Bartering with Mavis – How to Barter with Your Neighbors

The Girl Who Thinks She’s a Bird was complaining yesterday that we “don’t have any food.” Booo Hooo. So I went over to Mrs. Hillbilly’s house to try to score some “food.”  You know, the kind that doesn’t have dirt all over it.

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  1. Desi says

    Awesome Mavis! Your neighbor must be very nice to hold the camera for you. I have found a way for you to get rid of your extra produce. Someone in my town started a “Buy, Sale, or Trade” Face book group. I’ts just an open group and people can add any one they know in the area. When I saw this video it made me think of the group. Just imagine all the people that could offer what they have in surplus for a good trade.

    I think you made a great trade by the way! Loved the crystal light in the pocket.

    • Mavis says

      Actually it was the neighbors guest. LOL.. You just never know what’s going to happen. Cool beans about your fb group. :)

  2. Robin Welch says

    This is funny as my teenageson told me we have “NO” food just a week ago. I told him we have more food than anyone else in our neighborhood as no one else has a backyard full of food. He told me needs microwavable crap food! Teenagers….At least he knew it was crap. By the way Mrs Hillbilly totally got the better deal.

    • Mavis says

      Ha Ha Ha. Yes we have no Doritos. Oh the Horror! I was happy to get what I got… Organic Peanut butter, weenies, cheese slices… can’t grow those. LOL. The next time your son tells you you have no food, send him to the neighbors with some carrots to trade. That would be a hoot.

    • Cary says

      I don’t think you could make your own “American” cheese, but I did see on another website/blog how to make your own mozzarella. I may have to give it a try….

      • Talaena says

        Making cheese used to be a past time of every housewife! Somewhere along the lines we lost the knowledge on how to make our own cheese. Well my folks own a goat dairy and let me tell you homemade raw cheeses WOWZA there is nothing like it!! And talk about a bartering tool! :) If you can figure out how to make cheese, raw or not, by all means go for it!!!

  3. says

    That’s awesome! So cool your neighbor is open to barter!

    I totally identify! I have 2 sons, 18 and 15, and the younger loves his snacks! I will buy semi-healthy snacks (whole wheat pizza crust, nitrate free pepperoni, popcorn, some kinds of bars) but not junky-junk. So that’s what he spends his lawn-mowing money on – Cheetos and Red Bull! I thought it was totally funny last week when my Safeway “Just for U” deals included the junk – because that’s where he bikes to and uses our phone number to log in and get the better prices!

  4. Nina says

    Sorry, I don’t think you got the better deal! I wished you lived close to me (in PA). I would have given you a much better trade. Love your blog!

  5. sena c says

    I would die for that peanut butter.. Costco said that they are not making that anymore because of the peanut shortage… :(

  6. Maelynn says

    I am so happy! My boys, ages 12.5 and 11, just said that Mrs Hillbilly got the better trade! There is hope that they will start eating more veggies!

  7. Mary Ann says

    Gotta agree — Miss Hillbilly got the better deal!

    Love that you’re doing all these little videos. Such fun! :)

  8. Talaena says

    Miss Hillbilly won because she got the better quality products, however you also won because you wont have to listen to your teenagers complain that there is no food for at least 3 hours before they finish all that you brought home!

  9. Elizabeth F says

    Your Mrs. Hillbilly got the better deal. All those eggs! We don’t eat meat so that was a negative for me, and we are in cheese heaven here so only buy good stuff at the grocer…all the small dairys have their cheeses represented.

    Do love Triscuits though, but won’t buy them as whole box disappears in about 5 minutes once it is spotted on shelf. Crackers are “company food” as my mother would have said.

    • Mrs Hillbilly says

      Yes you are correct ! Mavis is very hard to say no to… infact I cant remember a time when I have said no. However why should I ? Mavis provides me with fresh produce as well as an entertainment source for my kids… they love to ” you pick it” in her garden and play with those adorable ckickens! Cant wait for those pumpkins!!!!

  10. LaToya says

    Market value of the items, it’s pretty even, but I think you got a tad better of a deal. Those Aidell’s sausages at Costco are like $12. And then organic PB….and a box of Triscuits before everything else is about = to what you gave her. Good job; always love watching your videos, Miss Mavis!

  11. Michele says

    My husband and kids can’t live without Doritos either. I picked up 20 bags last week when they were on sale for $1.99 at Freddies. I used the $1/2 coupon from Pepsico and a GC that I received as a gift a few months ago. Paid nothing oop and then hid them from the family so they don’t turn into little piggies. I would love to do a trade with you Mavis if you ever make it to Eastern WA. You would love my pantry!

  12. chris says

    Too funny! I am an organic farmer of all things produce. My two children love to go to the gardens and snack there. I do make “crap” snacks…sorta. Homemade cookies once a week or a cake or something of the likes. When it is gone…it is gone until next weeks treat. Popped corn is a good compromise!

  13. says

    From our local prices, it appears to be a pretty even deal to me. I do think that the eggs would have made me swoon! I have never bartered with a neighbor before, but we do have a “mutual mooching” arrangement. We are constantly loaning stuff back and forth!

  14. Kat D says

    Love it! You both got a great deal because you both walked away satisfied! I’ve never swapped food with friends, but I do a lot of bartering. A friend of ours is a house cleaner and cleans ours for fresh & canned/frozen homegrown food every other week. My neighbor is quite crafty and will swap for handmade stuff. My daycare provider is super cool as well and will take produce and fresh bread as part of her weekly payment.

  15. Brendalina says

    Mavis, I’m a new subscriber, and I just love, love, love your website/blog!
    I will try and screw up my courage to barter. Has anyone heard of a barter/group//face book page in the South Metro Atlanta area? Have been couponing for about a year now, and have saved tons of money! Mrs. Hillbilly got the best deal, but you did all right too. Adell’s sausage is awesome. Love her accent, makes me feel right at home! Have fun on your trip.

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