How To Grow Your Own Food – Mavis’ Vegetable Garden Tour

Can you believe it’s already the middle of October?  Where did the time go?

Things are winding down in the garden, and by the end of today all that will be left in the raised garden boxes will be cold weather vegetables.  Things like YUMMY kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, beets, bok choy and lettuce, and maybe some cabbage and cauliflower if we are lucky.

Rainbow Swiss chard… I hear it makes nice Christmas gifts.

The acorn squash made it, but the butternut squash did not.  I’m still counting it though, I figure I can bake the butternuts and mash them up for the chickens.  They’re not picky.

Look, kale.

And more kale.

Ahh, here is the last bed of tomatoes.  I’ll be pulling these up this morning and replanting the bed with Rainbow Swiss chard.  I have a feeling I have enough Swiss chard growing in the greenhouse to plant a couple of raised garden beds.  I’m sure the kids will be totally pumped to find out Swiss chard smoothies will be on the breakfast menu all winter long.

This fall planting of boy choy, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower is looking pretty awesome.

A rainbow of {mostly} green.

Here is a view from the rear of the garden. 16 raised garden beds.  Let’s hope I can keep them planted with leafy greens all winter long so I can reach my goal of growing 2,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables in our suburban backyard this year.

Well, I’m off to go pull up the rest of those tomato plants and tally up my poundage.

Peace Out Girl Scouts.

Have a great day,

♥ Mavis

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  1. says

    Don’t bother mashing the butternuts for the chickens…Split them in half, bake til mostly soft and throw them in the chicken run. They’ll pick all of the flesh off quite nicely!

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