How To Make A Christmas Wreath

The Girl and I have been making our own Christmas wreaths for a few years now.  Not only are wreaths SUPER EASY to make, they are inexpensive to produce as well. Especially if you live in an area with a lot of pine or cedar trees.

Here are directions on how to make a Christmas Wreath.

Step 1: Go outside and cut a few branches off a tree. I chose to took clippings from a Leland Cypress tree growing in my front yard. Also, if you have a holly bush nearby, clip a few sprigs off that too. You will also need a wreath form and some fine gardening wire {Home Depot or Michael’s Craft Store will have this}.

Step 2: Secure garden wire to wreath form by simply tying a knot.

Step 3: Place 2-3 sprigs on the wreath form and wrap the garden wire around the base of the springs to secure the greens.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until you have successfully covered the entire form with greens.

Step 5: Your wreath should look something like this. I am not going to say it should look EXACTLY like this because artist freedom is encouraged.

Step 6: Carefully trim the base of 3 sprigs of Holly.

Step 7: Insert Holly pieces beneath the wreath greens and into the wreath form if possible.

Step 8: Pull an ornament off your Christmas tree and secure it {using a small piece of garden wire} to the top portion of your wreath.

Step 9: Hang the wreath on your front door and patiently wait for your Handsome Husband to come home and say…

Why can’t we buy a real freakin’ wreath from Costco like everyone else?


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  1. Random Person Named Melissa says

    I make mine from a old wire hanger made into a loop, regular thread from my sewing box to secure the branches, and the excess branches from the bottom of my tree (not many christmas like trees where I live).

  2. says

    Nice! Do you reuse your wreath form every year? My in-laws just lost 2 huge pine trees from a storm. I gathered quite a bit of the pine branches and found a wreath form like yours in my crafting stash. I cannot wait to begin making my own…and possibly garlands!!! Thanks, Julie

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