How to Feed Your Family for $100 a Month – Week 16 of 52

costco shopping trip

Costco Shopping Trip $39.82

Well, I finally got my ham. :) I LOVE the Costco spiral hams, don’t you? While I was there I also stocked up on cheese for freezer enchiladas, black beans for tacos and bananas for smoothies. Kind of a boring trip, but expensive.

Zaycon ground beef event

Zaycon Beef Free

Last week I also picked up 40 pounds of Zaycon beef  {I had some Zaycon credit so it was free} and the HH and I make a boatload of freezer meals Now I’ve got plenty of freezer meals to last me through all those spring sport nights when I’m too tired to cook.

dole canned pineapple

Albertsons $3.56

Cream cheese for $0.88? You bet I grabbed a few {I probably should have bought more}.

smith brothers milk

Smith Brothers Milk Delivery $11.16

And last but not least, our weekly milk delivery from Smith Brothers. I might cancel this weeks delivery though because for some strange reason, nobody drank any milk over the weekend. Weird.

How did you do this past week? Did you blow your budget on supplies for Easter sunday?


Total Spent This Week $54.54
Total Spent This Year $600.76 {Yikes!}
Total Spent This Year on Garden Seeds/Supplies $22.27

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  1. sharont says

    I have to ask about Zaycon and the quality. I am pretty picky when it comes to chicken and I am wondering if the quality is good?

    • Patti Hartje says

      sharont the chicken is awesome! I have bought it 2x now and will continue to buy it when it comes way.

  2. says

    Hi! Hey I was wondering… do you think it’s still possible to feed your family on $100 a month? I know you went over last year and it looks like so far, you’re heading in the same place this year. I really admire all you do and how you keep things really in check and all, just wondering what you thought. We do a lot to try and keep our bill down, but I find it very hard to do for a family of three… under $100 a month. Do you expect that the garden will help considerably? I know ours does, that and great deals at local farmer markets and U Pick places, etc. Just wondering… keep up the good fight!!! You rock! Sherri

    • Mavis Butterfield says

      Yes I do think it is still possible to feed my family for $100 a month. I’ve just been super busy with the blog and have not tried hard enough. I know I could do it if I really tried. And yes, the garden produce helps tremendously.

  3. Jessica S says

    I went in with a friend on an order of Zaycon Chicken and I won’t do it again. The pieces were huge so you get a lot of meat.. but I was just not impressed with the quality of the meat and the texture with it as I went along. I buy meat from my grocery store( with an in house meat department) and I will buy in bulk when I see a deal and freeze.. I have never had texture issues like I did with the zaycon.. terribly chewy at time, stringy and just not appealing- I admit I am picky and this was not worth the value to try it again..

    Just wanted to share my .02.

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