DIY Daily Shower Spray

DIY Daily  Shower Spray

Do you use a daily shower spray?  I have always wanted to, because mostly I HATE scrubbing the grime off of the showers, but I never have because I just couldn’t justify the cost or the fact that I was essentially spraying chemicals into the shower, only to add steam to them later.  Kind of seems like a vaporous nightmare on the old lungs.

I stumbled onto this DIY shower recipe recently, though, and I LOVE it.  It is super simple, void of harsh chemicals, and CHEAP.  Plus, it seems to be doing the job.  I don’t need to scrub my shower hardly at all {the key is to start using it right after you have scrubbed the shower so it stays clean, and not relying on it to do the job entirely.}

DIY Daily  Shower Spray


  • 1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar
  • 1 Cup Dawn Dishsoap
  • Spray Bottle

Seriously, that’s it.


  1. Heat the vinegar in a glass container in the microwave for two minutes.  {Heating the vinegar helps the vinegar and dawn combine better.}
  2. Pour the vinegar into the spray bottle {I used a funnel, because I am messy}
  3. Now add the cup of Dawn.
  4. Place the spray nozzle back on the bottle, screw it down nice and good, and now shake it like you mean it.
  5. Spray your shower daily.
  6. Check clean the shower off your list of to-do’s.

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  1. says

    Love this! I also make laundry detergent, and dishwasher detergent too (because it uses 2 of the ingredients in laundry detergent). After I realized how incredibly CHEAP these are to make, and how EASY they are to assemble, I felt as if the soap industry had totally taken advantage of me and duped me into believing that these products had to be purchased ready-made. What a dummy I was!

    • JayJay says

      I made the powder form of homemade laundry detergent–Borax, Arm and Hammer Washing Sodas and Zote–last October.
      I still have about 2 inches in a 2 gallon bucket. And I do NOT hesitate to do a half load when ready because I don’t have laundry day at my house with 12 loads to do–evah!!!
      That’s just not the kind of gal I am.
      It is one of the greatest money savers you can practice. :-)

  2. Rhonda Hittle says

    This is the BEST SHOWER cleaner ever… the dirt just wipes off.. We have used this for about 2 years… Best find I ever made…

  3. Brandi @ Savvy Student Shopper says

    I use the same vinegar + Dawn combo, but instead of putting it in a spray bottle, I pour it into those dish scrubbers (sponge with handle attachment) and scrub the shower down.

  4. Annette Shaw says

    Hey Mavis,

    Where do you get your spray bottles? I’ve bought a few cheap one and they always seem to break on me.


  5. Trina says

    Hi Mavis,
    Just a tip for products containing vinegar. It’s a really bad idea to use on marble showers, counters or floors. It will pit and remove the finish and cause unsightly spotting because of the acidity. It is great on granite but marble is very soft and porous. I’m a housecleaner who likes to use natural products and I found this out the hard way. Luckily my client already had damage on the countertop so I did not have to relpace it. Test it first in a hidden spot on questionable surfaces just to be safe.

    Trina :o)

    • Rubi says

      Excellent suggestion Trina!

      I would also like to note that anything acidic (vinegar, citrus juice etc) will strip the sealant off ANY natural material (including granite.) Since you have to use water-based and/or natural sealers on porous counter surfaces that you want to keep food-safe (stone, concrete, unglazed/polished tile etc.), they will deteriorate even faster when using abrasives or acids and will need to be reapplied more frequently than the average 6-12 month sealer. So, unless you have a non-porous surface or plan on being very diligent with re-sealing, I would not recommend using harsh vinegar-based cleaners.

      Also, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that the grout in between tiles is usually cement based and is also porous so don’t bother using acidic stuff on grout either, especially if you are routinely sealing it to keep out bacteria and mildew growth.

  6. Kimberly says

    We spray daily after our shower as our shower is all glass, ao residue shows up immediately. Do you spray it before shower? Or after? And wipe down or no wipe down?


  7. Debbie Collingwood says

    Does anyone know if this works on breaking down hard water stains? We have really hard water, no matter how hard I scrub I never feel like my bathroom is clean when I get done. So frustrating!!

  8. Crystal says

    I was a cleaner, and when we had bad hard water, and time, we would use BonAmI Powder Cleanser, and a toothbrush, or scrub pad and elbow grease, and scrub. Then we just had to be diligent about cleaning it really well the next week.
    Good luck!

  9. Delilah says

    this does work on hard water. i have hard water, no rust but hard water and our walk in shower door has hard water spots that i have not been able to get rid of completely and this works wonders. the only thing is the smell gets to me. so i just spray it off after about 30 min and it still helps clean the shower between deep cleanings..

  10. Carrie says

    Do you just spray it on after you shower every day? We generally squeegee our short after we use it, would you still do that?

  11. Jamie says

    I tried this and I thought it was so much Dawn that it just made such a soapy mess. I use the same amount of vinegar but less than half the amount of Dawn. It does work, I just didn’t like how much Dawn it used.

  12. sk says

    You can skip the Dawn. Try 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water. Spray after showering–and once in a blue moon scrub down your tub/shower the way you used to to do every week.

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