How to Feed Your Family for $100 a Month – Week 17 of 52

albertsons orange juice

Albertsons $7.49

The HH was out of town all of last week so I was planning on doing a no spend week while he was away and I even put my Smith Brother’s Milk order on hold.

Everything was going great until friday afternoon when The Girl came home with a sore throat and was convinced she needed an extra vitamin C boost to keep her from getting sick. So off to the store we went to load up on oranges and orange juice. Gaaa. I almost made it. 😉

panera bagelsPanera – Free

I am sad to report the Panera gift card my parents gave me for my birthday is almost depleted. I sure am going to miss those delicious Panera bagels. But have no fear, Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and who knows, I might get lucky and get another gift card. {I’m keeping my fingers crossed}.


Leftovers – ?????

After the Committee Meeting last week there was a bunch of food left over so I asked peeps if they wanted to take anything home {one lady took 8 brownies} but after all was said and done, this is what I went home with.

I didn’t include the price of the food I purchased in my grocery tally because I the food wasn’t intended to feed my family. But, we did get a nice meal of soup, salad, baked potato and blueberry crisp out of the deal and now I’m feeling a little guilty that I didn’t include the committee meeting leftovers in my tally.

What do you think? Should I include it? If so, how much?


Total Spent This Week $7.49
Total Spent This Year $608.25 {Yikes!}
Total Spent This Year on Garden Seeds/Supplies $22.27

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  1. Leanna says

    Doesn’t the committee have a budget for that? You turn in your receipt and get reimbursed. NO do not count it. :-)

  2. Carol says

    If it would make you feel better about the tally, perhaps you could take a percentage of the amount. Decide per serving cost and subtract the amount you fed the committee…..any way, you are awesome for hosting the luncheon!

  3. PattyB says

    You donated food and it was donated back to you. No problemo. If it helps, maybe you can take it off your taxes and then Uncle Sam bought your family dinner.

  4. PattyB says

    Here’s a question. If you treat minor ailments, such as a cold, with natural food products, does the food count as medicine or food? The alternative to orange juice would be vitamin C tablets. Would the tablets count as food?

    • Mavis Butterfield says

      That is a great question. We don’t buy vitamins, but when we buy advil I count that as medicine, not food. Oranges and juice though to me are food. :)Good point though.

  5. Debra Basquez says

    I do a lot of stuff for my church and always bring home the leftover items not used. We always offer to people, but most people decline. I do not include the cost into my budget, it’s considered free.

  6. Wendy Steele says

    No Mavis, definitely DO NOT include these much-labored-over left-overs in your tally. 1-They weren’t spent with your food budget $$$. 2-You didn’t get any brownies……

    PS– EIGHT brownies???? Really?….that really takes the cake!!!!

  7. Alyson S. says

    In the restaurant buisness when we have a banquet with leftovers (that were never on the buffet) we use them in specials and other things. It helps a lot with food costs. So same principle really. I wouldn’t count it in your grocery total, it was already paid for. It also shows that if you are paying for a buffet ask for the leftovers to be wrapped up to go; you paid for them!

  8. Sue says

    Remember too that several foods have even more vitamin C than oranges, including strawberries, kiwi, broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts, and your favorite, kale, ha!

    • Sue says

      I use garlic (which hardly has any vitamin C, interestingly, but has so many good enzymes) and a tincture called Omnimmune, and sometimes a tincture of Usnea. And lots of water! I have heard that zinc is good for that too, and I bet that’s what’s in your tablets.

  9. Ruth Ward says

    Well, I counted this week as week 17, so that breaks down to $34.01/week. Yes, you are over your budget, but once your garden produce starts pouring in: you just might make the budget.

  10. Sakura says

    I wouldn’t count it in your tally for groceries but I would keep track of it as a donation for taxes and any mileage used to purchase said donation. The extra that came back to your family was just a thank you!

  11. Silvia says

    I also wonder if I should include food I make for work or the kid’s school in my food budget. I used to put it under giving/donations or entertainment.

  12. janet says

    No don’t include it in your budget and enjoy the “free” leftovers!
    Ps- it all looked delicious, good job!

  13. SJ Smith says

    Isn’t there a way you can note discrepencies? I wouldn’t count it in the budget; but I would make a note. When planning ater on, you may need to know it took more $$ than the books reflect. But, if you really keep tight books, then I’d move the $$ from your entertaining or gift $$ where they were purchased, to the grocery $$. Again, make a note; because later you may not remember the details of why you made a change.

  14. Sarah says

    I wouldn’t count it. You had no way of knowing for sure that you would be getting the leftovers. People could’ve taken it all home. If you had attended and someone else had made it, would you count those leftovers in your budget? You took the $ from a different category, and happened to get more for your money than you anticipated. Now I wish I had one of those brownies. :)

  15. Cynthia says

    My 2c worth re the committee meeting leftovers: did you make any of the dishes? If so, count in the money you spent to make the dishes. If not, count it as zero just like the Panera. (Woo-hoo!) It’s like somebody brought a casserole over to your house without asking.

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