Friday Night at the Movies – Food Matters

Tonight the Girl and I will be watching Food Matters.  It’s a documentary on the relationship between food and health.  I think we all know that food effects our health, but after watching this preview, I wonder, do we all know what bad food actually does to our health?  I’m interested to see how much I really know about nutrition {or scared to see how little I know!}.

food matters dvd

I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix, but Amazon has Food Matters on  Instant Video.

Let me know what you think if you decide to watch it–or if you have already seen it.  Did you love it? Hate it? Can’t wait to watch it over and over?

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Peace out Girl Scouts & have yourself a great weekend,


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  1. Susan says

    This movie changed the way I feed my family. I have always had a garden, but after watching this, organic gardening became important, as did buying foods without GMO and all kids of other junk added to them. Enjoy!

  2. kira says

    Be careful with this one. The organizations and “experts” in it have questionable histories and qualifications, and they use practices that are banned and deemed unsafe by the scientific and medical community in the USA. The journals they reference are not peer reviewed, and the reception this “documentary” received was very critical. Watching it, my “quack scientist” alarm bells were ringing so loud I could hardly hear the show. After you watch it, read about it… it is interesting.

  3. Carla says

    I saw this one recently, and as a result I’ve completely eliminated sugar and other refined products from my diet. I’m doing this as an experiment for 6 weeks, because they say after that amount of time eating a plant-based whole foods diet, you will lose all your cravings for sugar and junk food. And let me tell you, I have very strong sugar cravings that I would love to be rid of!

  4. Jessie D says

    I just finished watching this documentary and I have to say: I love it!
    My dad has been saying these things ever since I can remember so a lot of the information presented here is not new to me.
    I also did some fact checking when they put up the numbers of deaths in the U.S. due to Cardiac, Cancer, and Adverse Drug Reaction related deaths. All of those numbers are supported by information that can be found on the CDC website and the US poison control website.

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