Garden Tour – Wilga Avenue Sydney, Australia

street garden in sydney australia

Susan from Australia left this comment yesterday on the A Front Yard Garden: Eye-Sore or Rightful Use of Space article.

Hi from Australia Mavis!

We have a great gardening show on TV here called “Gardening Australia” (available on ABC iview if you can get that app). The host Costa spent most of last year showing us how to develop the verge in front of our houses into vege and herb beds!

Here is  a short clip of this street of front yard gardens in Sydney, Australia. To find out more about this neighborhood, head on over HERE.

Ummm, I think I need to hop a flight to Australia to see this in person. Anyone want to join me?


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  1. UgaVic says

    We can always use more ideas on how we can produce food for ourselves and others.

    I remember when I did this, planted part of my front yard, in DC a number of years ago…they thought I was nuts:-)

    I ended up with some hardy rose, more like ramblers, in the area between the street and walk. Had squash in the beds, greens and tomatoes in pots on the steps, as that is where I had lots of sun.

    A very tiny patch of grass so no one could say the yard did not ‘fit’. All of this was on less than 10′ x 75′ patch.

    Much is possible if you plan and you can do much to keep the ‘yard police’ at bay.

    I am game for a trip to check this out, but long plane rides are a killer so will probably just ‘transport’ myself that direction via some Star Trek methods:-)

  2. says

    Australia IS awesome – and I know ‘cos I live here. Thanks for sharing this great article and vid clip, Mavis and Susan. We don’t have a TV so I didn’t know about that episode.

    You’re probably glad you weren’t in Sydney yesterday. They had their hottest day ever … almost 46C, which is 115F. That’s HOT !!

  3. Kris says

    I loved everything about this video! Those kids are a hoot! What tremendous power we wield if only we would just try it!

  4. Heather T. says

    Love this clip, why can’t everyone feel this pull to create our own food, I have 4 kids and we all love to get dirty and grow something, now if I could only talk my HH into chickens!

  5. says

    Hi, I live in Melbourne and we usually have very hot summers, highest tempreture we have had in recent years was 47 celcius. My son and his family live in Sydney where they usually have more humidity than we do and it is unusual for them to have such high tempretures. With the cost of water, it is about smart gardening, everything is mulched to keep the soil cool and moist as much as possible. Love Costa and Gardening Australia

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