Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs with Glow Sticks

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glow sticks glow in the dark easter eggs

These glow in the dark Easter Eggs were such a hit with my kids last year I wanted to share the tutorial again for those of you with kids who are growing a little tired of the same of Easter Egg hunt. 


This year instead of a traditional Easter Egg hunt on Sunday morning, I’ll be hiding Monkey Boy and The Girl’s Easter eggs after the sun goes down. They are teenagers, and getting them to go outside and hunt for candy filled eggs at the crack of dawn just isn’t as fun as it use to be.

So in an effort to bring back some of that fun, I’ve decided to make egg hunting a little more exciting this year by making my kids hunt for their Easter eggs in the DARK!

glow in the dark easter eggs glow sitcks

How to Make Glow In the Dark Easter Eggs


12 plastic Easter Eggs
12 Glow Stick Bracelets
a wee bit of candy


Open plastic eggs, snap bracelets to activate and stuff the bracelets in to the Easter Eggs along with a treat.

glow sticks glow in the dark easter eggsHappy Hunting!



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  1. Genius! Now why didn’t I think of that?!!!

  2. LOVE this!!! Maybe I can get my too-cool-for-school ;) teenagers to do an Easter egg hunt again!!

  3. coolness in an egg

  4. Jennifer says:

    Love it!! My niece and nephew would have a blast with this! Now if we can only get a warm enough evening for it…

  5. I tried this, however I didn’t have enough bracelets so I tried it with glow-in-the-dark paint. That part didn’t work so well… But I took my 15 year old daughter and her friends along with my 11 year old daughter and her friends, and included my nieces 10 &7 and my 5 year old nephew to hunt eggs in the dark. Everyone had a blast. My friends and I might have hidden them too hard, (but this was really an issue because the glow paint didn’t keeop a charge), but it was a great way to get teenagers to hunt eggs again. And not only were they willing, but they had a great time! I will definitely be trying this again! From little kids to teenagers, it really worked for all of them!

  6. Butterflyweed says:

    If you really want to thrill the teens and get them out there hunting egg, sub some cash for the candy! Then stand back and watch the scramble!

  7. Wouldn’t it be even cooler to break the glow sticks open and use the juice to paint the eggs? Then you could get multiple eggs out of one stick.

  8. When my kids and their cousins were teens, Grammy and Papa had Easter Eve egg hunts after dark. First year was a surprise and the game was announced by handing them flashlights! The big surprise was the golden egg that had some big cash in it!

  9. did this last year and the kids loved it. HOWEVER it was not easy getting the bracelets in the small eggs..would suggest using the larger eggs.

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