Frugal Living Tip – 10 Cool Uses for Vinegar

10 cool uses for vinegar

I’m sure you have heard of a million uses for vinegar, but here are a few more to try:

  1. Put on a pair of cheap $1.00 store cotton gloves.  Soak fingertips of glove in a bowl of white vinegar and warm tap water {equal parts}.  Run your hands across the bottom and top of blinds.
  2. Clean paintbrushes accidentally left in paint by placing them in a simmering pot of white vinegar.  {For dried on paint, let the brushes soak in vinegar for an hour or so prior to adding heat.}
  3. Have some fun with the kids:  soak pennies in a bowl of undiluted vinegar overnight.  When they wake up, they will have a bowl of shiny pennies.
  4. To prevent glassware from becoming ruined with hard water mineral deposits, spray with undiluted vinegar, rinse them with hot water and dry them.
  5. Clean your coffee maker with 1 cup undiluted vinegar. Run through a brewing cycle.  Rinse with water, and run it 1-2 more times with plain water.  {Check owner’s manual first}
  6. Fix stained plastic or smelly food containers {can you say left-over spaghetti?} by wiping with a cloth dipped in white vinegar.
  7. To clean brass, copper, or pewter mix a paste with equal parts table salt and white vinegar.
  8. Mix 1/2 cup white vinegar to 1/2 cup water in a microwave safe bowl.  Bring it to a boil in the microwave.  Stinky microwave, gone.  And food splatters should wipe off easily.  {Drop your kitchen sponge into the water while it boils, and you’ve clean and sanitized it at the same time}
  9. Remove water rings from wood by using a solution of equal parts white vinegar and mineral oil.
  10. Fix stinky garbage disposals by pouring 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup hot white vinegar down the drain.  Let sit for about five minutes and then flush with hot water.

vinegar 400 uses
I use vinegar for canning, as a natural weed barrier, to get rid of fruit flies, to make buttermilk, and the list goes on.   Want to learn more?  Check out this nifty little reference book: Vinegar: Over 400 Various, Versatile, and Very Good Uses You’ve Probably Never Thought Of.

How about YOU? What do you use vinegar for?

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  1. Pickles! says

    I LOVE vinegar! My husband makes fun of me for using it – I use it to do laundry, mop, in the bathroom… anywhere I can replace using toxic bleach. Vinegar rules! Thanks for sharing more tips!

  2. Kay says

    I use it as a fabric softener/bacteria zapper in my laundry. Much better for your skin than regular fabric softener.

  3. J says

    My latest favorite—my husband got rid of a tough case of athlete’s foot. Just apply 50/50 diluted white vinegar between toes and on the bottom of foot two times a day.

  4. jenny says

    I used it mixed with baking soda in an empty hot cycle in my top loading washer to get the horrible mildew smell out! I had tried everything before that and nothing else worked!!

  5. Becky says

    The book’s author, Vicki Lansky, has great books out for parents. I used her baby food book, Feed Me I’m Yours. She also wrote The Taming of the C.A.N.D.Y. Monster. She’s very practical, and her books are always full of great ideas.

  6. Random Person Named Melissa says

    Poor some baking soda down the drain then add some vinager. It becomes a enviromentally safe draino. It cleans the pipes really good.

  7. says

    Vinegar is just so useful! Hydrogen Peroxide is running it a close second at my house. :O)

    I started out making Laundry detergent, I mean 3 cents a load for liquid laundry soap that works every bit as good as anything you buy at the store. How can you go wrong right… then I moved onto to replacing all the other cleaners using mostly vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Oh and Baking Soda

    Saves a lot of $ and is so much healthier for us and the environment! :O)

  8. says

    Use vinegar in dishwasher instead of Jet Dry, works great. Also, apple cedar vinegar is a great facial toner and skin softener for psoriasis and eczema.

  9. ali says

    I add it to my dishwasher & all my laundry. My daughter’s preschool teacher said it would help her get sick less & she was right. Been doing it for a few years now & my kids rarely get sick anymore.

  10. celina says

    these posts always make me laugh..i’m canadian..


    and yes to clean with……lol

  11. Deborah Saas says

    I combine 1/2 cup of white vinegar, 1/4 cup 70% rubbing alcohol and enough water to reach the top of a spray bottle as my primary cleaning solution… bathroom sinks, kitchen counters, tile, you name it. For my kitchen floors, I use 1 cup white vinegar and 1/2 cup alcohol to a gallon of hot water. The floor gets very clean and dries very quickly.

  12. valerie barnes says

    foot dr told me to use it for blisters and open areas on the feet. i put a tablespoon in 2 quarts of warm water . works great clears it up in a couple days

  13. Mary says

    1/4 cup to a gallon of water in my windshield washers. Winter add a 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol to the mix and a little less water.

  14. Bobbi says

    I use white vinegar only for cleaning !! It is made either for pine or grain and has no food value,actually said to destroy food value. I
    I use only apple cider or red wine vinegar for food and unpasteurized or not distilled as the heat again , destroys the enzymes also watch for sulfur dioxide to protect color it isn’t good either.

  15. Ellen Baber says

    Tis great for refresing bed pans and urinals in the sick or home bound situation. Soaking stained clothes, refreshing dishwasher, cleaning steam iron, getting mildew off porch furnitature using straight white vinager, washing porch chair cushions. First I air fluff cushions to get out dust etc., I leave the cover on the foam, spotting with straight vinager, add 1 cup white vinager to wash cycle, rinsing twice. Put coushions on their side on porch to dry.

  16. Cammy Roate-Burton says

    My mother dropped a bottle of liquid soap on the floor we tried everything to clean it up water didn’t help nor did a wet towel we still had soap on the floor. She got out the apple cider vinegar and poured it on the floor where the soap was. It cut the soap right away and cleaned it right up. Mom used vinegar for everything if you had a sore throat you would wash your mouth out with vinegar and water mix. or bit your tongue put some vinegar on a q-tip on put on it the next morning the pain and sore spot was gone. Start to get a cold take a tablespoon full of apple cider vinegar and then a table spoon of black molasses take this 2 times a day and also drink a warm glass of water after you take the molasses. Some say this will also help you to lose weight.???????

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