How to Grow Endive {Start to Finish}

endive seed packet

This morning I planted a flat of endive. It was the first time I have ever planted it and I’m pretty excited. I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to more, it’s funny leaves or to actually eat it. All I know it that it looks cool, and therefore probably tastes cool too.

endive seed

Brief description: Endive is a leafy green that classes up any salad.  It also dresses up flower beds and gardens, as it is considered an ornamental edible, as well.

Where to Plant Endive:  Plant in cool weather {early spring or late fall}  in containers, beds, or raised beds.

endive{photo credit}

Planting Seeds:  Start indoors 10-12 weeks before last frost and transplant outdoors 4-6 weeks after starting.  Plant seeds about 1/4″ deep and thin to 1 plant per seed pot when plants reach about 1″.

Growing Tips:  Care for endive much as you would lettuce.  It does not need a particularly fertile soil to thrive and it tends to like cooler climates.

How to Harvest:  Plants are ready to harvest when they reach about 10″-15″ tall.  The entire plant can be harvested, leaving only the base.  Tear off with your hands at the base of the plant.

Endive Recipes to Try:

endive saladMixed Greens with Mustard Dressing – Bon Appetit

Fun Fact:  Endive is a cool weather plant, and its taste actually improves after exposure to a frost.

Have you ever had endive before? What did you think?


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