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mavis butterfield botanical interests seed company

As soon as we landed in Denver we hit the road and headed to Botanical Interests seed company in Broomfield, Colorado. When we arrived there was a huge welcome sign for us and two other people. Bill and Marty? Who the heck are Bill and Marty?

Because the sign was on an easel, and multiple sheets of paper had been torn off, we thought hmmm, they must give a lot of tours. But just as we were about to ask Curtis {He and his wife Judy co-own the company}how many tours they give a year, Bill and Marty showed up. With Ryan. My hottie of a horticulturalist online boyfriend.

Which was really awkward, because Bill and Marty were Ryan’s PARENTS!  And it get’s even better. Apparently Ryan’s fiancé works at Botanical Interests too!

Awesome. Almost Wet My Pants.

botanical interests seed company tour

After our little meet and great, Jim the warehouse manager took us on a behind the scenes tour.

bulk seeds

Jim was awesome. Not only did he show us around, but he pointed out large sacks of seeds, showed us where they test the seed that comes in from the different fields and where they lock up all the temperature controlled and specialty seeds. I didn’t notice a wedding band on Jim’s ring finger so if you are from the Denver area, let me know. I’ll try and hook you up.

mavis butterfield

We also got up close and personal with the guys running the seed packet machines.

seed company tour

Botanical Interests sells over 600 different kinds of seeds. So you can imagine these guys pack a lot of seeds on any given day of the week.

seed packet machine

It’s pretty obvious guys are in charge of this area. How do I know that? Do you see the duct tape holding together the seed tray? Need I say more?

botanical interests seed company tour picture

Here is Jim explaining the date on the seed packets to Amber. Clearly Jim did his research and knew Amber needed all the help she could get when it comes to planting a backyard garden.

ellen botanical interets seed company

Oh and this is Ellen. I think she is pretty much in charge of everything. Including judging the new drawings that come in from various Botanical Interests artists. I can only imagine how hard it must be to critique artwork. Yikes. What a tough job.


We learned so much from our behind the scenes tour it was awesome.We had no idea until the end of tour that they only give about 3 tours a year. Wowza! How cool was that? So a big thank you to Curtis, Ryan, Jim, Ellen, Judy, Buddy and the rest of the gang at Botanical Interests, we had a blast!

Thank You.


For more information on Botanical Interests, you can check out the Botanical Interests website, follow them on Twitter, Facebook  or visit my {online} boyfriend Ryan’s blog You can also order their new 2013 Garden Seed Catalog if you have not received one already.

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  1. UgaVic says

    It is so much fun to see how things work behind the scenes.

    We laugh at the duct tape comment…In this household you know who got to the issue first by the color of the duck tape…pink, camo and white is the wife, silver is the hubby:-)

    Am eagerly awaiting my catalog…in Alaska 3 class mail means it comes via a seal AFTER the ice thaws and it has taken a side trip to S. America for some herring!!

    Thanks for the great post and info!!

  2. Julie says

    Loved reading this. I became a customer of Botanical Interests as a result of your blog which I stumbled upon somehow. I am looking forward to my first year of gardening using their seeds. Thanks for blogging about the tour.

  3. Emma M says

    I would love to win the gourmet greens pack. We planted our first garden last year and are excited to expand it this year!

  4. EHF says

    Really neat to see the tour! I ordered all my seeds from them and got them in the mail yesterday! First time trying them and I am so excited! The packages are just gorgeous!

  5. Amber Knight says

    Cool Tour, I have been buying their seeds for years at the local feed store. They donated last years seeds (still good) to the local seed exchange. Score !!! What a great company.

  6. Elizabeth says

    Finalizing my seed order. I’m strongly considering switching from my usual ordering place to Botanical Interests. Any chance they’ll be offering your readers a coupon code anytime soon?? 😉

  7. Barbee says

    I never bought from these people because all of their products are illustrated.
    That’s a turn-off for me. I think it’s weird that the illustrations are like: Imaginary things.
    Personally, I find photos to be MUCH more appealing, especially photos that include less-than-perfect results.

    Buuuuuut….since YOU, Mavis, recommend them, maybe I’ll give them a try. :)

  8. Stephanie says

    I love Botanical Interests seeds! I decided to use them for my first “from seed” garden because they are in the western part of the US, like me, and the main reason….because they sell non-GMO seeds. I wanted organic and heirloom varieties and they had almost everything I wanted to grow. I ordered seeds, got them fast and in a cute little box that I ended up using for storing the seeds through the winter. I started my tomato and pepper seeds in February and they all sprouted in a few days. It is May, and I have a huge garden full of tomato plants that are healthy and happy. I even have a tomato!!!! I’m about to plant the rest of my veggie seeds outdoors and I know they are going to sprout, because the seeds I have sprouted from this company have been fast and vigorous. I’m a loyal customer already! lol

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