Get Organized | 30 Days = 30 Bags Part 2

30 days 30 bags

I loaded up the trunk of my car today and headed to the woman’s shelter and local thrift store. There won’t be any time for spring cleaning this year, because I’ll be too busy in the garden.

orange suitcase

So I packed the kids old suitcases from when they we teeny tiny little people with gently worn clothing, old backpacks and a few Christmas gifts I know we won’t use. I’d rather someone who can use them have the stuff rather than it sitting in a closet collecting dust for the next 5 years.

pink camo backpack

I also found a few extra blankets we were not using, and donated the smaller of our two Christmas trees as well.

30 bags 30 days

As we were packing up the Christmas ornaments this year, The Girl made it known that we will be having a REAL Christmas tree next year. Not a fake one. She already has the tree farm picked out, and I wouldn’t put it past her to have her tree picked out too.

I don’t know about you, but getting rid of stuff feels good. Only 22 more bags/boxes to go.  Yee-Haw!


Part 1: Get Organized | 30 Days = 30 Bags series

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  1. suzanne says

    My daughter always insisted we get a real tree too. I always insisted she do the watering and vacuuming of the fallen needles.

  2. Robin says

    Started in the kitchen and moving through the entire house might take me until March but I am determined. How many cheese grater’s does one person need anyway? Besides that’s what I use my Kitchen Aid for I must be a dork. Purgefest 2013 is underway.

  3. Andrea D says

    If you have the space on your property, when you get your real tree, spend a little more on one with the root ball on it. After Christmas you can plant it. Not sure what cut trees sell for on the west coast, but here in the east they can be $50+. For @$80-$100 I can get one that I can plant so I don’t feel like I’m throwing my money away.

    • Brenda says

      My Mom has done this for years and her backyard has a beautiful maze of past Christmas trees we had while growing up. It is much more expensive, but as a kid and even now as an adult the memories are worth it with the added benefit of not just throwing away a tree after a month!

  4. D'Anna says

    We do the after Christmas purge and then the Back to School purge…I donate everything to my local Seventh Day Adventist where they have a “free” store of clothing, baby & household stuff for anyone who needs it. Thanks for reminding me, there is a big bag at the foot of my bed that needs to make it’s way to them.

  5. says

    Love this. I always have a major urge to purge after Christmas too. We’re lucky that local charities come by our house and pick stuff up because if I had to schlep the stuff to them, not sure it would ever happen!

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