How to Get Free Food Week # 34 – Reclaimed Food Show and Tell

how to find free food

Get a look at all those bags of “old” salad mix that were on their way to the dumpster. Lucky for us, Mr. Produce Guy set them aside along with all our other chicken scraps. Let’s just say The Girl was pretty excited with the loot!

dole bagged lettuce

Remember in the “old days” when products were thrown out when they actually were rotten, and not because the expiration date on the package told us they were bad?

reclaimed food

Here is what we kept for ourselves from the boxes of “chicken scrap” boxes.

  • 10 bags Dole lettuce and/or salad mix
  • 1 head cauliflower
  • 1 broccoli crown
  • 7 apples

dole bagged lettuce

There was so much lettuce in those boxes, that we ended up putting a bunch of them on Mrs. Hillbilly’s and Girly Girl’s front porches when we dropped off a few things we had borrowed over the past few weeks.

Having good neighbors is awesome.

Peace Out Girl Scouts, I hope you have a great day, it’s suppose to be around 30 degrees here in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Yikes!


Would you like to see what else we have brought home over the past 8 months?

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To read more on the topic of food waste, check out the book Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal By Tristram Stuart. Amazon currently has it in stock and ready to ship.

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    • Annabel Lee says

      How is the dirt in the garden? Has it been used as a vegetable garden in the past or was it grass? There are some good books to check out at the library, like SQUARE FOOT GARDENING or LASAGNA GARDENING. Look for books by Rodale too, they are reliable and easy to follow. If you can find a garden guide specific to the area you live in that is a big help. Contact your local county extension agent.

  1. Annabel Lee says

    We are -8 here. I am looking for things to bake and cook to heat up the kitchen. I printed off a recipe for orange sweet rolls from somewhere and I think I will do that. I actually have enough frosting leftover from frosting the Christmas cookies that I will tweek it into the orange glaze they specify.

  2. Lissa says

    I’ve been such a slacker these last 2 holiday weeks – I normally pick up my boxes on Monday. Skipped one store entirely. Skipped the other this week and on Christmas Eve went way earlier than normal in the morning – got a sugar pie pumpkin that I turned into a pie. My first time EVER making a homemade pie FROM A PUMPKIN. And I ate the whole thing All By Myself. YUM! Definitely putting in a pumpkin patch in my future garden!

  3. Keely says

    You have totally motivated me to be more diligent in scoring my Food Co-op’s left over produce. I scored a 40lb bag of organic greens today. Chock full of romaine, kale, chard, herbs, celery, & spinach. I called ahead to see when the best time was to swing by. Of course, over half of it is completely edible and the rest will go to my chicken goddesses. Thanks for having such a great blog and being such a great inspiration. :-)

  4. Martha says

    I’m enjoying your blog, Mavis! This post caught my eye because, unfortunately here in Ontario, Canada, where I live, we can’t get free reclaimed food. :( The stores do generously offer us 30-50% off, and since that’s the best I can get, I do it. Sometimes I do have to hide the bright pink 50% off stickers from my hubby because he thinks…well…whatever he thinks. I just do it and the majority of the time he has no clue. So glad to know that some places still offer the “reject” food for free!

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