How to Make a Strawberry Pin Cushion

How to Make a Strawberry Pin Cushion

Need a new pin cushion?  This strawberry pin cushion is super easy to make and turned out soooo cute. I think it would be the perfect addition to a DIY sewing kit.  If you have a wedding gift, birthday gift, etc. you could totally throw together a sewing kit with this cute little nugget in it.  Custom is all the rage.

You’ll need:

6-8″ square of strawberry looking fabric {I used velvet}
Small piece of green felt or wool
Stuffing {I used wool scraps}

two circles cut in half


Draw a 6-8″ circle on a piece of paper.  This will serve as your pattern.  Cut it out and pin it to your fabric.  Using your pattern as a guide, cut a circle from the pattern.

Cut the fabric circle in half.  {Each half will make one pin cushion.}

Take one half of the circle and fold it in half, right sides together {it should look like a triangle with a rounded top now.  Pin it down.

make a berry pin cushion

Sew along the straight side of the fabric, curving your stitch around the point of the triangle to create a more strawberry like bottom.

making a strawberry pin cushion

Flip the fabric right side out.  Now, sew the top with a gathering stitch about 1/4″ from the top, leaving a hole on top to stuff the strawberry.  Fill the strawberry with stuffing and then pull the gathering stitch shut.

how to make felt berry leaves

Draw a little three or four leaf pattern on paper and then use it to cut out the leaves on the felt or wool {or if you are brave, just go rogue with your scissors}.  Sew the felt down on top of the strawberry.

How to Make a Strawberry Pin Cushion

Repeat the process with the second piece of fabric, if you want two. {I personally think the strawberries look better with two “leaves”}. If you want to add a stem simply roll a 1 inch by 3 inch piece of felt or wool stitch up the sides and sew it on top of the leaves.

Way cute, way simple.


How to Make a velvet Strawberry Pin Cushion

* I just posted two sets of strawberries on my Etsy page if anyone is interested. :)

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  1. Stacey says

    These are adorable. I think some people in my life will be getting them in their stockings. Thank you for giving the instructions.

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