As The Coop Turns – Help! My Chicken is Missing

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Peanut the chicken is missing.  This is very sad.  Peanut is by far my favorite chicken of this years flock.  She loves me.  Every time I walk out to the coop, once she sees me, she comes running over to the gate, sits down, and waits for me to pick her up.

And now she has gone missing.  All I know is this: She was there yesterday morning when I fed the chickens their morning snack.  When I went out later to work in the garden, she was gone. Which was not unusual, as she has taken to escaping every few days or so for a few hours at a time.

She’s a bit of an escape artist that one.  But she’s so lovable, and cute, so I don’t mind.

But this time is different.

In the past, all I’ve had to do was call her name and she would pop out of the bushes and come running towards me.  I’d pick her up, talk to her, and put her back.  End of story.

But she didn’t come home last night, and now I am very, very sad.  I want my chicken back!

:( Mavis

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  1. Hope she turns up soon!

  2. Poor little girl! I hope she makes it home :(

  3. Melissa says:

    Do you think she may be broody and have a hidden cluch somewhere??? I hope you find her … best wishes!

    • Nope. She is only 5 months old and her eggs are still small. She better come back though, I miss this little bird. She is such a sweetie.

  4. Soo Sorry Mavis

  5. I never had an escape artist or a coop from which anyone could escape. Maybe she is hanging out somewhere else or somone took her in,, thinking she was as stray. Can you ask around?

  6. I sure hope that you will find Peanut soon! I love my chicks, I know how you feel.

  7. Oh no!!! So sorry! Come back peanut!

  8. Monique says:

    maybe she went to visit chino??

  9. Oh-No! This is so sad. I love my “Chickers”. They have really become a part of our family. I know exactly what you are going through. I count mine every night when they go in the barn and if one is missing….I am worried sick until they are all safe and sound. Hope she shows up soon safe and sound.

  10. SO … Mavis I had to share this with you … yesterday I read your story about missing Peanut to my 4 year old (we currently have 25 chickens of our own). This morning as soon as he woke up he insisted that I go check and see if the lady found Peanut (he even remembered her name!) Still hoping she turns up soon!

  11. Any news on Peanut?

  12. Big sigh…..sorry Mavis that she is still missing}:

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