Giveaway – Enter to Win a Botanical Interests Seed Collection

botanical interests seed packets curtis mavis ryan

Last year my friends and I were given a special behind the scenes tour of the Botanical Interests Seed Company in Broomfield, Colorado. It was really awesome to meet everyone who works behind the scenes and to hang out with Owner Curtis Jones and my on-line boyfriend Ryan.

botanical interests seed collections

Ryan recently sent me seeds for my 2014 garden and tucked inside the box were some extra goodness for me to giveaway. Wahoooo!

Who wants to win some seeds?

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment below and let us know which seed collection you would like to win. Just answer that one question and you’re entered to win. Life’s pretty complicated sometimes, so I like to keep things simple around here.

botanical interests garden seeds root

Root Renaissance Collection

  • Beet Gourmet Blend Organic (2.5 Grams)
  • Carrot Carnival Blend Organic (700 Mg)
  • Carrot Cosmic Purple (800 Mg)
  • Parsnip All American (1 Gram)
  • Radish Watermelon Mantanghong (500 Mg)
  • Rutabaga American Purple Top (2 Grams)
  • Turnip Purple Top White Globe Organic (4 Grams)

container garden seeds

Container Vegetable Collection

  • Carrot Tonda di Parigi (1 Gram)
  • Cucumber Spacemaster (2 Grams)
  • Kale Dwarf Blue Curled (3 Grams)
  • Lettuce Mesclun Farmer’s Market Blend (1.5 Grams)
  • Onion Bunching/Scallion Tokyo Long White (2 Grams)
  • Pepper Sweet Cherry Blend (30 Seeds)
  • Spinach Lavewa (3 Grams)
  • Tomato Bush Better Bush (24 Seeds)

botanical interests garden seeds baby

Baby Vegetable Seed Collection

  • Bean Bush Tavera Organic (15 Grams)
  • Beet Early Wonder Organic (2 Grams)
  • Carrot Baby Little Finger (1.5 Grams)
  • Cucumber Homemade Pickles (1.50 Grams)
  • Lettuce Mesclun Gourmet Baby Greens Organic (1 Gram)
  • Radish Easter Egg Blend (4 Grams)
  • Squash Summer Baby Round Zucchini (3 Grams)

curtis garden shed2


1 entry per person/ip address. If you cheat, you will totally be disqualified.

This giveaway ends Sunday, February 16th, 2014 @6 pm PST and the winners will be announced in the Monday, February 17, th edition of Mornings with Mavis. You will be notified via email and have 48 hours to claim your prize. If you do not claim your prize within 48 hours, the prize will be forfeited.

Good Luck! I hope you win!


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    • Angela Schubbe says

      The container vegetable collection looks fabulous for this new to the Northwest beginning gardener!

    • Jennifer Hertner says

      The container vegetable collection would be perfect for our household. My husband was just diagnosed with Diabetes and the Dr. says that lots of fresh veggies are in order, and they can be so pricey at the grocery store. Would love to be able to grow our own. :)

    • Mari Keating says

      Mari @Food Not Lawns, Cleveland here. We are launcbing a seed library here and wold be happy with anything, but will also have containers out front, so the CONTAINER COLLECTION would be awesome! By the way, we are entirely volunteer and live by kindness, participation and donation!
      Thank you.

  1. Jill says

    Ohohohoh! My fave seed company ever! I’d love the baby veggie collection, and I know right where I’d put them. :)

  2. Maureen says

    Gardening brings our entire family such joy….even our three young children. I can’t wait until the end of February to start planting. We would be honored to win and grow the Baby Vegetable Seed Collection. Thank you.

  3. Mary Fingerhoot says

    I would love any of them as we are working to be self sustaining! By all means which ever you would want to part with would make our day!! By the way I really love your site!!

  4. Amanda Britain says

    Container Vegetable Collection, would love to fill up my garden containers with Botanical Interests Seed Company vegetables this year!! 😀

  5. Willie Mitchell says

    I would love to win the Baby Vegetable Seed Collection. Thanks for offering this giveaway. Love your site.

  6. Desirae says

    I would choose the baby vegetable collection. My daughter loves carrots and would love to grow some that are just her size!!

  7. Kate Dunker says

    I think it would be amazing to win the Container Vegetable Collection. This sounds yummy and I will be further along in my pregnancy and all the veggies I can get would be awesome!

  8. Mary says

    So hard to choose! We are new to VA an I want to grow everything and have much work to do. Maybe those babies? Cause it takes a lot of baby steps to get to be a gardener like you.:)

  9. Melanie says

    They all look amazing! I would appreciate them all if I win, although I do have a preference for the Container Vegetable Collection.

  10. Michele says

    Woot woot! Sign me up for the Baby Veggie bundle! My tots would have so much fun picking and pulling tese!

  11. Megan M. says

    Ooh! Baby Veggies for me please! Looks awesome!! Thanks for all your inspiring gardening content, Mavis! I am excited for my growing season.

  12. Deanna says

    Baby vegetable collection for my vegetarian, vegetable loving 2 year old baby girl! She is now old enough to help me in the garden so this summer will be a special one.

  13. says

    The container garden would be awesome!! My daughters garden partly in their very own raised beds, so these plants would be wonderful!!! And thank you for another great giveaway opportunity! :)

  14. Bertine Buchan says

    I would be very interested in the Baby Vegetable Seed Collection. It just seems like a cool set of vegetables!

  15. Melinda D says

    Last year was my first year really being able to grow root vegetables (they never seemed to work for me before) so I would love to be able to do it again with the Root Collection.

  16. Riley D. says

    Ooh that’s a hard one! I think I would have to go with the container vegetable collection. All my favorites :)

  17. Eric says

    We would love the container collection package; we have a container setup in our motorhome that is the envy of our neighbors … We stay in one campground for weeks at a time and set the crates with containers out in the sunny weather to prosper.

  18. Anne House says

    Container Vegetable Collection would be wonderful! I had plans for a small container style garden around a bench!

  19. Sarah Pullan says

    Container vegetable please! And I will be giving them away as I am in the uk. They will go to my friend Jessica Lindsay in Bellingham as she will make good use of them. :)

  20. Susan McClellan says

    Would love the Container Vegetable Collection! We plant all our vegetables in converted water troughs!

  21. Pat Giaquinta says

    I would love to have the container vegetable collection so that I can teach my young grandsons how to grow their own food. Thank you for the opportunity, Mavis.

  22. Sandra Gonzalez says

    I would love the container garden pack! I don’t have any land to garden, just a large patio. I plan to sew up some fabric pots so I can grow lots of veggies! This pack has lots of fun stuff to grow!

  23. Stephanie Urquhart says

    I would love to win the Baby Vegetable Seed Collection. What a fun mix of veggies! I have special plans for a baby round zucinni filled with scrumptious Maine seafood stuffing!!

  24. Rodney Bell says

    I would like the container vegetable collection. I took old wooden raisin sweat boxes, place legs on them,no stoop gardening, along with drip tape, it makes a real veggie producer. Had a little rain, need more here, near Kerman,CA
    Thank you.

  25. Teressa says

    I would love to win the container vegetable collection! Can’t wait until it is warm enough to get my hands in the dirt!

  26. Rubi says

    Hi Mavis!

    I would be so grateful to receive any of these as gifts but the Baby Vegetable Seed Collection would be my first choice. It has a little bit of everything and as they say, variety is the spice of the garden, or something like that 😉


    PS: how do you always get such awesome ‘boyfriends’?!? 😀

  27. Amanda says

    Container vegetable collection! Can’t wait to put what I learned from my failed container garden last year into practice this year! We will have success! Ha ha!

  28. Sarah says

    What great collections! The vegetable container garden would be my first choice, but any of them would be fantastic! Thanks Mavis!

  29. Georgia Fishel says

    They’re all amazing but I’d have to say the Baby Vegetable Garden collection for sure!!! It has a little bit of everything and is not quite so intimidating for the 1st time gardener as the others are. It would also be a great way to help my baby boy (4 yo) start to get into gardening as well and embracing the veggies since he’ll have helped grow and then later pick them. :)

  30. Ulrike says

    The root renaissance sounds really good, but then again I am not that picky so any would do just fine! We have started a new garden area so I am looking forward to it!

  31. Mary Warbus says

    Wow Mavis, the Container Gardening Collection looks like so much fun. I myself have 6 gardens. However, last October my Dad had a major stroke and he stays with me 19 days a month. So, I have decided container gardening on my deck would be good rehab for him:-) Thank you for the chance to win!

  32. Perry says

    Root Renaissance Collection – I started experimenting last fall with growing root vegetables, this seed collection would help in my diabolical scheme to rule the world both above and below the soil! :)

  33. Angie D says

    I’m going to go with the Container Vegetable Collection because I’m almost ready for that. The soil needs lots of work before I can even think about planting in the garden bed.

  34. Tc says

    The baby collection would be wonderful for our baby garden but quite frankly I would be delighted with any of them.
    Free seeds are wonderful especially when they are good ones

  35. Katrina says

    My two young kids and I love love love root vegetables! Would absolutely love to win the Renaissance collection. Thank you for the chance Mavis!

  36. lynne says

    well, it’s below zero here in northern MN, but I can still DREAM about my garden, right? I’d nab the “Container Vege” collection if given the opportunity :-)

  37. Sue says

    Container Vegetable Collection. Starting a garden for my 80 year old mother. That’s all she wanted for Christmas.

  38. Kathy says

    The container collection please! It would totally make my year as I have limited space, being in apartment.

  39. Elizabeth says

    That root collection looks fantastic. I’ve been hoping to plant more root vegetables to try my hand at preserving them in the root cellar next year!

  40. Denise says

    Thank you for the chance. This is my first time doing this. Root Renaissance please. I love all of the knowledge that you share.

  41. Nikki Hoffman says

    The container vegetable garden collection looks awesome. I don’t have a lot of space in my yard for a garden, and am looking to add in a “cook’s garden” this summer. I love salads fresh from the garden, and there is nothing like a fresh cuke. Plus, would like to make some homemade vegetable spaghetti sauce this year, and this collection looks like it has a lot of what I would need!

  42. Catherine in MI says

    Any would be fantastic, but I think my kids would get the biggest kick out of the Baby Vegetables collection.

  43. lilton says

    I would love to win the Baby Vegetable collection. My son is a lover of our garden green beans, but maybe the cuteness of baby veggies could encourage him to try some of our other garden crops, too?

    Thanks so much for hosting another giveaway!

  44. Annie Albert says

    New raised beds this year! Would love to try the Container Veg Collection. Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. Sandy says

    The container garden collection. I’ve got a big yard but not much in full sun so I’ve been experimenting with different, movable containers to chase the sun.

  46. Jessica Jamison says

    Container vegetables please! I have always gardened in the ground but this year will be the first year I grow in containers. We are moving and I cant miss out on a growing season!

  47. Debbie says

    Actually, a week or so ago when you listed your plans for your garden this year and had a link to the seeds you bought from them, I went and bought a bunch of seeds too. I am so excited to get them started. I live in AZ, so I really should have started them a month ago, but hopefully I can still get some good plants in. I am excited because they are all heirloom varieties and I am hoping I can do a little seed saving this year.

    But the baby blend has seeds I didn’t buy, so if I win, I would pick that one.

  48. donna richardson says

    Ohhhhh definitely the Container Collection. This winter has been so rough and so long ~ I’ve literally been dreaming of being able to eat fresh greens that I grew! Thanks for the contest!

  49. Julia Gruenzner says

    I would love to win the baby vegetable seed collection for my little babies who are four and seven. We love to grow our own food!

  50. Kelsey says

    I would LOVE the root vegetable collection! Root veggies are the only thing I’m always sure I can grow. :)

  51. Samantha Hall says

    I definitely want the Container Vegetable Collection. The only way to ensure that the kids and the dogs don’t kill them is to not put them in the ground. I can move containers away from them!

  52. Tasha K says

    Definately the container collection for me, I have a small space I’d love to fill with veggies!!

  53. Renee says

    Just got home from lunch with friends and we were discussing our vegetable gardens. One friend had a picture of the perfect radish she harvested a few weeks ago. I told them how I ask for icing and pickle buckets from the grocery store for growing vegetables. I would love the Container Vegetable seeds to share with them.

  54. Ellen in Clackamas says

    what great choices. Would put the Baby packet at top of wish list. Thanks for these great give-a-ways

  55. Cathy says

    The Root Renaissance collection would be wonderful. I recently bought ROOTS the cookbook and would love to grow my own.

    Thanks for the offer!

  56. Leah Thompson says

    I have been on a wait list for a popular community garden in Santa Monica for the last 5 years. I was just contacted recently that a plot might be opening up to me! I have been dreaming of what seeds to plant in my garden. The Root Renaissance Collection would be a perfect addition to my first community garden. Please choose me!

  57. Susan Robinson says

    OOOOOOH! I love them all, but the container one would be wonderful! I used these seeds last year and had great luck with them. I love them!!! Thanks for the chance!

  58. Dawn says

    I would love to win the Container Vegetable garden. My hubby and I built a new deck last year, so this year, the containers are going to get filled.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this fun prize!

  59. JennyA says

    I would luv to win the container or the baby vegetable collection…actually ANY of the seeds…lol…thank you Mavis for the giveaway opportunity!!!

  60. Diana says

    I would vote for the Root Renaissance Collection. I love roasted vegetables. I like to make a pan up in the beginning of the week and use them in omelettes and sandwiches.

  61. Jill says

    I would love to have the Container Vegetable collection. My tomatoes rocked last summer – now it’s time to branch out and try to grow something my family actually will eat! My co-workers loved the bumper crop of ‘maters….my family not so much.

  62. Caroline says

    I’d love to get my hands on any of them, but if I have to pick it would be the baby veggie collection :)

  63. bonnie ladd says

    I am moving to a senior apartment complex and would absolutely love the container garden seed collection to start my new balcony garden!

  64. says

    Roots! roots! roots! I cheer for roots! Not only can they overwinter in our wonderful northwestern winters (well, we did get 8 inches of snow this weekend, but that is not typical, as you know) but I can do so much with them!!!! ROOOOOOOTTTTTSSSSS!

  65. Pam says

    I am interested in the Container Vegetable Collection. Oh how much I could grow in containers on my balcony. Thank you for having this giveaway of seeds. Hope I win.

  66. Kristin Ford says

    Hard to choose between them all :) They all look so lovely.

    I would love to win the Root Renaissance Seed Collection.

    The name in itself is pretty darn spiffy!

  67. Tiffany Miller says

    I LOVE seeds & the Container Vegetable Collection would be Perfect!!! My family may be re-locating to Bellingham, WA. this summer & I’d love to have a collection like this to get things started. Thanks a bunch!

  68. Debbi Atkinson says

    All of those collections are wonderful, but if I had to chose one it would be the Vegetable Container Collection. Thank you so much for sharing your goodies with us!

  69. Heather V says

    I would love the Container Vegetable Collection. My husband and I are moving cross-country this summer, and I will have to give up my current garden and try container gardening for a year. This would be perfect!

  70. says

    All of the collections sound lovely but I am most drawn to the Container Vegetable Garden. Space is always an issue for us, so this would be a great thing for us

  71. Holly L. Norfolk, VA says

    I would love the Baby Vegetable collection…I can’t have chickens in Norfolk,VA (bummer) so I garden. Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work! I grow everything organic for my family and this sounds great :)

  72. Dani Silvester says

    The Root Renaissance Collection looks fascinating — I’d love to try them out, but any of the collections would be great. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  73. Rebecca F. says

    I would like to win the Container Vegetable Collection. It has a little bit of everything in it.

  74. Sara says

    I would love the container gardening set. It sounds like a great little collection, even for in-ground gardening.

  75. Lynn says

    I would love to win the Baby vegetable collection, we are just starting a greenhouse and it would be great!

  76. Ann E says

    The Baby Collection sounds like all the vegetables my grand daughter will eat after the harvest! Her pleasure is the planting and the observing!
    Ann E

  77. Sarah says

    The seeds in the container collection look really fun to me! I’d love to try some of their seeds! I found neat stuff in all the selections, though.

  78. judy says

    I would like the Root Renaissance Collection as we just purchased a juicer and would like more fresh vegetables.

  79. Julie F. says

    I would love to have the Container Vegetable Collection. It would a fantastic start for my first garden! I’m so excite for spring, even with two feet of snow on the ground. :)

  80. JoAnn C says

    I would be so grateful to recieve the baby vegetable collection! Thank you for this great website, I’m learning a ton and it’s making the very snowy days a little more bearable.

  81. Kelly Albertson says

    Awesome options! I’d like the Root Ren if I win :) Thanks to all involved in the giveaway!

  82. Pj says

    Container Vegetable Colletion! I love this seed co and I eat all of the stuff in this collection. Yum!

  83. S Robinson says

    I would love the container vegetable collection! I’m getting very excited about this years’ garden :-)

  84. Missy says

    I’m new to gardening Mavis, and the Baby Vegetable garden group looks just like what I have been wanting. Thanks to both of you!

  85. Ranee says

    The container vegetable collection would be perfect for me as we live in a townhouse. Thank you Mavis! You rock!

  86. Aleli Chua says

    I’d love to have the container vegetable collection Mavis. Please pick me, i just started my mini vegies garden at the back of our house and i super love making salads…I enjoy reading your blog and see to it that i dont miss a single entry everyday…

  87. Jess Johnson says

    We are total container gardeners but this year we are branching out! So I am going to request the Baby Collection!

  88. Colleen says

    MMm the Root Renaissance Collection for sure. I could make lots of roasted veggies, and root veggie stews and om nom nom..

  89. laura says

    i would really enjoy the container collection but the baby veggies would certainly get my grand kids attention!!

  90. Julie says

    I would really love the container collection! Oh please pick me, and thanks for another great giveaway

  91. says

    The container collection would be good here – our growing season is short and containers get warmed up more quickly for a good jump start. Thanks!!

  92. Brooke says

    I would love to win any of the packages, but would especially like to get the container garden collection!

  93. Jen Morgan says

    I would love to try the root reneisance collection. I’ve never tried growing beets or colorful carrots before. I bet the kids would get a kick out of those!

  94. Sandy Burd says

    I’d have to go for the Container Vegetable Garden – this will be my first garden ever, so I want to start out small (and “contained”)!!!

  95. Carole Patrick says

    I would LOVE to win a container vegetable collection! I just bought a juicer and am excited to start growing my own veggies for some good ole juice drinks! Thanks for all the great tips and everything you do! Love One Hundred Dollars a Month!

  96. Monica says

    The container vegetable garden! We tried a garden last year….. And successfully grew corn. That’s it :( BUT we are going to try, try again!

  97. Pam P says

    The container vegetable collection would really meet my needs this year. My soil has too much clay for the roots which I would really love but I’d be successful with the container collection.

  98. Michele says

    I would love the container vegetable collection. We have some space on our deck where I would put them. Thank you!

  99. Amber says

    I would love to try the root renaissance mix. I seem to only be able to grow root vegetables and squash.

  100. Lissa says

    Baby vegetables! I still can’t believe how your readership has grown (so many more entries!) over the past year and a half. Way to go!

  101. tonya says

    i would love the container vegetable collection! I just placed an order with this company and because of your recommendations I ordered pineapple tomatoes, among other things. super excited to try them!

  102. Leslie D. says

    I would love the Container Vegetable Collection- thanks on-line boyfriend, Ryan! And you, too, Mavis.:)

  103. Dorothy (Nana) Hillips says

    I am starting my last Grandchildren garden this year. I have 9 grandchildren and I have taught each if them vegetable gardening and composting EXCEPT for the two youngest who I will be working with in their backyard this year, to start their own vegetable garden. Once started, thir father will help the grandchildren since all of the fathers grew up vegetable gardening with me too. In the garden time is peaceful and full of love and wonder. Snooping for worm casting to know where to dig for worms, composting kitchen garden scraps and sifting composted soil to make new beds are all a part of my grandchildren’s garden lessons. I will never forget the joy on my granddaughter’s face when she proudly offered a bunch of just picked carrots to her mother (who was about to go out for an elegant evening). I would like the Baby Seed Collection to use in my last grandchildren’s garden.

  104. Janet says

    The root vegetables would be fun to try; thanks for the encouragement in the midst of winter doldrums!

  105. Rita Kerr says

    I would love Botanical Interests’ Container Vegetable Collection please. Everything sounds scrumptious! Come soon SPRING!!

  106. Rebecca Loach says

    I would choose the container collection because I think it would do better in our garden. They all look wonderful!

  107. Sara Black says

    Wow! How cool is this? I’d love the container collection. We’ve gotten started down here in Florida :)

  108. Linda says

    I just got my catalog from Botanical seeds and I’m super pumped about ordering some seeds. The packages are so pretty – already planning what to do with the seed envelopes….but I digress – sorry – the CONTAINER COLLECTION would be great…as they all would!! HA!

  109. says

    I just got the botanical seed catalog in the mail today, thanks to you mentioning it in one of your posts!! I hope to juice a TON of veggies this year. Literally, a TON. (Ok, not quite) That Container Vegetable collection looks fantastic! I would save the onions and the peppers for my husband to eat because who juices them?!

  110. Lizzie says

    Botanical Interests rocks! Container Collection would be great in my container garden. Thanks Mavis.

  111. Jerry says

    It’s a hard choice, but if I had to pick one.. The root renaissance sounds the most interesting to me. Those purple carrots keep my attention!

  112. Emily says

    I would love the container collection! I have decided to do more deck gardening this year to foil the 6 deer that eat my plants!

  113. Susan says

    I would love the Root Renaissance Collection! I’ve not grown parsnips or beets yet. I would love to give them a try! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  114. Mary Neathway says

    Roots renaissance collection for me. And we had snow falling today, so thoughts of spring and green growing things will keep the cabin fever from burning me up!

  115. pam says

    I’d love the baby vegetable collection! all the things I want to can & eat this year in one collection! Thanks Mavis! you rock!

  116. Melissa W. says

    Thank You ! I would like the container veg collection! I am using square foot gardening this year and these would do great! Thanks again :)

  117. jenny says

    I’d like to win the Container set, since I don’t have a bunch of room for gardening at the moment.

  118. Elyse says

    Root Renaissance would be wonderful! This is my first year starting my garden from seed. I didn’t order beets because I was concerned I would not eat them all. However, I have recently started using a juicer to add more vegetables to my diet, and beets add so much color and a tasty, earthy flavor to the juices :)

  119. janet says

    The root collection. I have never tried carrots and beets. They are in my plans for this year.
    Thanks. Mavis!!

  120. Sarah says

    I would like to win the container veg collection because I would like to share them with my community gardeners who have smaller plots to garden in.

  121. Jenni Schunzel says

    I would love the container vegetable collection. Thanks Mavis! And thanks Botanical Seeds!!

  122. Dayla says

    Evidently everyone loves Botanical’s seeds!! I would love the container or baby vegetable seeds! Either one or both :-) Bring on the veggies!!!

  123. Alicia says

    I would be thrilled with any of them, but if I had to choose it would probably be the Root Renaissance Collection because I had wanted to try parsnips this year and forgot to order some. Botanical Interests seeds rock!

  124. Barbee says

    Impossible to pick only one!
    I love the roots (had roasted beets tonight-yum), I now grow in containers and because I always harvest too early-MOST of my veggies are babies. Any of these awesome collections would be great. Thanks!

  125. Stina says

    Oh my goodness, I want them all! But if I HAD to pick then, the Rennaissance Root collection it would be.

  126. julie2 says

    I’m jumping on the veggie container collection. Maybe I could do better with pests if my veggies were more portable. Thank you.

  127. Sherry Martin says

    I would love the container veggie collection for our back yard. :) Thanks so much for the give away!

  128. Susanh says

    great collections, but I am thinking the Root Renaissance Collection would be best for our area, just a bit North of your location. Hope to win!

  129. Cheryl says

    The container vegetable collection. Although since I live in Denver, I should take a trip up to Broomfield and get the stuff myself!

  130. Audrey F. says

    I’d love to have the Root Renisance. I will be beginning my second year of raised beds. With names like “Gourmet, Carnival & Cosmic” I’m intrigued. Not to mention that I love root vegetables. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  131. Francisca says

    The container collection would be awesome please and thank you. Actually I would be happy with any of them.

  132. Tina O'Day says

    The Container Garden Collection would be a wonderful addition to my Tween/Teen Garden Workshop at the public library. We have containers, and have scraped together some money for the planting medium (organic of course), and all we need are the seeds.

  133. mandy says

    The baby collection sounds fun…they all do actually and I’d be happy to win any of them :) Thanks so much for offering this giveaway. These guys do have amazing seeds.

  134. Kate Lane says

    Mavis, you are an inspiration! Thank you for being so creative! I save most of my own seeds, but the Root Renaissance Collection interests me. Again, thank you so much for sharing everyday!

  135. Laura says

    Would love the vegetable container collection! Love these give always…. Maybe this will be the one…. Fingers crossed!

  136. Sandy says

    I think the Baby Collection would be great. Thanks for the opportunity and for your great down-to-earth (no pun intended) blog.

  137. Sharon says

    I would love to try their seeds in our cold climate. Trying to grow 1,000 pounds this year in my backyard, so a little extra in containers would help- Container Garden Collection.

  138. Jim says

    Container collection would be great. Have used Botanical Interests seeds for years and love them. Also am planning a container garden in downtown Tulsa at our church Caring Center to help feed the homeless and disadvantage and this would be a big help.

  139. Mimi says

    I would love to win and plant the Root Renaissance Seed Collection. I would eat fresh, can and dehydrate these beauties.

  140. Jodi says

    Any of them would be great, but my choice would be the Baby Veggie collection. This will be my first year in many that I will have my own garden again, I’m so excited to get out there and play!

  141. Lisa Scott says

    Thanks for the contest! Gonna go for the Container seed set. I have so much trouble with gardening that I am going to have to try container gardening and see if that works. I live in Southwest Va and I am in the woods :-/ So I will have to move the containers around to chase the sunshine! :Þ

  142. Pam E-P says

    Container Vegetable Collection! My yard is basically sand, so I can barely even grow grass. (No, I don’t live AT the beach, so there’s not even that advantage!

  143. Monica Brown says

    I would love the COntainer Vegtable Garden collection, as I do not have much space! Thanks!

  144. says

    I would really like to try all the collections. But I will pick the Baby Vegetable Collection as my first choice. I have been working on my plan to put out more vegetables in smaller spaces and to produce more produce in my small space. Thank you Mavis for all your insight.

  145. Kellie R says

    Not at all a simple decision. So torn between the roots and the container. Both? No? OK, I’ll have to go with the roots, then. More new things to try in that one. Thanks Mavis, and thanks Botanical Interests, for your generosity!

  146. Christine Blevins says

    The baby veggies sound soooo good. Its nice to think about the garden, especially since we have had snow on the ground for over a month now.

  147. Chris C. says

    Definitely the root collection! It’s got some of my favorites in it, like watermelon radishes. You’re announcing the winner on my birthday, too, so I think that means I have extra good winning karma, right? :-)

  148. Melanie says

    The container vegetable collection. I would totally give to my sister who I have been encouraging to start her own garden and this year will be her first….wahoo!!!

  149. Kitty says

    How you choose between all your adoring followers is beyond me!! Got a pressure canner for Christmas so I would go with the Root Renaissance Collection.

  150. Jennifer says

    Definitely the root collection!! I have been wanting to try out root vegetables for some time. AWESOMESAUCE. You have incredible giveaways. Thanks, Mavis!

  151. Jen D says

    I would love to start my spring/summer planting with the baby vegetable mix! Can’t wait to get in the dirt and get my garden ready to produce some yummy veggies!

  152. Kasey Garito-Reighley says

    Im starting my 2 year old daughter on gardening this year so the container mix would be perfect for us! Thank you!

  153. Elizabeth says

    I would love the container collection- just started gardening with my kid and convinced them to start eating a few of those veggies after they grew them themselves

  154. Maryse says

    I would love to win the Container Vegetable Collection!
    BTW, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I’ve never left a comment but I come visit on a regular basis. You are such an inspiration! Please keep up the good work. :)

  155. Sclindah says

    I would definitely love the Root Renaissance Collection. I live in South Carolina and I’ve been on a one woman mission to prove you can successfully grow beets and carrots in the red clay of the deep south in fall and early spring! I’d love to try these varieties.

  156. Trixi Agrios says

    Baby seed collection please, but i’d be happy with any of the three. I’ve never had good luck with the root vegetables but am willing to try again. thank you, Trixi Agrios.

  157. Joanna says

    Baby Vegetable Seed Collection please. I actually tried ordering from them, filled out the form and then on the check out read that they can’t send to Canada at this point. Bummer :(

  158. jess h says

    I would love any of them, but I would prefer the root renaissance! I love beets thrugh and through!! And all the other veggies too!!

  159. Chelsea Klebba says

    Container Vegetable Collection please! Thank you! I’m so excited to try gardening for the first time this year!

  160. Felicia says

    Root Renaissance all the way! I love beets, and have yet to be able to grow them with success! They are always tiny, and I have more greens than beets!

  161. Jessica says

    The baby veggie bunch of seeds looks awesome! I am starting my own farm this year and cannot wait to get started! Did I mention there’s still 2 feet of snow on the ground?

  162. Cathy says

    I would love to try out the Root Renaissance packets- they look cool to grow- my hubby just loves beets!

  163. Sandra G says

    I would love to try the vegetables in the Root Renaissance Collection. Although I’ve grown vegetables for many years, some of them are new to me. Thanks for the great give-away!

  164. Kindra says

    Great giveaway! How do I choose? Okay, if forced I would have to pick the Root Renaissance Collection. Thanks for the chance.

  165. Mark says

    I would love to win the baby vegetable collection. I really wanna get some beets in the ground this year.

  166. Shannon Ash says

    Root Renaissance Collection…because root veggies are awesome! And so is keeping it local…this Fort Collins gardener would be happy to continue growing Botanical Interests seeds!

  167. Tracy chopping says

    I would absolutely love any one of the seed collections! I’m counting down the days, minutes and seconds! LOL! till spring gets here!! Can’t wait to get my little garden going!! Thank you so much!! :)

  168. KD says

    The container collection… looks amazing. Money is a bit tight so I can’t get as much seed as I would like this year and this would seriously help me out. Good luck to everyone who enters :)

  169. says

    The Root Renaissance Collection – I’m involved with food justice/preservation/community gardens in my town and I would love to re-gift these for our Plant-A-Row initiative – the food grown is donated to our local food bank.

  170. Sue Fassler says

    I am downsizing from a house to an apartment so the Container Vegetable Collection would be perfect.

  171. Kim M says

    Ooh Baby veggies!! I’m going from container gardening to a raised bed box this year…and these sound perfect.

  172. Elizabeth Cummings says

    Baby #3 will arrive on Monday the 17th, so I think I have to go with the baby vegetable seeds! Have resolved to start gardening more with the kids this season.

  173. Ann says

    I’d love the container vegetable collection. I’m a novice gardener who is trying to eat more veggies. I’m also pregnant, and thinking this spring I’m going to be doing a lot more container gardening than lugging myself around the garden outside!

  174. Vincent Heim says

    Hi Mavis,

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity! The Container Vegetable Collection contains all the foods i currently eat and i would put them to good use for the family.

    Kind regards,

  175. Lauren Calderon says

    I would love and appreciate the vegetable container garden. I really am interested in learning and teaching my daughters how to garden. I think if they help grow it, then they would eat it.

  176. Eileen G says

    I would love to win the Container Vegetable Collection. I live in an apartment, so I think this would be perfect!

  177. Kelly Bryant says

    I am a garden fairy and I would love to grow the “Baby Vegetable Seed Collection!” Botanical Interests is my favorite family seed company and I “spread” the seeds of their good work as often as anyone will listen!

  178. carol gill says

    the container vegetable collection looks like just the thing to cure these winter blues…..or whites, I guess….

  179. Linda says

    I love, love, love Botanical Interest seeds!! If I am fortunate enough to win, I would love, love, love the Baby Vegetable Seed Collection! Thank you for the opportunity! Now if the snow could just melt away so I can start gardening!

  180. Susan Choi says

    Winning one of these collections would be awesome! I would love to try the container vegetable collection~

  181. Kelly M says

    I would be happy with any of them however, I think the Container Garden Collection would work best in our area! Thank you for sharing the goodness! 😀

  182. says

    I’d love to win the Rooot Renaissance Seed Collection. It’d give me a chance to grow some things I don’t normally grow. My order from Botanical Interests is on it’s way to me. What super nice people to work with.

  183. Nickatasha Joyce says

    I must say I got extremely excitied when I had seen you are doing a giveaway!
    I got hooked on your blog after coming across your hilariously detailed story of your husband cutting his leg with a saw while being out of town. To his painful expense, I now keep up with your gardening stories and look forward to your gardening success this year.
    I’d live to be part of the giveaway! The kinds of seeds that would be right for me are any that are NOT in the root renaissance collection- as I intend to share seeds with my neighbors and local gardening club (it is nearly prohibited to plant root-vegetables in our community garden) and I would love to give them all a chance at trying something they haven’t tried planting before!
    Thanks, and congrats! :-)
    Nickatasha J.

  184. says

    I got a sweet box of seeds just after a snow storm to make spring real, I’d like to add the Rot Renaissance Collection to my spring garden, look forward to another BI Box.

  185. Lori C. says

    We’ve not had much luck with our garden so perhaps container gardening might suit us better. I’d like to cast my vote for the Container Garden collection.

  186. says

    The Baby Veggie Garden would be awesome!! This my second year in the garden and those seeds are everything I planted last year!! Thanks for everything Mavis!! [give the Puggle Dog a squeeze for me!!]

  187. Melanie Bedell says

    Am I too late for the contest? I wil answer anyway because the only thing keeping me going here in cold COLD Minnesota is the thought of spring gardening. I would choose the container vegetable garden collection!

  188. Angelina Kier says

    All of the collections seem amazing, I would like to win the Root Renaissance seed collection. Thank you.

  189. says

    I would love any of the seed collections. Botanical Interests is my favorite brand of seeds by far!
    The Baby Seed Collection I would enjoy the most! :)

  190. Tiffany says

    The baby veggie collection would be so awesome to win! I agree though that they all look amazing! What a great giveaway this is, thanks for the chance to win!

  191. April says

    I grow flowers and would like to try something other than cherry tomatoes—-now don’t get me wrong, cherry tomatoes are the “candy” of veggies. Bean Bush Tavera Organic (15 Grams) sound interesting or anything you think a beginner should try! Thank you for being so generous. €~|

  192. Renae says

    So hard to decide, I think I am going to have to go with the container garden collection to fill out my raised beds. Thanks!

  193. Sandra Stofan says

    Actually, I’d take anyone of them. I’m big on veggies, especially carrots and radishes. Brings back memories of summers as a kid.

  194. Amy says

    Looking to contain my gardening enthusiasm this summer, so the Container Vegetable Garden collection would be perfect! Pick me!!!

  195. randi says

    Hard to choose, but I’d pick the container veg (or the baby seeds). Either. thanks Mavis and Botanical Interests!

  196. Bonnie Bass says

    Baby vegetables. Been son hot and dry in Amarillo, TX that only spring has been good gardening. Early harvest and of course chard!

  197. Tamar A says

    I cannot wait to start seeds this year. I really would love the container blend but really any are welcome. Zone 5
    Thanks again

  198. Andy says

    I would choose the container garden seeds. We just moved and won’t have time to clear trees and build a garden from scratch this year so anything we grow will have to be out of containers.

  199. Hope Grayless-Hansbarger says

    Probably the container vegetable collection, since I do most of my gardening in containers it will be nice to have seeds designed for that purpose.

  200. Paula Weisal says

    The baby veggies! I have been ill and not working for almost 3 yrs. My garden is so important to us. It’s been a lot of fun. I have 3 regular neighbor kids who help and get a share of what we grow. I Also have 3 more who come from time to time. Their ages are 8-11. I also share my time, plants and seeds with a local food bank. They just started their garden last yr.

  201. Alex Wilkins says

    I would love to win the container vegetable collection please! I just started gardening in containers, and it would be fun to use those variety’s of seeds!

  202. Tzila Duenzl says

    This is great! Any of these would be great. I am on a limited income, and try to grow something every season to supplement my diet with fresh food. The Baby or Container collection would work best, but I’d find a way to make the Root collection work! I hear you CAN grow root veges in buckets…would be interesting to try. Botanical Interest Seeds are very, very good. I’ve used them before. Thanks you.

  203. Michelle R says

    I think I’d like to try the Root Renaissance Collection. They sound like good ones for the kids to help with.

  204. Jessica says

    I would love to have the baby veggie seeds! I am starting my first vegetable garden this year, I can’t wait how it comes out! :)

  205. Lora Rosencrans says

    Container Vegetable Collection would be my pick! Thanks, Mavis and Botanical Interests for this giveaway.

  206. Nichole says

    Would love the container vegetable collection. I’d gift it to my mother who cannot do a lot of gardening herself but could manage a container garden on porch.

  207. Kay Crichton says

    The container collection please. We have hard packed clay so all my veggies are in containers.

  208. says

    Root Renaissance Collection, please! Our little farm-ette does so well with root veggies and these funky varieties are such a hit at the farmer’s market! Thanks for the chance, have a wonderful day! 😀

  209. Sal says

    Would love the vegetable container collection. I live in a high deer and rabbit area of the North west and
    containers are the only way I can have a vegetable garden. Even then I have to keep them covered cause the birds will eat the baby greens.

  210. ElsieB says

    The Root Renaissance collection would be great! My kiddos love to pick their own veggies and really enjoy the multiple colored carrots.

  211. Laura says

    My twin boys and I would be thrilled to win the baby veggie collection. How fun it would be to tell them, ” let’s go grow some babies!” The veggies would be fun and a treat as well- You rock Mavis!!

  212. says

    Really love your blog (you motivate me to start posting again) and researching all the companies and products you introduce. I would love to try out the Root Renaissance Collection! We are in the process of expanding our land.

  213. Alice says

    I would like the container vegtable collection, my husband drug 2 large old watering troughs up a hill for me to plant veggies in. These would work nicely.

  214. Julie says

    All three collections look awesome, but I have to choose one…. the Container Vegetable Collection.

  215. Emily says

    I love root vegetables! So good in so many things. The Root Renaissance would be my favorite and I even live in Colorado, BONUS!

  216. Brandy Johnson says

    I have a very large Alaskan garden that I need to plant! I have already sowed artichokes (in the house)!

  217. Erin Ellis says

    I would love the Baby Vegetable Seed Collection! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  218. Heather Schmidt says

    I would Love the Baby Vegetable Seed Collection!!!!! Just the perfect size for the kids to help plant and pick! :)

  219. Ann Marie mones says

    I would love to win the root Renaissance collection. I love root veggies, and they do so well in my garden!

  220. Dana Collins says

    I would love to have the Root Renaissance Collection. We have built small raised beds for our 3 year old and 4 year old. We want to start them off with root veggies. What a great giveaway!!!

  221. Betsy Palmer says

    I would love to win some container gardening vegetable seeds! Thanks for offering this contest!!!

  222. Rhandi says

    Those baby veggies would look amazing in my pallet garden…thanks Mavis for being such an inspiration!

  223. jo says

    My goal this year in the garden is to grow a continuous supply of root vegetables (we can winter garden PNW) – so – we would love the Root Renaissance Seed Collection.

  224. Anita says

    I haven’t had a chance to try Botanical Interests yet, so would love any of the seeds, but if I had to pick, I think our family would like the Root Renaissance Collection best.

  225. Laura says

    The container vegetable garden would be great! We have yet to gather the funds to create raised beds as we live in a “gravel yard” but I am anxious to grow as my food sensitivities are getting worse. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize!

  226. Lyndsay says

    Any of them really but the baby veggies would probably work best in my limited 4×8 garden and sound wonderful.

  227. Kathy Stevens says

    The Root Rennaisance would be wonderful. I’m learning how to grow an all year garden here in NC, and most of those seeds fit right into my plans!

  228. Kelea Town says

    I would love to try the Root Renaissance Collection. Just received our order from B.I., but don’t order much in that collection.
    I stumbled across your site mid summer last year and you have inspired me to expand my garden. By expand I mean grow ALL that I can organically for our family. My 5 year old daughter is loving every second. We just started our Romanesco (just harvested our Romanesco from Winter), Broccoli and Beets, all from Botanical Interest.

    By the way, check out the documentary The Harvest, it is sad, but true.

  229. Pam says

    The container veggie collection would be perfect for us since we are moving to a new piece of land and won’t have much time this year to get our garden beds set up.

  230. Zoya says

    I would be happy to win any of the three collections! If I had to pick just one, it would be Root Renaissance Collection.
    Thank you for a chance to win!

  231. Carol T says

    The root vegetables please. Love to garden and would love to win. Last summer, couldn’t garden due to surgery in June. I am ready to roll as soon as the snow leaves us in MN.

  232. VictoriaN says

    All three sets look fantastic, but I think that I like the container garden set the best. Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  233. kat says

    All three of the collections would be a great prize, but I could grow the CONTAINER collection on the patio (and leave more room in the garden for other things).

  234. says

    Root Renaissance looks super delicious! Love your seeds…I’ve used them many times with great results and sell them in the garden center I work at:-) Thanks for the chance to win!

  235. Catherine says

    Thank you for the chance to receive such a great gift!
    The container garden would help alot!! Our yard has quite a slope to it and gardening is a challenge.

    Have a great day!

  236. Connie Boyd says

    They all look great but the container seeds would be wonderful to win! Thanks for the chance!

  237. lindsey r. says

    I would like to win the baby seeds collection. Veggies picked smaller usually taste better to me- maybe these would be extra tasty!

  238. Gwen says

    I would love to win the container collection!! We are in the middle of the nor’easter that has hit PA, we have well over a foot of snow on the ground, with more coming tonight and another storm on Saturday. Spring can not come fast enough!! :)

  239. Linda Myers says

    Baby Vegetables please

    Though from the looks of it, Mavis – there are a LOT of people who want seeds!!

  240. Janet M says

    All look interesting, but think I like the looks of the Container package! Thanks for the chance.

  241. says

    The baby veggie seed collection please! I hope I can find time to plant them with my own baby around… and keep the deer, rabbits, and other critters out! :)

  242. Mrs.C says

    What a great give-away…thanks! Radishes, and turnips, and rutabagas, O my! I’d choose the Root Renaissance Collection

  243. Linda says

    The baby Veggie collection would be great. It’s so much snow here- I think I must be in Narnia where it is always winter. this is getting old. linda

  244. Denise says

    I am celebrating my 1st anniversary as a raw vegan, so for me I think I would pick the Root Renaissance Collection, since I love juicing with root veggies. Plaining a big expansion of my garden this year so it would come in handy.

  245. Cindi Bryant says

    The Container seed collection would be soooo perfect for our small raised and container garden!

  246. Bonnie Keefer says

    Container Vegetable collection would be a great win for my garden up in Ottawa Canada. Kids could help out too! Your website rocks!

  247. Emilyplays in WA says

    Woot free seeds! I’m all about the roots – yay parsnips!! Looks like a delicious collection!

  248. Judith says

    The container collection would be great. I don’t have much sun, so I need to grow my garden in pots, and even move them around through the season, chasing the sunny spots.

  249. Candice C says

    It would be amazing to win the Baby Collection but I would be pleased to plant any of the collections.Thanks for the chance.

  250. Mary F. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! The container vegetables seeds would fit perfectly with our small space.

  251. WC Hames says

    That Root Renaissance Collection looks yummy. Totally reminds me of growing up and sitting out in the garden and eating. Yummy!

  252. heyo says

    the Root Renaissance Collection sounds good to me. now if only it wasnt -10F outside i could start working on my garden…

  253. carolyn says

    Would love to win The Vegetable Container seed package-small back yard and one fresh dog make it necessary to plant higher and in containers- some luck but really just started using containers last year! My mother use to plant enough to can stuff all summer and my sister got her green thumb. doesn’t stop me from trying! Great Contest!

  254. GrammyLamb says

    YOU are my favorite blogger. CONTAINER veggies, please, and thank you. Or whatever is most available.

  255. Cindy Williamson says

    I cannot speak more highly of Botanical Interest’s seeds….bought them last year for our container garden. Awesome germination rate and tasty carrots, radishes and lettuces,…the Cucumber Space Master gave us enough cukes for canning 24 plus quarts of pickles and many for salads and just eating!!! My choice would be for another Container Vegetable Collection. :)