How to Plan an Affordable Girls’ Weekend Getaway


I love going places with The Girl, Monkey Boy, and the HH, but every once in awhile, I love a good Girls’ Weekend too.  It’s a chance to laugh and be silly, without having to be “mom”.  For me, it doesn’t necessarily have to be far, it just needs to be a chance to get together and chat, share good food, and explore without any responsibilities.

I know, as a mom, it’s a luxury to get a weekend away–and planning it in a way that is affordable is key.  Also, planning together goes a long way to making sure each person gets what they need/want out of the trip.

Here’s a couple of tips/things to keep in mind if you are planning a Girls’ Getaway:

  • To keep things on the cheap, think of ways you can split costs.  Look for locations that you can drive to and share to the cost of gas.  Rent a condo and split the cost–plus, then you can cook, and save money too.  Somehow, cooking with girlfriends never seems like work.  {Better yet, it’s the perfect time to start fasting for clarity–it will save you tons.  Ha.}
  • Even just a night in a local hotel can seem like a getaway–make it a grown-up slumber party, complete with treats, movies, magazines, and judgment {kidding!}.  Make sure to freeze the bra of the first on to fall asleep–it’s a slumber party requirement.
  • Spend the afternoon sitting by the hotel pool, just in the name of catching up with no place else to go.  Plus, people-watching with girlfriends is always more amusing, I don’t know about you, but my friends are very insightful.
  • After you have decided on a destination, cost, date, etc. assign each person one task.  Someone can be in charge of hotel reservations, someone else can handle transportation, local restaurants or food plans, entertainment, etc. {I like to be in charge of assigning assignments.}
  • When choosing a location, think about all of those places/sites you might like to go, but your family would never be interested.  Girls’ trips are the perfect time to explore new places you might not get to go otherwise.  This might, in fact, be your chance to see the world’s biggest ball of yarn–don’t pass it up.
  • Book Club car rides.  {I know, I know, nerd alert}  Seriously, though, get a book on CD for long car rides–listen to it, and book club it afterwards.  It makes car rides go soooo much faster.  And it makes you feel quite intellectual and self-satisfied.
  • Be flexible.  If it really is just the company you want, check out what Groupon and Living Social have going.  You might be able to score an awesome deal to a place you never would have considered going.  {Mark be spontaneous and adventurous off your list.  Check and check.}

Do YOU do Girls’ Getaways?  What are some of the places you’ve gone?


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  1. says

    Yes, my sisters and I do it as often as we can .. we are the best of friends so we like much of the same things. The beach here in OR is our favorite place to go for a couple days, we always try to find a new plant nursery or at least one thing we haven’t done before.

  2. Kathy says

    This past May, my sister, mom and I hit up Jacksonville Beach and Jacksonville Zoo, but did have my sister’s significant other as driver.. In 2 days, same sister and I are rode tripping for a day at Toledo Zoo. We were going to go to the Akron Zoo but weather is not permitting. We’ve done day trip into Amish country, farmer’s markets and have gone berry picking, no kids or significant others allowed. They wouldn’t enjoy anyway. Well, maybe the zoos and beach but nope, just us.

  3. Julie Ann says

    Waiting for that perfect friend to show up in my life that I’d want to spend a weekend with 😀 The only friend I would spend time with is 2,000 miles away from me. Bummersauce. There’s a darling local girl I’d like to get to know better, but she’s still in the honeymoon phase of a relationship, so friendtime is out. :/ Ugh. Maybe I’ll vacay alone.

  4. sabrina says

    I have a group of girlfriends (6 all together) that we try to get away for a few days every year. We live in Western Washington, but try to make it to Northern California Wine Country once a year. We rent a condo and try to cook all our meals or pack a picnic lunch when we are out and about to cut down on costs. Girlfriends are so important, it takes work on all parts to keep it going, but so worth it.

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