How to Grow Your Own Food – 5/29/2013 Garden Tally

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This year I’m on a mission to grow 4,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables in my suburban backyard. In 2012 I was able to grow 2,028 pounds, and in 2013 I’m going double or nothing. I have absolutely no idea if I’ll be able to achieve my goal. But, as with any adventure, half the fun is getting there.   ~Mavis


So far so good! As of today we have harvested just over 28 pounds of fresh, wholesome produce from our backyard garden. We still have a long way to get to 2 tons of food by the end of the year, but I’m pretty stinkin’ excited. Sure, it could be the fumes from the compost pile, but hey, whatever keeps me going, right? 😉

This week we harvested quite a few radishes, some basil and chives. The Handsome Husband found a whole sack of potatoes I forgot to plant when he cleaned out the garage this weekend. I’m thinking about harvesting some new potatoes and re-planting the area with the seed potatoes. What do you think? Is it to late to plant taters?


Here is what I have harvested so far this year:

fresh organic  basil

Basil – 7 ounces

We made another batch of pesto the other night and it was delicious. I’ll be posting the recipe soon. Did you know you can also make pesto with spinach? How cool is that?


Beets – 14 ounces

bok choy leaves

Bok Choy – 4 oz

Check out this Asian Noodle Salad with Bok Choy I made. It’s pretty awesome.


Carrots – 3 ounces


Chives – 9 ounces

fresh eggs

Egg Count – 1,243

We collected  72 eggs this past week. The count was a little lower than we are used to and I’m wondering if it has something to do with the weather. It’s basically been raining off and on for the past week and a half. Do chickens get seasonal depression? Hmmm.

pallet gardening endive

Lettuce – 6 pounds 8 ounces

I need to get out there and harvest the rest of the salad. I’m having house guests this weekend… Guess what’s on the dinner menu?


Microgreens 5 ounces

I need to grow some more of these. My favorite way to eat microgreens is with egg salad sandwiches.

oregano container herb garden

Oregano – 2 ounce


Potatoes – 2 pounds 9 ounces


Radish – 12 pound 13 ounces

My neighbor and her family came by yesterday to pull weeds and help harvest radishes. She took a few of them home and now I have a boatload of them sitting on my kitchen counter trying to figure out what the heck I am going to do with them.

fresh organic spinach

Spinach – 3 ounces

grow your own sprouts

Sprouts –1 pound 2 ounces

Here are instructions for growing your own sprouts.


Swiss Chard 12 ounces


Wheatgrass – 7 ounces

Total Food Harvested in 2013: 28 pounds 6 ounces

Total Eggs Collected in 2013: 1,243

If you are new to gardening or just want to learn more on the topic of organic gardening, my #1 favorite book is The Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food By Tanya L.K. Denckla.

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  1. Jennifer says

    How many chickens do you have? We are looking into getting chickens and I am trying to figure out about how many eggs we might get. Your totals amaze me.

  2. Dawn says

    Hey Mavis – what do you do with the swiss chard? I used to saute it in olive oil with onions and garlic, but no one liked it except me. Just wondering. That’s a lot of radishes! Your family must be a bunch of bunnies to eat so many. :)

  3. Tanya says

    You should roast some of those radishes. A little EVOO and coarse salt… Mmmmmmm The would be delish on a salad or as a side dish. You could pickle them too :)

  4. Vicki says

    I had to smile a little (ok, a lot – and I may have just laughed out loud … ) when I read about all your radishes. When I lived in Indiana, radishes were typically the first thing I planted in the spring, and I’d plant a bunch of them, just to see their happy little green leaves and pink/red bulbs peeking out of the soil. The thing was, though, I hate radishes. To me, they taste just like hot dirt. Luckily, I had a friend who loved them, and she and her family were the happy recipients of all my radishes – white, red, pink, purple. I think they spread butter and sprinkled salt on them and at them that way. Or maybe they put them on a slice of buttered bread and had some sort of sandwich. We all looked forward to spring and the first radish harvest!

  5. Gayle says

    I noticed in the background in your photos you have used pallets somehow to garden. Can you give me details, please? Or has this already been posted and I missed it? Thanks.

  6. Jeanie says

    For those of you contemplating raising chickens, please let me emphasize the importance of keeping them in an enclosed (including the top) coop. My neighbors have had chickens that have flown into my back yard. I have three dogs. Equals not a happy ending for the chickens. And by the way, I live in a residential neighborhood.

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