How to Freeze Avocados

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How to Freeze Avocados

My local produce market recently had avocados on sale 3 for $1 so I stocked up!  I plan on freezing them so that I can whip up some fresh guacamole whenever the mood strikes.

I don’t know about you, but homemade guacamole tastes soooo much better {and is way less expensive} than anything you can buy.  Plus, since Costco sells frozen guacamole, I know that it doesn’t affect the flavor or texture to freeze it.

lakewood organic lime juice

To freeze avocados:

  1. Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, and scoop out the “meat” of the avocado.
  2. Put avocados into a food processor {it’s best if you don’t do more than 3 at a time} and add 1 tbsp. of lime juice {the lime juice will prevent the mixture from turning brown}.
  3. Pulse the avocado and lime juice to desired consistency, and then put the mixture in a freezer bag.

avocado peels

Easy right?  Seriously, how did the pilgrims survive without freezers?


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  1. You can also carefully scoop out each avocado half with a large spoon and place it on a parchment/wax paper lined cookie sheet and freeze them without putting them through a blender/food processor. After they freeze, put them in a large plastic freezer bag. This way you remove just what you need.

    • How long will these frozen avocados keep? Sounds like a great idea and I learned something today!

    • Beverly Isom says:

      I used to buy frozen avocado halves that had a scoop of salsa in the center from Schwan’s. Just thaw & mash & there’s your guacamole. I don’t think they sell these anymore but we can do it ourselves!

  2. Sue, I love your idea about freezing the halves intact. Makes perfect sense to me. Then you can dice them for a chunky guacamole. Which makes me wonder…if you can freeze the halves out of their skin, can you freeze them whole, in their own skin, with the pit? Wouldn’t that be simple? Wonder if its been tried.

  3. When you freeze the halves, do you need to treat them with lemon or lime to keep them from turning brown?

  4. I scoop out each half and slip into a sandwich bag with a 1tsp lime juice. I fill the empty pit space with pico de gillo and squeeze out the air. after the baggies are frozen I put them all in a gallon bag. Thaw in the fridge and squish to make your guac.

  5. Sam, do you know for-sure that frozen avocados have to have lime juice to keep from turning brown? Sue never mentioned that in her post. It is my understand that air turns them brown. If they are frozen while ripe without being cut and exposed to air, might they do well being frozen whole? Very curious to hear from someone who knows for sure. They are approx. $1.40 here at Sam’s. Might try freezing a couple if the price comes down.

  6. I’m curious about the texture after they’ve thawed…does it change considerably? Because, if it doesn’t, this may be my favorite tip ever! ;-)

  7. Just got home from Aldi’s. They had avocados for $.49 each.

  8. Oh yeah, I am in the Birmingham, Alabama area so not sure if the Aldi weekly sales are regional or national.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you…. I’m the queen of letting them go to far and having to throw them away….. Did I say thank you!!!!

  10. Thank you, Mavis!! This is such a great thing. I never even thought for freezing them. They turn brown so easily, even with Fruit Fresh, that I didn’t think it was possible. You can be sure I’ll be buying LOTS when they are on sale.

  11. Claire Bacon says:

    In my household of 2, I’m the only one who will eat avocados. With that being said, beside making guacamole (not a fan) is there anything else I could do with them if frozen?

  12. None of us cares much for lemon or lime juice, so I use salsa instead. Mash the avocado, mix in a bit of salsa, squeeze all of the air out of the bag, and freeze flat. When I’m ready to use, I open the bag, add more salsa and chilies, and use it as guacamole or as a replacement for mayo on sandwiches. YUM!

  13. Awesome! Thank you Mavis.

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