 at checkout . This deal will expire at midnight tonight {1/1/2013}. Shipping runs about $5.89, so only $0.07 per print shipped. What a great deal!

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Alright, I’m off to go HOP ON A TREADMILL!

Peace Out Girl Scouts, see you back in a bit.

♥ Mavis

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  1. Kathy says

    Happy New Year Mavis! My, you have been a busy one this morning!
    I have one resolution, the same for the past 6 years: TRY and do a good deed every day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, often times it happens several times a day. Some people call it RAOK (random act of kindness), some call it pay it forward. I call it making me a better person. Good luck to you on the decaffinization (is that even a word?) it’s hard, you will get headaches but you’ll feel so much better for it. And thank you for your acts of kindness by sharing your ideas, family and the awesome deals you find from the internet.

  2. Diane says

    Good luck with the caffeine thing! I have stopped doing New Years resolutions for about 5 years now, just depressing. Its my gift to myself: Do not add any pressure to yourself, you have enough!

  3. says

    Happy New Year, Mavis!! No wonder you get so much done each day- 20 cups of tea- wow!! I wrote about my goals for the new year today- go to bed earlier, walk more, give God some space (and silence) so I can hear what’s next for me. I should add drink more water to my list, too. I can’t wait to hear your other goals (assuming there’s more than one;-)). Hugs from our house to yours!!

  4. Kelly R. says

    20 cups of tea?! Eeek! Then again, I used to have a 2ltr of Diet Coke a day. Now I only drink it if we are out and it is the only thing available. Good luck to you on your resolution.

    And, that bun thing really ships free? I mean, truly? I had a few of those 20 years ago, and remember living them. I had completely forgotten about them and have been fighting my hair a lot lately. Perfect solution. Thanks for that.

  5. Janice says

    Wow why so much caffeine? Don’t you get palpitations? Seriously its not good for your health Cut back slowly and you will do fine I’ve cut most coffee and only 2-3 cups of tea daily Good luck to you and I love love love the blog

    • Susie says

      I agree with Janice. Cut back slowly, or the headaches from the withdrawal will kill you! I’ve also cut out most caffeine, just maybe half a cup of coffee or a full cup of tea day. One of my commitments (dislike “resolutions”) is to cut out soda, diet or otherwise. At least cut way down. I’ve read some pretty awful stuff about it lately, but I’ll miss my Diet Dr. Pepper terribly.

  6. Ashley says

    Holy tea!!!!! I won’t judge though, I drink 4-5 cans of diet coke a day….and I’m not going to resolve to cut down, lol!

  7. cptacek says

    – Do my house chores every day, even when I get home exhausted from work and my son just wants me to sit and hold him. Or I just want to sit and hold him.
    – Stop eating out at lunch except for social situations.
    – Walk at least 15 minutes 3 times a week.

  8. says

    I decided to try monthly goals this year. Just posted them here.

    Good luck giving up tea! I like Janice’s idea of going slowly – might make the withdraw less intense :)

  9. Carlie says

    Some of those cups of tea could be replaced with hot water, honey and lemon. One of my favorite hot (no alcohol, no caffeine) bevvies in the evening!

  10. MaMaLaLa says

    LOL- that is a butt load of tea. If I have two- three cups of caffeine I get pretty crazy hyper. No wonder you are so very skinny. Good luck to cutting the habit. It will be so much better for you- cut back slowly so you don’t get the headaches. – think long term cut backs rather than fast and furious.

    And never let yourself go back to that many cups. :) You can do it!

  11. Jodie says

    If you aren’t sure about maybe having a loss of energy you could try a green power smoothie. It’s something else to do with all that produce you plan on growing!! My friend said she tried this “Hari Shake” and got tons of energy. It’s definately an aquired taste!!
    Happy New Year!!

    • Susie says

      Yep, try Green Monsters! Smoothie made with almond or soy milk (or water, to keep the calories down), fresh spinach, banana, and frozen fruit (raspberry/blueberry/blackberry blend, a strawberry or two). I also throw in some ground flax meal and I’m waiting on my maca powder to be delivered any day now to add. I’ve just gotten some kale to start replacing some of the spinach – they say the kale is an acquired taste. :) I always wanted to suggest a Green Monster to you when you were lamenting over what to do with all that kale, all the greens & fruit you reclaimed. Try it this year! Also, you wondered what to do with all the lettuce you sometimes reclaimed. You can saute it like you would any other greens, with garlic & some hot pepper flakes.

  12. Amanda says

    How do you drink 20 cups of tea a day? I would have to spend the entire day in the bathroom! I do not drink enough water but whenever I drink more in a day than I usually do, I end up hating it because I’m constantly having to pee!

  13. Annabel Lee says

    Well, I will continue with not drinking soda. My youngest daughter and I both gave up diet soda …she about 2 months ago and me last May. I gave it up because I thought I was getting an ulcer…turned out to be acute pancreatitis. Oh well, I have a nice 5 days in the hospital and 1 less gall bladder.

    I will still have a soda should we go out to eat, which is very seldom. But then soda comes the way I like it best, with ice, in a glass and a straw. Plus they bring you a refill too.

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