Amber’s Vegetable Garden Tour

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I took a tour of my friend Amber’s vegetable garden last night.  I was kind of bummed because I had just missed Amber’s big zucchini harvest.  She had between  15 – 20 pounds and had just shredded it all right before my visit.

These are her flowers. When I asked her what variety they were she said “pretty ones.”

Amber has been gardening for 3 years, and has learned a few gardening tricks.  To save time, Amber likes to water her garden with the help of a small pine tree.

Her husband, Mr. Mc Dreamy takes care of the lawn while she harvests vegetables every morning.  This year Amber is growing beans, pumpkins, zucchinis and strawberries.

This is her pumpkin.  Isn’t it cute?

Hey Amber, I think your garden looks fabulous!  But  I think it’s missing something.  Kale.  Go get yourself some kale plants from the local nursery, you can grow it all winter long.  Even in Idaho.


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  1. Mavis,

    You can pimp my garden any time!


  2. For someone who doesn’t like kale, you sure do try to get everyone to grow it :)

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