Friday Night at the Movies – Dirt! The Movie

Tonight The Girl and I will be watching Dirt! The Movie.  While browsing movie titles, it was listed as a Top 5 Food Documentary.  It highlights the good, bad, and the ugly of our farming practices, and examines human beings relationship with dirt, and how our need to alter it may lead to our ruining our biggest resource.  Hmmm, I smell a plug for backyard gardening!

Since I plan on spending the better part of my year wrist-deep in dirt, I figured it might be worth my time to check it out.

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Peace out Girl Scouts & have yourself a great weekend,



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  1. Jessie says

    It’s been in my queue for a while…looks like I’ll be watching it on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn on one side and my husband or a kid or the dog on the other. :)

  2. season 3 says

    I can no longer find your post about season 3
    so maybe you already know this
    but if not,

    My virus protection blocked the website
    and flashed a warning that the website contains a known threat.

  3. says

    That one is pretty darn good! Your next movie night should be “Ingredients”. Possibly my newest fav because it shows some awesome NW farmers (outside Portland). I’m kind of a documentary nerd so just ask for recommendations… I’ve seen almost all of them. :) Oh! I almost forgot. Will Allen is incredible. I mean REALLY incredible. If you don’t know anything about the guy, you should google him. The way that man cares about worms is breathtaking. :) I think you’d really get along.

  4. Jenny H. says

    I’ll definitely add that one to my queue!!
    Tonight I watched the documentary Vegucated (on Netflix streaming)… And I might be sick to my stomach. :(
    Have you watched it?!

      • Jenny H. says

        It was definitely interesting. I did not realize that the animal cruelty/ protection acts do not apply to those used in the food and textile industry?! Let’s just say, it was still on my mind so I had tofu and grilled veggies for lunch. Which I love anyways!! But there were some inside looks into the egg industry, meat and dairy cows that made me so sad. :(
        Tough call on whether or not to add it to your queue, but it opened my eyes!! :)

  5. Lisa says

    I feel that there should be more classes required in school that teach kids about our environment and life and show films like these!

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