Fitness Friday – Tacoma Marathon 2013

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Back in the fall of 2009, I was walking downtown and lost my car keys. So I retraced my steps to try and find them. After a 2, maybe 3 hour search, I threw in the towel and called to my neighbor Girly Girl to pick me up.

As I was talking to Girly Girl on the car ride home,  I realized I had just walked 12 miles and thought, hey, I bet I could walk a marathon.  So as soon as I got home, I went online and searched for the soonest marathon I could find. I quickly paid the fee before I chickened out and set my eyes on the Seattle Marathon. The fact that the marathon was only 90 days away, didn’t deter me one bit. I mean really, how hard could walking 26.2 miles be anyway, I had just walked 12 trying to find my freakin’ car keys. Right?

To make a long story short – My training consisted of fast walking {but not in a freaky sort of way} and slightly jogging around town and on the treadmill up until the marathon. My husband and parents thought I was crazy, but I ended up finishing in 5 hours 25 minutes. Not a great time, but also not a bad one for an idiot who thought all she had to do was throw on any old pair of shoes and “Just Do It.”

asics running shoes

So yesterday I found myself in the local running store getting fitted for a pair of shoes. When I had done the 2009 Seattle Marathon, I walked in a pair of old shoes that were not made for running or walking any sort of long distance. They were everyday shoes, and I was too cheap to buy new ones.

If you have never been fitted for a pair of athletic shoes by someone who actually knows what they are selling, you should . Because yesterday, I found out that I have been wearing the WRONG SIZE SHOE.

Apparently our feet continue growing and widen as we get older. WHO NEW? I suppose the tip off should have been my feet hurt anytime I wear a pair of shoes for a long period of time, but nah, who would of thought I was wearing the wrong shoe size? I mean, I’ve been the same size since I’ve been like 12. If anything, aren’t we suppose to shrink as we get older?

Holy Crack!

tacoma marathon 2013

If you think I am a runner, or some sort of Sporty Spice, you are totally wrong. I dislike running immensely and cannot run 1/4 a mile without stopping. Remember that 5k Turkey Trot I did on Thanksgiving? It took me like 38 minutes to finish. So ya, running is not my specialty.

I need to get into shape for the 2013 growing season and this is how I am going to do it. Hauling wheel barrows full of dirt and weeding takes muscle power and endurance, and I can’t think of a better way to get into shape than walking around town for the next 4 months to get fit.

Plus, setting goals, and marking them off a list as I finish them {hello OCD}. is one of my favorite things to do on the planet. So I’m in it to win it. Well, not WIN it, but cross the finish line in the same amount of time {or better} than last time.

tacoma marathon elevation map 2013

And look, this course is almost all downhill, so how bad could it possibly be?


A word of caution – Get medical advise before starting any sort of strenuous exercise. Know your limits.


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  1. says

    I think you should do the Disneyland & Disneyworld marathons – I imagine you could come up with some amazing costumes. There is also the Disneyworld Princess Half Marathon and Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon. If you complete both a Disneyland and a Disneyworld half/full in a year you get an additional medal.

  2. Jessica W says

    Mavis, I didn’t realize you’re in the Pacific Northwest (how’d I miss that!) I’m also considering a marathon–the Rock and Roll half this summer. (Not the full marathon. I’m a wimp). Also, I just got fitted for my first pair of “real” running shoes with custom insoles. HOLY COW. The difference is AMAZING. I’ve been missing out all these years!

  3. Desi says

    You’re hilarious, “it’s mostly down hill”. Haha, except for that reeeaaally steep part. Best of wishes to you.

  4. bonnie fuentevilla says

    Well, since I’ll already be wearing my running shoes walking the dogs, everyday, might as well keep them on and keep walking.

  5. Annabel Lee says

    I am glad you got better shoes. My middle daughter developed an interest in running in 6th grade and started Cross Country. She started having hip pain. A little running shoe store in town had just opened and they gave discount to students so we went there and they diagnosed the problem right away, we bought the new shoes and no more hip pain.

    She still runs several times a week or more either outside or on the treadmill. She and her bridesmaid did a trail race the day BEFORE the wedding. They were a little worried about sprained ankles and having to walk in their 4″ heels. I did notice bandaids on my daughters feet where she had gotten some blisters.

    Even walkers should have good shoes, not flip flops or those ballet flats with no support or “fashion” sneakers.

  6. Pam says


    You are so inspiring! I finally lost the extra weight I’d been putting on for the last 20 + years 2 years ago (good ol’ WW!), but have somehow put 10 #’s back on …. urghh….so, after reading about your plans to do another marathon, I to have decided to take the plunge and find one to attend! Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps! thanks for all your inspiring tales of “life”. You make it “fun”!

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