All Chores Are Cancelled Due to Snow


Yesterday it snowed like crazy. The neighborhood kids were all sledding down the hill, Chino the Handyman threw down de-icer so no one would spin out and crash their car, and the Girl and I stayed in our jammies all day and watched movies.

winter greenhouse snow

It was awesome.
puggle dog snow

Lucy the puggle dog filled her belly with snow.
puggle dog running in snow

And then ran around the backyard like an absolute nut.
puggle dog in snow

She LOVED it!!chicken rooster snow

The chickens however were not as thrilled.

chicken snow

After a quick inspection outside, they all went back into the coop and hunkered down for the rest of the day.

Ahh snow days, I wish we had more of them around here.


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  1. Ellen in Clackamas says

    My Big Dog and my son’s little(r) dog also love running around in the snow. Where we live we got a tadmore than you — so white, so fluffy UNTIL the freezing rain came in and covered everything with a layer of ice. It is crazy stuff..and the dogs hate it because now when they walk outside their paws crunch through the top layer. They have been traveling the back yard under the trees because there is no ice there. Fortunately it is finally warming up and tomorrow is supposed to be almost back to normal with just plain rain

  2. Susan says

    This is the first day since last Thursday that my girls have come “downstairs”. We have had snow and now ice that is finally starting to melt today.
    I go out to check on their water and them 4-5 times a day. The water is staying thawed and they are moving around again.
    I will be getting out of the house tomorrow!! Need to do a little grocery shopping. I do not drive in bad weather. No need to really :)

  3. Emily says

    Ohhhh, Mavis! We have gotten 103 inches of snow. A few years ago I planted spinach in February. It may be June this year! I have had to shovel a path to the grill everyday to make dinner.

  4. says

    I love to watch our dog fly around the yard in the snow, it cracks me up every time! Actually when she first goes outside after a snowstorm, she starts barking like crazy, then takes off running. I could watch dogs all day. :-) We are gearing up for a big storm this week, looks like it could be a foot of snow! Oh mercy!!

  5. says

    Oh for just some of that snow, still so hot here, another 40c for today, bush fires across the state with the smoke covering the whole of the state, this looks so creepy and is making it difficult to breath. I just want Autumn, best wishes Wendy

  6. Lisa says

    We are just ending five snow days and boy did we love it! We don’t get snow every year and it’s just so beautiful and peaceful and a good reason to stay inside in your pj’s all day. We went on walks, built a snowman and went sledding. I’d take a second round! **

  7. HollyG says

    I’m so glad the snow finally made it up north so you guys could have some too. We’ve been snowed and iced in since Thursday (it even snowed a little last Tuesday). Today was the first day back to school, back to almost 50 degrees and melting. It was just so beautiful while it lasted.

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