Greenhouse Inspiration

Greenhouse Saint Paul, MinnesotaGreenhouse Saint Paul, MN {photo credit}

Greenhouse Down House in Greater LondonGreenhouse at Down House, Greater London {photo credit}

Greenhouse 1{photo credit – Gardening in My Rubber Boots}

eco friend greenhouse{photo credit – Eco Friend}

Window Greenhouse{photo credit – Norrfrid Blogg}

Mini Greenhouse{photo credit – Design Dreams by Anne}

I know when you saw the first picture in this post, you were like, Oh, wow, a picture of the inside of Mavis’ greenhouse.  But no, my friends, it’s not.  Ha. I wish.

Any of these inspire you to have your own greenhouse someday? If you could pick any one of these to have drop shipped right in your backyard, which one would you choose?

I think I’d go for #3.


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  1. michelle g-b says

    #3 is adorable. I have a greenhouse that hubby built for a couple of years back… he’s going to change out all the plastic sheeting for the corrugated plastic panels this year– as all the plastic has become brittle & blown off in the wind. I need a better watering system. It gets so incredibly dry & HOT in there in the summer, it’s kind of crazy.

  2. Heidi says

    I like either #3 or #4
    Would you mind sharing what brand of greenhouse you have, the size and if you had to assemble it?

    • Ellen says

      Heidi, in case she doesn’t get back to you, look for a post from within the last week, about cleaning out the greenhouse. There is a link to the original blog article about having it delivered. I can’t recall the brand (but it is mentioned in that post), and she did pay a crew to assemble it. If I recall correctly, that took the experienced crew about five hours.

  3. Sherle says

    I like #2 and #3. I love the idea of a greenhouse I could walk through my kitchen door into and just sit in and enjoy the scents and sun when I do get a small chance to relax. Sounds a little bit like heaven to me.

  4. Ashley says

    I’ve been to the first one. They also have a tropical area, bonsai room and lots of really cool stuff there. They have a zoo and park there, too. It’s a pretty cool place :)

  5. Marcy says

    I like #2. I could meander out in the mornings in my pj’s and not get the stink eye from my husband afraid of the neighbor’s seeing me in my just below the knees flannel night gown…LOL! They see more if I’m out in shorts and bend over!

  6. Meg says

    My cousin was married at the first one this summer! It is at the Como Zoo! It was so pretty and a great place for a wedding.

  7. deana says

    My favorite is the 3rd one. The wood is so my style. I also like 4 and 5.
    Sherle I like your idea of the green house being attached to the house. I have been thinking of doing the same with a room to where I will hatch out and grow out my chicks till they can go outside.

  8. says

    Mine is similar to #2, though a bit smaller. It is connected to the south side of the house with a french door between. I keep it above freezing in winter to keep rosemary, sage, and other herbs, as well as some of my favorite flowering summer plants, and help extend our short growing season here in northern Minnesota.

    On sunny days in winter I open the door to let the warmth of the greenhouse and wonderful smells of plants and earth waft through out the house.

  9. D'Anna says

    3 is pretty spiffy but I like the minimalist idea of 5.

    Whenever I drive by the Habit for Humanity Re-Store they have all types of window panes out front and I think, “I should get me some of those for a greenhouse” and 5 seems like something easy I could do without too much effort.

  10. Holly says

    If you love awe-inspiring greenhouses you should take a gander at the greenhouses at the Biltmore mansion in N.C.

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