Greenhouse Gardening in the Pacific Northwest

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magnum glass greenhouse

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared pictures of the greenhouse with you so I snapped a few pictures last night.

potato plants

If you look really close you can see a hint of pink near the greenhouse glass. That’s a stargazer lily plant. This is my first year growing lilies and something tells me I probably should not have planted the bulbs alongside the greenhouse but oh well, at least it will add a little color to the area.

greenhouse gutters

Inside the greenhouse the cucumber plants are starting put our vines. Pretty soon I’ll be guiding them towards the top of the greenhouse with twine.

greenhouse cucumbers

Here’s a close up of the cucumber plant.

grow basil in gutters

The basil we planted in gutters is thriving. Pretty soon I’ll have to thin it.

tomatoes in stock tank

The two green zebra tomato plants we planted in the stock tank are getting nice and plump.

huge tomato stalk

Look how thick the tomato stem is.

grow strawberries in gutters

Strawberries are still hanging tough in the greenhouse gutters.


These are Tri-Star berries in case you were wondering.
meyer lemon buds

And last but not least. Take a look at Lemon, the Meyer Lemon Tree. Ain’t she a beauty? Look at all those baby lemons she’s trying to grow. A greenhouse heater is definitely on my wish list for this fall. Since this is my first year growing citrus in the Pacific Northwest, I have no idea how many lemons I’ll get, but even if I only end up with a handful, it will be totally worth it.

Growing your own food is cool, no matter how you do it.

Keep calm and garden on.


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  1. For my greenhouse here in Purdy, I got a “Milkhouse Heater” from the Vermont Country Store. Two settings & will turn off if tipped over. Does wonderful for keeping the temp above freezing. Have it on a timer in the winter, so it goes during the night.

  2. You lemon looks incredible. Last summer my tree had about 55 baby lemons. It started shedding baby lemons and I ended up with 33. They were supermarket sized lemons but not as sour. I don’t know if you saw it, but I did a post about the harvest. I squeezed them and froze the juice in ice cube trays. They are the most beautiful bright yellow cubes. Gosh I love my tree.

    • Mavis Butterfield says:

      I think if I have a boatload of lemons I’ll juice them and freeze them too Erin. I’m anxious to see how your tree will do next year.

  3. what is the type of gutter you use? I found painted aluminum, painted steel, galvanized steel, and vinyl. I don’t know which one is safe to grow edible stuff.

  4. Mavis, did you put drain holes in your greenhouse gutters? We just put three gutters up this week in my new greenhouse we built this summer.

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