Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids – Root Beer Reindeer, Cinnamon Candles, Tea Bag Wreath

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Pipe cleaners, googley eyes, and red sparkly pom poms.  Root Beer Reindeer.  Awesome!

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I am a total tea drinker and I absolutely LOVE this gift idea!

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Toilet paper rolls and construction paper.  Does it get any easier than that?

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White candles, cinnamon sticks and a couple of sprigs of holly.  Perfect!

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Candy canes, brown yard, googly eyes, a jingle bell, white sting and red pom poms.  This would be fun for the kids to make while the adults are chatting.

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  1. My kids are giving their aunt and uncles the ‘reinbeer’ for Christmas :)

  2. Crystal V says:

    Directions for the tea wreath?

  3. I LOVE the tea wreath. I drink tea all the time. Currently it’s Spiced Christmas tea. Yum. :)

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