Gardening With Mavis… Oh No You Didn’t!

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Dear Handsome Husband,

You. Are. Fired.


This morning I went to check on my tomato plants.  You know, the ones I started from seed?  Yes, those ones.  Guess what I found? Dead plants. DEAD PLANTS. So I called the Handsome Husband at work.

Mavis: Did you water my plants while I was away?

Handsome Husband: Yes

Mavis: Which plants DID YOU WATER?

Handsome Husband: The ones in the greenhouse and the ones under {grow} lights.

Mavis: Are you sure about that?

Handsome Husband: Yes.  I mean I may not have watered them the way you do, but I watered them.  Why?

Mavis: Oh, just curious.  I have to go throw myself down the stairs now.  Goodbye.

Are you kidding me? Did you water the plants with an eye dropper?

It’s a good thing I listened to my subconscious and planted a batch of “back up” tomato plants a few weeks ago.

Note to self: Next time you go on vacation pay the neighbor boy {who is 8} to take care of your plants. The Complete Guide to Growing Tomatoes: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide Including Heirloom Tomatoes

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  1. Same thing happened to me and I wanted to cry-but-it was super early on in seed starting process so I had time to start again. So sorry- they will never understand either

  2. Monika M says:

    Best. Photo. EVER! Seriously, I laughed my butt off!

  3. Oh No!!! So glad you listened to your intuition and planted back-ups! The picture and the post made me laugh though. Your hubby probably feels bad.

  4. You crack me up. What a great way to start my morning with a…that sounds like my hubby. lol thanks for all the great posts

  5. Oh the stinker!

  6. Hahaha this made my day, glad you had backups that darn husband lol well I hope the other child survived

  7. Men! I tell ya, they never do it our way! LOL Glad you have back-ups!

  8. The trouble is, you make it so funny.

  9. Maybe HH did it on purpose so that you would make that adorable scrunchy mad face at him? Just a thought.

  10. Sad for the plants, but you sure did make me laugh — thanks!

  11. Mavis, don’t give up on those tomato plants yet! Growing up w/ parents that own a HUGE greenhouse operation, I know a thing or two about plants & those tomatoes look dehydrated, but not completely gone. Drench them good & you will see by tomorrow which ones are salvageable & stronger because of it.

  12. This post had me cracking up!! Especially this part, “I have to go throw myself down the stairs now.” Made my day :) . Welcome home.

  13. Bummer…I was wondering who was taking care of your “babies.”

  14. junquejules says:

    I also agree, that they are salvagable. I have taken plants from our school community garden that were destined for the compost pile and brought them back to life. What doesn’t kill a tomato plant makes it stronger!

  15. Yes, I lost my watering rights as well. I feel HIS pain! ;-]

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