Channel Your Inner Pilgrim Episode 2 – Free Zucchini

Thank you random lady from New York who gave me a hot doughnut.

Yesterday my friend Heather and I went to Seattle to take class provided by the Seattle Tilth {I’ll tell you more about it a little later}. While we were there, I decided to Channel My Inner Pilgrim, and give away 7 giant zucchinis from my garden.

I’m up to my ears in the stuff, so I decided to see if anyone in Seattle would take a free zucchini from a crazy lady in a pilgrim costume.  I was pretty shocked at the results.  Giving away free zucchini, was much easier than giving away free carrots.  Who knew?

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  1. Tali says

    Mavis, first of all… are so sweet to give so much stuff away…second, when I saw the green bin you walked by I thought you might jump in to see if it had any inserts…lol

  2. Destini says

    I did not realize you were in gig harbor. I work there. I would totally love to be able to see your set up in person. I have a small garden and chickens as well.

    • Mavis says

      Ha! They do. We totally did this at the last minute to so it was hilarious. Note to self, always travel with Pilgrim dress. :)

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