How To Make Baked Eggs With Bacon

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Have you ever made baked eggs before?  Me neither… until yesterday.

Seriously… you should try this at home…baked eggs are WAY easier than Quiche.

Plus… if you have some cool containers… you can make individual portions…

Which by the way is PERFECT for feeding teenagers!  Especially if you don’t want to have to deal with making breakfast at the crack of dawn because all of the kids have sports practice or summer jobs to go to.

If you’re smart you’ll plan ahead and make these the night before so all they have to do is heat up breakfast and go  while you sleep in untill 10am.

You don’t seriously need directions for this do you?  You’re a visual learner right?


There you have it… baked eggs… with bacon.


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  1. Pouring it in a muffin pan works for individual servings as well. :)

  2. uhm im assuming from the photos you just whisk together and pour in a container but at what temp and how long?

  3. I’m gonna use muffin tins, but how long and what temp? Also, what are the green things you put in yours?

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