How I Feed My Family for $100 a Month – Week 22 of 52

qfc shopping trip

QFC $17.51

QFC had some pretty good deal this week. Whole chickens $0.99 a pound, Tuna $0.50 a can English cucumbers $1.25 each so I stocked up. I was hoping to get a few more chickens but I ended up getting the last one out of the meat case and had to get a rain check for the next delivery.

I also grabbed some manager markdown mushrooms and a loaf of day old French bread which was PERFECT because I made baked French toast for breakfast. :)

albertsons shopping trip

Albertsons $9.75

I had to dash into Albertsons at the very last second to grab strawberries and whipping cream so we could make a Strawberry Pudding Cake for the HH’s birthday dessert. About 13 years ago he tried this cake at our neighbor’s BBQ and fell in love with it and we’ve been making it once a year since.

If you’ve never tried layering a cake with vanilla pudding before, TRY IT!!!

smith brothers dairy

Smith Brothers Milk Delivery – Sponsored

The HH loved the Alpenrose cottage cheese he tried last week so much that he asked me to order another tub of it for his lunch. In fact my husband says it’s the best cottage cheese he’s ever tasted. And Monkey Boy? Well let’s just say he was over the moon when he found a bottle of chocolate milk in the fridge.

So how did YOU do this past week? Did you find any cool deals?


Total Spent This Week $27.26
Total Spent This Year $786.75
Total Spent This Year on Garden Seeds/Supplies $38.94

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Smith Brothers Farms Logo

One Hundred Dollars a Month is proudly sponsored by Smith Brother’s Farms, my family’s favorite milk. Check out their website HERE and learn about the over 100 top quality products Smith Brothers Farms can deliver to your porch box.

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    That cake sounds super yummy! I’ve been craving your strawberry shortcake ever since our strawberries started to ripen, but I can’t seem to keep enough out of the mouths of the kids to get them to the kitchen to make it. :) I was thinking about swinging by the farm stand to get some today, but now I don’t know what I want to make! :) Thanks for so many great recipes!!!

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