Bartering with Mavis – Francisco Cleans Out His Pantry

francisco mavis neighbor

Last night my neighbor Francisco sent me a text:

Francisco: We are purging our cabinets are you interested in some non vegan goodies?

Mavis: Should I come over right now?

Francisco: Give us 15 :) if you are free

Mavis: K will do

how to barter food

So I quickly ran to our the pantry and found some loot. Please take special notice the the frozen log of polenta. Mrs. Hillbilly traded me that last summer. The vinegar, razors, soap, cereal, soba noodles and sesame ginger rice were all free. I think I paid $.25 for the whole wheat pasta.

bartering with mavis

This is what Francisco had to barter with. It was a take all or nothing sort of thing since he was clearing his pantry of all non vegan products. So I didn’t inspect things {re: expiration dates} too closely and happily took everything he offered. The highlights of course where the Dove chocolates and the mini containers of olives, cookies and crackers he had received over the Christmas holiday in a gift basket from a client.

However if you look closely, you will totally notice the roasted red pepper soup. I gave that to him last fall and you can see it here in this video. Hilarious! What makes it even more funny is that Mrs. Hillbilly gave it to me. So mark my words, the next time I trade with Mrs. HB I’m going to try and barter back the soup. Ha!

tofu scrambler

I did pass on his box of tofu eggs  though {OH MY WORD- can you say gag me with a wooden spoon?}. Believe it or not, I do have my limits of what I will eat. Even it’s free.


Here is Francisco with his new, cleaned out, vegan friendly pantry. Clearly he is not a prepper. But that’s okay, if there is an emergency and he needs more than a 3 day supply of food, I’ve got him covered.

Peace Out Francisco, it was fun bartering with you.


The preppers pantry
The Prepper’s Pantry: Building and Thriving with Food Storage

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  1. says

    you guys are so funny!! Francisco and Mavis…?? Are those even really your names?? …..Sorry I see you more as like Jennifer and Bill. Anyway, I laugh every time I read your stuff. Thanks for making the mornings enjoyable.

  2. Susie says

    Okay, I’ll be the weirdo who says that the tofu scrambler is really good! It’s just a bunch of herbs & spices that you mix with a block of crumbled tofu. There’s no “fake egg” stuff in the box, promise! It’s actually very tasty. My daughter’s vegan & when she comes home from college, she loves for me to make it for her. :)

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