How to Make a Party Hat for New Year’s Eve

how to make a party hat picture tutorial
Before we get to bettering ourselves with all those resolutions, we get to party it up New Year’s Eve style! I don’t know about you, but I’m all about the streamers, noisemakers, confetti and these awesome party hats, which happen to be super duper easy to make.

Watch, I’ll show you how step by step:

how to make a party hat pictures

First step is making the base. I use poster board because it’s nice and sturdy. Cut your poster board into a giant circle. Divide the circle into 4 equal parts. Each hat is 1/4 of the circle.

When you are finished cutting out your party hat shape from the poster board, carefully line up the ends in a cone shape and use clear packing tape to secure them together.

Next up you need to cut your fabric.  Simply cut out another party hat from the poster board, only this time add 1/4″ to all sides {the fabric template needs to be slightly larger than the party hat template}.

how to make a party hat news years craft project

Using the fabric template, cut out your fabric. Tuck fabric edges under and iron to keep them in place.  Using a low temp glue gun, run a line of hot glue along one fabric edge and secure the other closed on top of it.

how to make a party hat news years pictures

Trim excess fabric from the bottom of the party hat. Using a dab of hot {low temp} glue, adhere 2 pieces of ribbon to the inside of the party hat {one on each side}. Add hot {low temp} glue to the bottom edge of the party hat and add feathers {I used a feather boa}. Do the same for the top of the hat as well, adding as many crazy feathers as you’d prefer.

how to make a party hat

And with those simple steps you’ll be the envy of every New Years party guest!

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