Bartering with Neighbors

mavis butterfield

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I thought I would throw on my pilgrim outfit and do a little bartering with my neighbors this week. Because hello, who doesn’t need a little fresh produce right about now?

organic vegetables

I decided to stop by my neighbor Hulda’s house first.

Hulda is cool. She occasionally helps me in the garden, she babysits our chickens when we go on vacation, she’s a good cook, but most of all, she’s down to earth. Totally not one of those typical high maintenance suburban housewives that goes around sporting an orange glow {fake tan} at the wine bar while wearing her Jimmy Choo’s and talking about her latest manicure.

dried corn

Or so I thought.

Look at her nails!!!

Do you see what I see? She got one of those fancy shmancy gel manicures.


Good gravy Hulda, how are you suppose to help me dig up potatoes this week with nails like that?

mavis butterfield bartering

Okay, back to the bartering.

At first my neighbor Hulda tried to trade me some ornamental corn for some of my fresh carrots. But I was like “Hulda, are you serious, I didn’t just get off the boat yesterday, what else do you have?”

mavis butterfield pilgrim Thanksgiving bartering

And that’s when she brought out the ground elk steak.

Thanksgiving pilgrim bartering mavis

And fresh baked oatmeal cookies too.

bartering food

Now that’s more like it.

Fresh homegrown vegetables for elk meat, cookies and ornamental corn.

Who do you think got the better deal?

Mavis {and Hulda} want to know. :)

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  1. Laura says

    If you want pretty nails, and to dig in the dirt, totally get a gel manicure! My daughter is in cosmetology school, and gave me one (my first ever manicure of any kind!), and they lasted for weeks! I dug in the dirt, I planted seeds by pushing my finger into the soil to make the holes, I washed dishes without gloves, everything! They never chipped. You just know they need to come off (you can do it at home, but usually the salon will remove them for free, it can be tricky) when they grow out. It looks like Hulda’s thumb polish is either grown out, or not put on right. Geeze… I get my first polish and now I’m an expert!

    I think the deals were even. I don’t eat game meat, but I also don’t like what-ever those root veggies are (besides the carrots)!

  2. Ashley says

    I’d say that this time of year (hunting season in WI), I’d love to trade a couple pounds of meat for a bunch of veggies. Come late summer next year when we’re low on meat and it’s too hot to bake cookies, I’d prefer to be on your end of the trade. :)

  3. Madam Chow says

    I’d say that this time of year, this was an even trade. Mavis, usually I think you get the short end of the stick.

  4. nlj says

    I live in the wrong part of town…. And probably of the country, too. Not only am I *not* permitted to garden, but it’s also a pretty sure bet that none of my neighbors have any ground elk in their freezers! I am totally missing out.

  5. Ellen in Clackamas says

    That looks like a pretty even deal. And defense of Hulda’s nails…I have had the gel/shellac nails for years and I do EVERYTHING with them. Dig, and mow and clean. I have a very good nail tech and they just hold up perfectly. Well worth the space in the budget

  6. Carolyn Ball says

    I think both Mavis and Hulda came out winners, and I totally agree that Hulda is cool, a great cook, a good neighbor but then I might be prejudice. Mom from Montana

  7. Peggy Ann says

    Hey Mavis, you make a cute Pilgrim. The veggies are pretty awesome too.
    Just out of curiosity do you have costumes for other holidays as well?
    If not, why do you have a pilgrim outfit?

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