How to Hard Boil Eggs in a Rice Cooker

How to Hard Boil Eggs in a Rice Cooker

I don’t know about you, but I use our rice cooker at least 5 times a week.  Until now, I’ve used it for, well, rice.  But, then Lisa from Facebook gave me this clever little trick:

We have the same rice cooker and I love mine too *squeal*!!! Did you know that you can hardboil eggs in them?! You can steam them for 20 minutes or place them in the bottom of the pot with enough water to cover them and set it to steam for 10 minutes. I add a little baking soda to my water and no matter how fresh the eggs were, the shells peeled right off. Last night we boiled eggs for salad and steamed lobster at the same time!

peeled egg

I seriously get giddy when I can use a kitchen gadget that I already have to do more than one thing {nerd alert}.  Thanks Lisa for the awesome tip!


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  1. says

    Hey.. *cool guy pose* hey Mavis…

    (I’m TOTALLY geeking out because you mentioned me)

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the tip! Isn’t it just FABULOUS to be able to walk away or go work outdoors instead of babysitting a pot of water?! I also love using my appliances for as many purposes as possible. It’s the challenge. *shrug* I’m a culinary thrillseeker.

    Yep, LOBSTER! We put the tails (sans shells) and claws (si shells) *snicker* get it? SEA shells? Har har . Anyway, we put them into the steamer basket and hit the steam button for 10 minutes. They were perfect! Next up: rice cooker facial sauna?! (No.)

  2. CathyB says

    I love this tip! I am going to try it tomorrow. Last time I made hard-boiled eggs, I put the pot on the stove and then went upstairs to change the laundry, got sidetracked, and pretty soon I was smelling something weird. Suddenly I remembered the eggs, which by now had boiled dry. A couple of the eggs had gotten hot enough to explode and send little bits of stinky burnt egg all over the kitchen. After cooling off, had to throw the whole batch away. And let me tell you, burnt eggs is one of the worst smells ever! I had windows open to air out the house, despite the single digit temperatures outside.

  3. ChrisM says

    I have this rice cooker too. I bought it last year. It makes life sooo much easier. I wish I had purchased one years ago. Every time I would make rice on the stove it would boil over the moment I looked away! I love that I can make rice and it will keep it warm until dinner is ready without making the rice mush. I’ll try making the eggs in it too now. Great idea.

  4. JoAnn C says

    I use this same method in my electric kettle. It fits about 6 eggs in the bottom. I add cold water. Bring it to the boil and then let the eggs sit there for about 20 minutes. Comes out perfect and never gets the gross green sulfur ring on the yolk. For a big batch like Easter eggs this would be a great alternative!

  5. Kamiko says

    OMGosh! i have an Aroma steamer too, and we go through eggs like there is no tomorrow for 2 people! hubby eats 2 for breakfast every morning (usually hard boiled or poached in the micro), omelets, or scrambled. i hard boil 12 eggs per week, which he and I fight over for salads, sandwiches, or just to pop as they are as a snack! This is a GOD send! Please tell me this wont leave a ccalcium deposit in my steamer, like it does in the pans we use to boil eggs. because of the calcium deposit, we only boil them in an old pan we dont use for anything else! it ruined a nice porcelain pot set i had, from hubby boiling eggs, and mom boiling tea!

    • says

      As inexpensive as rice cookers are nowadays, you could afford to have one dedicated to eggs, as your household uses so many. I picked mine up at the flea market, brand new in the box for $5 and I’ve seen others similarly priced. Mine is a “no frills” model.

      • says

        Me again — don’t think I’ve ever replied to myself. Well, I HAVE, of course, but not that you guys knew about. Anyway, I tried boiling very fresh eggs in the rice cooker. They came out just perfect! My guys enjoyed deviled eggs, which I haven’t made in a looong time and I’m feeling a little smug about the whole thing. Shouted it out on FB, too, Mavis! Thanks for the tip.

  6. Michelle says

    I cook quinoa in the rice cooker as well, turns out perfectly following brown rice proportions.

    Then I make a salad out of it with olive oil, red onions, feta, black pepper and tomatoes!

  7. Sharon says

    Does this work with just the regular rice cookers? Just the ones with the push button on and warm with no timers? I guess I could just try it and see.

  8. Cheryl says

    I like to use my rice cooker and steam salmon on top of the rice. I salt the rice as usual, then put 2 salmon pieces on top of the rice. I season it with salt and pepper and some herbs de province then let it cook. The meat juices combine with the rice and give it such a nice flavoring. And one pot cooking!!! I’ve tried putting a vegetable like broccoli with it–but it seems to over cook. You could use pork tenderloin cutlets or chicken breasts in the same way. I also have a very small slow cooker that is a little overheated–so will use it on Sunday mornings when I have more time and want the rice to cook more slowly–and put the meat on top–so flavorful!!! just be sure to season it all–or it will all be bland. I’m sure you could do other grains like quinoa, millet, or others the same way. No need to add soup mixes–you get a nice flavorful rice and meat.

  9. Betty D says

    Going through some of my saved articles….love the other uses for
    using the rice cooker….havent tired the boiled eggs but sure will be doing it.
    For those that dont have a rice cooker….theres a easy way to do it in a pot.
    Get the instant rice. Evey how much you want to make…use the same
    amount water….Like 1 cup rice to 1cup water. Put the water in the pot,
    once it comes to a boil….put the rice in and lid on top and turn off . Just let it sit
    there…for 15 to 30n min….(while you do other things cooking)….Take the lid off
    when ready to serve….season with how youd like…I put butter/salt /pepper….and
    its nice and fluffy ….not soggy.

  10. Frederick jACKSON says

    On vacation in a studio condo..with no stove,but it did have a rice cooker..My aha moment came when i was watching the rice boil and thought i could do the eggs in it..It was verified with a look on the web along with dozen of other yummy things i can use it for. I will just have to get one for home..a quite handy tool for steaming veggies,fish,chicken,and deserts….

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