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family circle magazine


Word of the Day: Pittance  Definition: Small portion, allowance Used in a sentence: The admission price to the entertainment was a mere pittance.

mavis the cow

A big thank you to the One Hundred Dollars a Month reader Tanya… Her mama cow Cookie gave birth to a sweey little calf and guess what the family name her? MAVIS. Cow cool is that? :)

Have a great Monday everyone. Moooooooo.


kindle fire 7 deal

Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day – $60 Off the Fire HD 7 $79 shipped!

british comedy

Amazon Bonus Deal fo the Day – Up to 78% Off Select BBC Comedy Gift Sets

free kindle books

Available Kindle Books I think are cool…

The prices on Kindle Books can change quickly, so grab them while you can. Don’t have a Kindle? Download the kindle app on your other devices. It’s easy! :)

mushroom farm kit

Amazon has the Back To The Roots Mushroom Farm on sale for $12.87 shipped when you clip the 25% off coupon and use the Subscribe & Save option.

walkers shortbread
Get the 24 Pack of Walkers Shortbread Highlanders, 2count cookies for just $12.94 shipped when you clip the 20% off ocupon and use the subscribe and save option. These are my husband’s favorite cookie!!

gogo squeez

Amazon also has the 48 Pack of GoGo SqueeZ applecinnamon, Applesauce on the Go Pouches on sale for $20.20 shipped when you use the subscribe and save option.

Are you a sprouter? If not, you should totally give it a try! Check out How to Grow Your Own Sprouts. Find more tips and tricks on my Gardening Pinterest Board.

floral printed scarf

Cents of Style is offering their Floral Print Scarf for just $8.95 & FREE SHIPPING when you use code SPRINGSTEALS  at checkout. Plus you’ll have to opportunity at checkout to buy an additional scarf for just $2.99.

family circle magazine

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I think dessert is right up there in importance! These Strawberry and Nutella Crepes with Bananas kill both birds with one stone! Get the recipe HERE or Pin it for Later. Find more recipes on my Breakfast Pinterest Board.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Amazon currently has the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller on sale for $47.99 shipped.

Royal Robbins Cool Mesh Pants

REI Outlet Deal of the Day – Woman’s Royal Robbins Cool Mesh Pants $27.73.

dewalt tool kit

The Home Depot Deal of the Day – DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit (5-Tool) $299!

scotts grass seed

Got a few bare patches in your lawn? Amazon has the 3 Pound bag of Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed – Sun and Shade Mix on sale for $13. 44 and it ships FREE with Amazon Prime.

long camis

Groupon has the 5-Pack of Slimming Camisoles on sale for $19.99. I have this set and they are great to wear under your other tee-shirts! New to Groupon? Join Groupon Here! Then HERE to get this deal.

strawberry nurti grain bars

Check out these New Printable Coupons:

Find More Printable Coupons

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Chicken Soup for the Soul and Zaycon Foods Review

zaycon chicken soup for the soul sweet bbq sauce

zaycon chicken breasts

You know how I LOVE Zaycon Foods, right? Well guess what? They’ve teamed up with Chicken Soup for the Soul in a partnership that just feels right. Chicken Soup for the soul is now selling comfort foods {makes perfect sense, right?!} and Zaycon Foods is carrying their line! Their partnership makes it easier for you to get fresh, yummy and wholesome food outside of the traditional retail channels.

zaycon chicken soup for the soul sweet bbq sauce

Their line includes soups, broths gravies, etc. One thing I love about their line {aside from the fact the products are delicious, because they totally are} is that it complements my Zaycon products perfectly.  And their products make cooking a snap, which leaves me less frazzled at dinnertime. I try to avoid that because it takes away from the real purpose of gathering around a table for a meal. Schedules are crazy and hectic, and sitting around the dinner table allows us to pause that craziness and just enjoy each others company while we catch up.

So the other night I grilled up some Zaycon chicken, slapped some of the Chicken Soup for the Soul BBQ sauce on it and used one of their recipes {so many good recipes to choose from!} to make some seriously yummy Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

cubed potatoes


32 oz Chicken Soup for the Soul Chicken Broth
5 cloves garlic, peeled
1 tablespoon olive oil
1½ lb russet potatoes
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
½ cup heavy cream {I used sour cream}


Preheat oven to 350 F. Wrap garlic cloves and olive oil in aluminum foil forming a pouch and bake for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown and soft. Peel potatoes if you’d like {some people like them with skins on} and then cut into cubes. In a large stock pot, cover potatoes with broth and simmer for about 25 minutes or until very tender. Drain and add garlic, olive oil, butter and cream {or sour cream}. Mash  with a potaot masher or if you like smooth, chunk-free potatoes, you can use a hand or stand mixer.

And just like that, a full meal is served! It was lip smackin good.

zaycon chicken breasts

Find more recipes on the Chicken Soup for the Soul site HERE.

Find all the Chicken Soup for the Soul Products {and more Zaycon products} HERE.

ps. Even though Chicken Soup for the Soul and Zaycon Foods provided me with some complimentary products to try out, they didn’t force me to love them. I did that all on my own! 😉

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Mavis Butterfield | Backyard Garden Plot Pictures 4/19/15

meyer lemon blossom

pink flamingo in garden

Yesterday I stopped by to chat with my 85 year old neighbor lady and after a few minutes she said “I’ve been meaning to ask you about all those flamingos in your yard…”  I started laughing and told her the whole story about the HOA. She giggled and then mentioned how lovely it would be to have a little pink in her yard. So I brought one over and planted it in her front garden bed.

She was tickled pink. 😉

Who knows… maybe we’ll start a trend here in Stepford.

cabbage seedlings

Meanwhile in the vegetable patch, things are moving right along for this time of year. The cabbage plants are getting a little bigger each day and the radishes are in need of a good thinning.
botanical interests

Now that I’ve been approved for a fence and can have proper raised garden boxes again, I’ve decided to turn the side yard into a lettuce and cabbage patch and will be starting another batch of lettuce seedlings this week. growing lettuce in containers

That will free up the containers I currently have my salad mixes growing in for tomatoes once the weather warms up a bit. 
meyer lemon blossom

Do you have a Meyer lemon tree? How is it doing? I’m still waiting for mine to blossom. 
raspberry plants

The raspberry canes I planted earlier this spring are looking nice and green. I planted them towards the back of the property where they can grow wild and multiply in peace. creating a flower bed

The fence guy came out yesterday and said the wait for a fence is about a 4 weeks. So I wrote down a boatload of {boring} projects I can work on in the garden while I wait. Once of them is to create a 2 foot flower bed in front of the arborvitae hedge. I’m not sure what type of flowers I’ll plant, but I know it will add some depth to the upper garden when it’s all done.

clearing land for a fence

I’ve also been clearing some brush along the fence line. I’m sure someone will report me for that. 😉


Only 4 more weeks to go until I can have a proper {secret} vegetable garden. Wahooooo!

How is YOUR garden coming along?

botanical interests

This years garden is being sponsored by the awesome folks at Botanical Interests Seed Company. You can check out their website HERE, order their new 2015 Garden Seed Catalogor see the seeds I’ll be growing in my garden this year HERE

Up for a tour? Read about our behind the scenes tour of Botanical Interests Seed Company.

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The $20/$20 Challenge: Krista From Washington Shows Off Her Stockpile

Kristas pantry pictures

Kristas pantry pictures4I’m so impressed with our $20/$20 Challenge entry this week because Krista stocks her pantry without having a car! They try to walk when they go grocery shopping for the exercise and because it’s cost effective. Sound like anyone you know? 😉 Here’s her story:

Kristas pantry pictures9Hi Mavis! I’m Krista from Washington {the same one that passed on the Rhubarb Cinnamon Jam recipe a couple years ago}. I’m super excited to submit the photos of my pantry and food storage and think the $20/$20 challenge is such a cool thing to do! Thank you.

Kristas-pantry-pictures6I’m a mom to two older teenage boys who are fairly picky eaters and a wife to a husband who appreciates pretty much anything I cook. I cook dinner 6-7 nights a week mostly from scratch, but do stock up on easy side dishes and quick meals to have on hand for the kids to make or for days when I don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I also bake desserts & breads and can jelly/jams.

Kristas pantry pictures2Since our sole vehicle finally died and went to car heaven back in October, getting groceries has been interesting. I’m thankful for the stockpile we have been able to rely upon from my couponing days, but also super thankful for grocery delivery through Safeway as well as mail order meat. Although we’re not able to do as much stocking up without a personal vehicle, my husband and I make use of backpacks as well as a wheeled cart for making grocery runs when the weather cooperates. Exercise + grocery shopping = win!

Kristas pantry pictures1We have a very small yard that I tried to garden in for a couple years, however between the squirrels and moles, it’s just a never ending battle. One year we even built a cage around a square foot garden, but forgot to put hardware cloth under the soil, so while the squirrels couldn’t get in, it was basically a personal salad bar for the moles. Any tips on keeping the critters out would be much appreciated! I really miss gardening and never had a problem keeping animals out when I lived in the country.

Kristas pantry pictures7Our house is on the small side so we store our food in several places. The main area of course is the kitchen and we keep the rest in the garage. One of my favorite tips is to keep updated inventory lists taped to the inside of the cabinet doors so you know what’s in there. I keep a big master garage pantry/freezer list on a clipboard in the garage as well. This makes keeping track of things so much easier.

Kristas pantry picturesWe are big tea drinkers so we have a huge corner cabinet devoted to that. There is a lazy Susan in there that helps to keep it semi-organized. We also love coffee have a cabinet devoted to all things coffee as well.

Kristas pantry pictures10Our deep freeze in the garage is awesome and annoying at the same time. It doesn’t have the cool dividers like your freezer, so we mostly use cloth grocery bags to keep items sorted and that works ok, but there is still a lot of lifting things out of the way to find what you’re looking for. We like to keep it mostly full with meats, butter, and vegetables. It’s also the place where we keep ice cream and quick frozen meals.

Kristas pantry pictures13Extra packaged side dish items like stuffing mix, instant potatoes, dried beans, rice, etc are stored in totes in the garage. I do bake a lot, so I buy several bags of flour at a time as well as sugar and those also get stored in the totes. We have one junk tote where candy, hot chocolate, and chips go.

Kristas pantry pictures14Our landlord put our old kitchen cabinets out in the garage, so we took the doors off and use them for more food storage. Here we have cereal, cooking soups and broths, salsa, canned refried beans, and some misc household items like laundry stuff and kitchen wraps/foil.

Kristas pantry pictures12We have a couple of shelving units that hold more soups, condiments, coffee, and lots of sparkling water. We also store large packages of paper items and bulky kitchen appliances out there.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate in this challenge! I’m having a lot of fun learning ways of storing things and seeing what other people stock.


pantry-pictures-ideasAre you getting your pantries camera ready? You can participate in the $20/$20 Challenge by simply sending in pictures of your pantry. Find out more about the $20/$20 Challenge: Show Your Pantry – Fill a Pantry!

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One Hundred Dollars a Month – Mavis’ Weekly Highlights 4/18/15

fresh basil

fresh basil

Mavis Butterfield on InstagramFollow me as I share some random goodness

hosta plants front lamppost

Garden Updates

Chicken and Bacon Quiche Recipe



Mornings with Mavis 

Everything You Need to Know About Pallet Gardening

Tips and Tricks

egg and cheese croissant

Weekly Shopping Trips and Other Stories


Peace Out Girl Scouts, have a great weekend!


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Friday Night at the Movies – GMO OMG

gmo omg

Have you seen GMO OMG?  It’s a documentary about GMO food sources here in America.  It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a food documentary, so when I saw this while browsing at Target the other day, I thought I would come home and see if it’s available on Amazon.  Sure enough, it is, so I think I am going to check it it out.

Have you seen it?  Does it offer anything new?

gmo omg

 Peace out Girl Scouts & have yourself a great weekend,


PicMonkey Collage

Looking for more movies?

Check out the full list of my Friday Night at the Movies Selections or click on over & look at all the movies on Amazon Instant Video. There are a ton of videos to choose from that will cost you absolutely nothing {nada, zilch, free-o} with Amazon Prime; like thousands of regular movies & TV shows & hundreds of documentaries {Wahoo!}. Get all the details HERE!


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My Goals for This Year – Week 16 of 52

a spool of blue thread audiobook

simple closet1. Get Organized. Bottom line, I need to get it together.

When you don’t have a lot of clothing… organizing your new closet is a snap. Took me a whole five minutes.

2. Run, walk or crawl a Marathon, half marathon, 10k, and 5k race this year.

No comment. 😉

glass shower installation

3. Remodel our Master Bathroom, Master Closet and Monkey Boy’s Bathroom.

The guys are installing the glass for the shower and bathroom mirror today. Almost finished!

lucy the puggle dog

4. Finish Every Room in Our House.

Lucy the puggle princess has been helping me get some painting done.

5. Turn Spare Bedroom into a Cozy Home Office Space for myself.

I’ll do it this summer.

seedling tray

6. Create a Vegetable Garden.

The fence guy will be here on Saturday to give us a bid for the fence. If the price is right we will give him to go ahead and get on the schedule. Ideally, it would be nice to have a fence installed by Mother’s Day. That would give the kids a few days to build me some garden boxes before I set out my tomato plants around the 15th of May. We’ll see.

7. Build a Path into the Hillside for Easy Access to the Upper Garden.


adirondack chairs

8. Limit my personal spending to $100 a month.

I stopped by a garage sale this morning and scored 2 Adirondack chairs and a matching table for $40. The guy threw in the Coke crate and oil funnel. Talk about a major bargain. The chairs are crazy well made. All I need to do if give everything a good scrub and then we will have some cool chairs to lounge in this summer on the back patio.


Technically, furniture comes out of our furniture budget…. so the furniture doesn’t count against my personal spending money. But, yesterday I did purchase 3 cups of lemonade {1 for Monkey Boy and 2 for me} at the neighbor kids lemonade stand. They were charging $0.50 a cup and set up shop in the morning then again in the afternoon. :) :)

Total spent in April so far: $2.50.

  • In March I spent $42.44.
  • In February I Spent $32.52 
  • In January I Spent $84.33

holister red white hat

9. Purge… Weekly. Find 10 things each week to donate to the thrift store.

I had more in my pile for this week but Monkey Boy snagged a few things out of it. 😉 A hat, t.p. holder, camera case and 4 stickers were all that made it into the Goodwill bag this week.

a spool of blue thread audiobook

10. Read 1 book a week. – My goal is to read 52 books this year

I started listening to A Spool of Blue Thread on audio book last weekend. I made it to disk 8 of 11 before I stopped listening. It was pretty good in the beginning and middle, but towards the end I just lost interest and couldn’t finish it.

primitive hooked flower rug

11. Slow Down.

I’m slowly hooking away…

grape jam

12. Canning

I cracked open Mrs. Hillbilly’s Mom’s grape jam and it was delicious! I’m going to see about getting the recipe to share with everyone.

Did you set any goals for this year? If so, how are they coming along?


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Ask Mavis: It’s All About Lettuce, Pallet Gardening, Grocery Budgets and More


Another great round of reader’s questions. Listen up because their question might be your question, too:

picture of lettuce grown in a gardenHow to you decide which plants to pick and let keep growing {like lettuce} and when plants are done? I feel like I may hang on to some vegetable plants too long. I’m in Oregon.


It really takes a bit of time to get a feel for your garden and it also depends on how you like your veggies. I like smaller zucchinis so I’ll pick them before they get too big, but as far as lettuce goes, that’s a personal preference. I like to pick it earlier rather than later. If you wait too long, it gets tough and I prefer a softer leaf. Plus, the more you pick your lettuce, assuming you are properly breaking off your leaves and not uprooting your whole plant, the more it will produce. So I pick it early and pick it often. Keeps the leaves soft and the taste from getting bitter. So moral of the story: for me, sooner is better!

heat-treated-wood-palletI love the idea of pallet gardening… but do I really have to worry about the nails and cleaning them thoroughly? I’m a “newbie.” If it’s too much work I’m afraid I won’t get it done. Thanks.


Pallet gardening is as easy at it comes. I always give mine a good spray with the hose before planting, but as long as you aren’t using chemically treated wood {that’s a no-no when it comes to pallet gardening}, you won’t have to worry about deep scrubbing. Use heat treated wood and you’re good to go. Also, many stores offer free pallets if you call and inquire about them. Free is always best! 😉

bucketsI’ve been having trouble finding budget-friendly sources for bulk food storage. What do you use to store your bulk foods, and where do you get them?


I’ve used the same containers for years, so I’m not much help when it comes to what I use because I wouldn’t even know where to direct you to buy them anymore. But I have heard of people getting food grade 5 gallon buckets {with lids} for super cheap or free from bakeries. They have to be thoroughly washed out, but then they make perfect bulk food containers. If you don’t find any luck there, I’ve also noticed better sales on bulk food bins around the first of the year. I think it has something to do with all those New Year’s Resolutions!

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in HalfI have a family of 6. I only have 100 a week to spend on groceries. Can you give me some ideas on making this possible?

~ Cindy

I wrote a whole post on How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. There are 10 great tips that span everything from meal plans to freezer meals to buying in bulk. Hope that helps!

strawberriesPlease tell me if your strawberries produced better planted in the pallet versus the standard garden soil? Looks easier to care for, I have osteoarthritis and am looking for options where I can do gardening easier. I have a really good size strawberry patch that I would like to try the pallet method with this spring.


I did have some success with my pallet strawberries, but I definitely saw a greater strawberry crop in the ground. Growing them in pallets was a bit easier, but if you are looking for a substantial strawberry crop, I’d stick to the ground. But you also might have greater success growing them in pallets than I did. Keep me posted if you try it.

sherpani-bags-purses-and-luggage-Hi, awhile back maybe last year, you mentioned a bag that you LOVE to carry on trips. I remember it was a cross over bag. Getting ready for lots of travel and can not find where I saved the hint.

~ Joan

I love my Sherpani App Shoulder Bag so much I kinda want to marry it. But all Sherpani bags are freakin awesome. Highly recommended for travel and for tootling around town.

chicken nuggets
Hi, Mavis. Just read your piece about schools not using local grown food. We are in the Indiana flat farm country. I remember the PTA mothers meeting at the school kitchen in the summer and canning tomatoes and corn for the school. How about that! That would have been in the 1940’s, the war years. Why is it all so complicated now?


That sounds amazing. And what I think a PTA {and mothers should be all about}. The “It takes a village” mentality is long since gone, but it sounds like it was alive and well back when you all stood shoulder to shoulder canning for the benefit of all of your children. I love that mentality and I love your story. Now if we could only get everyone to adopt that in the this day and age…

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