Bartering with Mavis – Trading Salmon for Bison

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As I was sorting through my recent boxes of free chicken scraps, there was more watermelon, strawberries and lettuce {I’ll show you the pictures on Tuesday} than my family could eat.  Since my counters are already pretty full with free produce from the garden, I decided to see if I could barter any of the excess away.

First I called Girly Girl.

There was no answer. {Karma}

Then I rang Mrs. Hillbilly and asked her if she was interested in bartering.  She was.

I told her I was looking for Crisco.  But she only had 3 tablespoons left.

So then I said “How about some meat?”

“I’ve got smoked duck?”

“No.  How about bison, or chicken?”

“We have bison steaks.”

“Okay, I’ll be right over.”

But when I showed up Mrs. Hillbilly had 4 wrapped bison steaks on the counter.  Hmm.  4 Bison steaks for a few fresh veggies was totally not a fair trade.  So I ran home and grabbed some of our free salmon from the freezer {the Handsome Husband is always bringing home stinky free seafood}.

Free produce, garden fresh tomatoes, and 2 free stinky salmon {that I didn’t want to begin with} for 4 organic, free range bison steaks.  I’m happy.

What do you think?

Would you rather have salmon in your freezer or bison?


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  1. I would choose the Bison any day. Yummy!

  2. We have bison AND salmon in our freezer. And hubby is hoping to add venison too but I don’t know where I’m going to put it!! I think you made a pretty good trade :)

  3. Carol Dees says:

    Think I’d rather have the salmon but either is good.

  4. Bison, for sure! I definitely think you got the better deal this time!

  5. Random Person Named Melissa says:

    I rarely see Bison sold in my supermarket… probably a regional thing. No big deal though… I doubt you have gator sold in your supermarket like mine. 8P

  6. Good bartering. I love seeing what you barter for….. I am thinking there should be a whole case of jars with chocolates in it for you somehwere…

  7. Both! Sounds like a fair trade. Yummy for you both.

  8. The bison steaks I had were like leather!

  9. We are happy without either but glad you found amenable deals. I’m looking for someone with apples to spare.

  10. We love salmon!

  11. Dude. I have crisco and totally would’ve traded for veggies!!! If only we were neighbors :)

  12. Salmon all the way!

  13. I’m in favor of the Samon…..Yum!

  14. salmon

  15. I think that made up for your bad chocolate barter the other day. :)

    I am new to your blog. Where does your husband get the free salmon? Fishing?

  16. I would like either but I would eat the Salmon anyday! I hope to visit family in Alaska and bring home some salmon!

  17. How does your hubby get free salmon? And why is it stinky?
    I’m Canadian – is Bison and Buffalo meat the same thing?
    I’d be happy with both – free food is free food! But I appreciate your bartering ethics, especially afterbthe ‘dove fiasco’.
    Thanks to you, I recently bartered figs for furniture! Dried Lavender for a magnolia tree! And free with purchase baby wipes for handmade birthday cards!
    Canadians can’t coupon like you, I can’t keep chicken or get scraps, but I can BARTER! Thanks Mavis!

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