Clever Way to Store Cold Drinks – Canning Jars

Clever Way to Store Cold Drinks - Canning Jars

Attention canners!  We had a get together recently and decided to store drinks in mason jars.  Not only did it look cool, it worked great. I used pint-sized jars and filled them with lemonade, homemade vitamin water, iced tea, and water with lemon.  It was a hit.

canning jar glasses

People had a selection, and there wasn’t a ton of bottles that were headed to the landfill when we were all done, not to mention, it literally cost us pennies to make all of the drinks.  Best of all, who doesn’t love to drink out of a mason jar–it just screams summer time.  After I filled all of the pint jars, I screwed on the lids and put them into a big bucket filled with ice to keep them nice and cold.

Now go put those jars to use before it’s time to fill them up with canned fruits and veggies.


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  1. sandy says

    they make reusable plastic lids to take the place of the two ring kind. they are used to close your jar but they wont stick or rust. I use them all the time on my jars, they come in two sizes.

  2. says

    Such a great idea- I used this when we went up north this last week fishing. I did have a little problem transporting the empty’s though.

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