Bartering with Mavis – Trading Zucchini for Meat!

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Earlier this morning I stuck about 40+ pounds of zucchini on my porch.  After shredding 28+ pounds of the stuff yesterday, I had had it.  So I sent Girly Girl a text {I was desperate}.

Mavis – Boatload of zucchini on my porch.  You want it?

Girly Girl – What do you want?

Mavis – Ground meat.  And lot’s of it.

Girly Girl – Fine.  I’ll have Chino bring it over tomorrow.

So this afternoon when I came around the front of the house to place my green pumpkins on the porch, my zucchinis were gone and there was a sack of frozen meat in it’s place.

Clearly, Chino was the one who decided how much 40 pounds of zucchini were worth.

Because if it would have been Girly Girl, there would have only been 1 package.

40 pounds of zucchini for {5} 1.5 pound packages of organic ground buffalo?

Works for me!

Thanks Chino.


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  1. Yay! Great trade!

  2. That is an awesome trade. I think I would barter with Chino from now on!

  3. I left a message on one of your zucchini recipes for some more zucchini ideas. Did you see it?

  4. Great Deal. Deal only with Chino. He must have a passion for Zuks. You know how well they grow I bet next week you will have more coming off. I would text him. Who knows you might have enough meat for a month if he keeps this up.

  5. What’s ground buffalo taste like? Just like hamburger…or funky?

    • Better. Buffy is very lean. I cannot imagine getting gross ground hamburger from 10 million different cows form the grocery store ever again. It’s good. Try it. I think Costco is even selling it now.

  6. Makes up for the great chocolate rip off of 2012!

  7. Nice!!

  8. Helen in Meridian says:

    Does Chino the handyman shoot buffalo while riding bareback?

    • Chino does not hunt buffalo. And thank goodness he doesn’t do it bareback either. He is almost as pale as Conan O’Brian. It would not be a pretty sight. Trust me.

      *The Hunter {another neighbor} is the one who shoots buffalo. I’m not sure what Chino traded for his buffy or why he traded it away. Who knows.

  9. That is a great trade! You should make a Ragu sauce, like spaghetti meat sauce, you have all the veggies.

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