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Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start thinking about ordering seeds for this years garden. Here is a giant list of seed companies for you to choose from:

Botanical Interests Seed Catalog {These are my favorite!  Plus, my boyfriend Ryan works here}

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds {Cool rare seeds}

Totally Tomatoes Seed Catalog {Big selection of tomatoes, obviously, but sells other seeds too}

Burpee Seed Catalog {One of the larger seed companies.  Website says they are committed to selling only non-GMO seeds, though}

Seeds of Change Catalog {100% certified organic seeds}

Seed Savers Seed Catalog {Non profit organization dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds}

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange {Sells varieties specifically suited to grow in the Southern part of the U.S.}

Sustainable Seed Company {Certified organic heirloom seeds}

Territorial Seeds Catlaog {Untreated seeds.  Family-owned business out of Oregon}

Peaceful Valley Seed Catalog {Promotes organic gardening}

Uprising Seeds {Open pollinated, organic certified seeds}

Victory Seed Company {Rare, open-pollinated, and heirloom seeds}

Johhny’s Seed Catalog {Employee-owned company out of Maine.  Committed to the safe seed pledge}

High Mowing Seed Catalog {100% organic seed, based out of Vermont}

Gardens Alive {a great source for bugs and organic fertilizers}

D. Landreth Seed Company {oldest seed house in America–catalog is not free, but it is available online}

Amishland Heirloom Seeds {Owned and operated by one woman.  She ONLY sells her OWN  seeds, and has signed the safe seed pledge}

Cherrygal Heirloom Seeds {Eclectic company selling non-GMO seeds and hand-crafted items}

Bountiful Gardens {Seed company out of California selling untreated open-pollinated non-GMO seed}

Pinetree Garden Seeds {Family-owned company promising to never sell GMO seeds or support anything that in any way supports Monsanto}

FedCo Seeds {Adapted to be cold-hardy, specifically for the Northeast United States}

Stokes Seeds {Carries a selection of treated and untreated seeds}

Gurney’s Seeds {Seed variety galore}

The Cook’s Garden {Seeds for gourmet gardeners}

Irish Eye’s Garden Seeds {Quality provider of potato, vegetable, flower and garden seeds}

Hudson Valley Seed Library {Great seeds, even greater packaging art work}

Seeds Now {They sell only 100% natural NON-Hybridized and 100% NON-Genetically Modified seeds}

Seattle Seed Company {They encourage people to buy locally and to grow their own food when possible!}

Did I miss one of your favorite seed companies?  Let me know in the comment selection below and I’ll add it to the list.

~ Mavis

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  1. Emilyplays in WA says

    How about Ed Hume? Their website specifies
    Selected For Cool Climates
    Suitable For Early & Late Planting In Warmer Climates
    Untreated and Not Genetically Engineered
    Highest Germination (This Years Crop Not Last Years.)

    Love seed catalog season! I had a dream about harvesting gigantic beets already!

  2. Darlene says

    I LOVE your blog but I’ve noticed a ton more “ad” types of things I have to go through to get to your actual stories :(

  3. Linda says

    Love this!! You had me at “Hey girl” – checked out the other photos on the website. What a hoot! Made my day!

  4. Julie says

    We just ordered some from They also promise not to sell any seeds that would bring $ to M. Thanks for the list!

  5. says

    One of my favorites is Seattle Seed Company. Organic and non GMO, many are heirloom varieties. Also like Annie’s seeds, and Renée’s Garden seeds!

  6. says

    I’m a big fan of Hudson Valley Seed Library. Not only are the seeds awesome but the art work is amazing. I have a plan to frame the packages this year and last year (they talk about the art on the website if interested). This year I was actually gifted a membership (is that not the most thoughtful gift?!) so I will be getting a discount on my seed order (woot woot!).

    KK @ Preppy Pink Crocodile

  7. Laurie says

    The Potato Garden out of Colorado has a nice variety potato seed. Ordered for the first time last year and plan on ordering again this year.

  8. Katie B. says

    For all the southerners reading, we have a local SC seed company called Heavenly Seed, The owner is was a former VP of the Foundation Seed Program at Clemson University and has lots of local varieties that can’t be found anywhere else. We ordered 2yrs ago and had great germination from all his seed and sweet potato slips. We plan on keeping the heirlooms going and ordering their seed again this year!

  9. Marlene says

    A local organic farmer recommended Osborne Seed Company in Mt. Vernon, Washington. They do field trials here in the Pacific NW, and I have been happy with the quality of their seeds for my home garden here in the Cascade Foothills.

  10. Dee Nash (@reddirtramblin) says

    Goodness! I didn’t know your boyfriend is Ryan. Y’all are perfect for each other. Great post about free seed catalogs. I see a few I need (want)! Have a great day.~~Dee

  11. Mary says

    Received the Botanical Interest catalog yesterday — it is beautiful! I could hang each page on the wall! And it has varieties I really love and haven’t been able to find recently, like the Joe E. Mex Anaheim Chili. Thanks for your wonderful list!

  12. Donna Jantzer says

    I was so happy to see Irish Eyes on the list! I am an Ellensburg girl, and love the place, as I am able to order and pick up locally. I always order from them, and from Seed Savers. I love how Seed Savers sends you a random free package of seeds with every order. I have gotten some fun things I wouldn’t have thought to try. And shipping is very reasonable. Great list, thanks.

    • Mavis says

      I loved that about Seed Savers too! I’m pretty loyal to Botanical Interests, but there are so many other amazing companies out there as well. Seed Savers is one of them!

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