DIY How to Make Redneck Wine Glasses

DIY Redneck wine glasses

The summer entertaining season is right around the corner and now is a great time to get a few of those arts and crafts projects out of the way. This morning I made a set of DIY Redneck Wine glasses for one of my friends. She had mentioned having seen some redneck wine glasses on Amazon a while back and thought they were cool

Well guess what? Her birthday is coming up and so I made her a set.

Hot Diggety Dog!

DIY redneck wine glasses craft

How to Make Redneck Wine Glasses


6 Canning Jars
6 Glass Candlesticks {I found mine at the Dollar Store}
Epoxy Quick Set Glue {Home Depot or Amazon sells it}
Sandpaper {I used medium grit}

redneck wine glasses tutorial


Use a piece of sandpaper to scratch up the rim of the glass candlesticks {this will help the epoxy adhere the canning jars and the candlesticks together}. Wash, then dry the candlesticks to remove any dust.

diy how to make redneck wine glasses

Set the mason jar, bottom side up, on your work surface. Carefully place a generous amount of Epoxy glue on the bottom of the mason jar.

how to make redneck wine glasses DIY

Place the candlestick on top of the canning jar and press the glass pieces together. Let your new redneck wine glass sit undisturbed for 24 hours before using or gifting.

Yee- Haw!  How easy was that?


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  1. Ashley says

    I always see these at stores but they are SOOOOO expensive! Love your homemade ones! I think I’ll have to make some of these myself :)

    • Jennifer says

      There are several short candle holders out there, I’ve had some that were only an inch or so tall

    • Karen says

      Not a good dishwasher prospect. We had purchased some before we found how to make them, and with the purchased pair it had a “Do not put in Dishwasher” tag on them!

  2. Miriam says

    Oh my those are ugly. (Just my personal opinion here.) They would make great gag gifts or party gifts though.
    I think I would prefer to make mason mugs rather than wine glasses. It would make for some epic lemonade/rootbeer parties.

    • Heidi says

      1 can(s) frozen limeade concentrate
      2 can(s) light beer (we use coors light)
      1 can(s) white tequila (such as cabo wabo or patron)

  3. Karen says

    I saw someone carrying one of these around at the Renaissance Festival and thought it was a great idea!! Beverages don’t spill and it’s just kinda fun & funky 😉

  4. An Oregon mom says

    Just make sure when you set your candelstick holder on top of you mason jar that everything is straight and level! Or you will have crooked redneck wine glasses.

  5. Vicki says

    A neighboring vendor at our local farmers’ market sold these one Saturday last summer. She had about two dozen of them and sold them for $5.00 each. She sold out in the first hour of market. She said they cost about $1 to make, so she was happy with her profit. Some of the market customers said they’d seen similar glasses for about $10 each in stores. She promised to come back with more during the summer, but that actually ended up being her last week at market for some reason. They really were fun glasses!

  6. Helen in Meridian says

    Last year I started collecting those mason jars looking glasses with handles at the thrift stores. I also collected several of the cowboy boot jars with handles too. They will be great with lemonade, and now I can make redneck margaritas in my Vita Mix. A cheap safe way to store them is to use those Albertsons and Fred Meyer wine bottle carriers that hold 6 without clicking. You could deliver your gift in those too.I think my patio and gazebo gatherings will look COOL…yeehaw.

  7. LG says

    You’d be proud of me– I made these for all my girlfriends for my ‘Mullet & Wine Tasting’ Bachelorette party along with their very own Redneck nametags! Can you believe those glasses retail for $16/each most places?

  8. Dawn K. Thomson says

    I read a statement somewhere, can’t remember now, that goes something like this: If it is handmade, it should be handwashed. Don’t put these types of items in your dishwasher. I haven’t tried, so don’t know what would happen. I just err on the side of caution and wash them by hand.

  9. Kelly says

    I made these for the girls in my bridal party and there is actually a really good glue that IS dishwasher safe…Loctite glass glue…Works wonders and is dishwasher safe after letting the glasses sit for a week. I made these and tried it…,

  10. Gwen in L.A. says

    Made a set using small mayo jars, too. 99 cent candlesticks. Good for a laugh, and they work.

    We don’t drink spirits but anything tastes better when you’re happy!

  11. Christel Jonker says

    Be very careful with these. I made some for my daughters wedding reception (we had a lemonade theme) but the minute we put cold liquid in them they popped apart. I don’t know if we let them dry or set long enough. I would make them at least a week in advance of needing them. Good luck.

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