Back to School, Working on a To Do List and More

wisteria growing arbor

wisteria growing arbor

Now that the whole back to school rush is over and we are settling into our fall routines, I went ahead and made myself a “to do” list of small projects I’d like to get done by the end of September. There are 16 items on my list and I figure if I tackle at least one a day, hopefully I should have everything checked off by October.

Trimming the wisteria and hedges is one of the chores on my list.  I managed to get one wisteria arbor trimmed yesterday before the thunder and lighting started. I was going to go back out and finish, but then it started hailing so I put on my pj’s and called it a day.

heirloom tomato sauce

I don’t know about you, but I feel like if I don’t make a list and write everything down, I get to distracted by the everyday tasks that have to be done. Lately for me one of my daily tasks has been making heirloom tomato sauce.

Don’t tell the HH and kids, but I’m fairly certain some sort of pasta will be on the menu at least twice a week for the next 9 months. Holy cow we have had a lot of tomatoes this year.

galvanized chicken waterer

And the chickens. Now that we have 10 million of them, we are having to fill up their water containers every other day now. Before I only had to fill them up twice a week.

chocolate chip cookies

And lunch snacks, it seems like as soon as I fill up the cookie jar, it’s empty within 48 hours. Do you have this problem at your house too?

Well this time around I smartened up and made 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies in one afternoon and then stashed them in the freezer}.

Are you finally feeling like you’ve got this whole back to school thing under control? Are you ready for winter? I know I am.


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